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Liberation of Tirene, Report Two

Wolves and Prelacy

Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander

Commander of the Legio Heroes

Wolfhaven Manor, Echer’Naught, Olara

Thirty Third Day of Festival Moons, Year 3126 Under the Light

We have been victorious, but at a great cost. Worse, our “truce” with the Prelacy forces is tenuous at best. This is a beast we must deal with soon, if we are to succeed. When Darkness is purged, I must meet with the Blades in Camondel.

Festival Moons 17th, 3126
Over the afternoon and night of the 16th, I met with my commanders, and even envoys from Captain Leurant of Camon. Together we established our avenue of attack. River Trade Coalition marines were already constructing a small flotilla of craft on the Camon River for use in the assault.

An advanced force of Rangers and RTC marines would make a dawn attack on the port town west of Tirene. If they were able, they would take the west gate before it was closed to them. Baring that, they would clear and torch the town, cutting off any reinforcements or attack from the western gate of the city.

I, with my main force, would begin siege from the south. Siegemaster Withenbrow “Whit” Brimstone’s men would erect the engines on the flat field to the south. Dwarven druids from Olara would begin carving a series of trenches approaching the city.

Meanwhile, Captain Leurant would approach from the east road, and deploy his cavalry forces to the north of the city, effectively surrounding Tirene. Our main attacks would come from the South and East, Wolves and Prelacy respectively.

I assembled the chosen Wolves and briefed them on the mission. Then, they loaded boats under cover of darkness and began to pole silently north, up the Camon River. As the sun rose above the horizon, the Wolves and RTC marines beached their craft and attacked the river port.

The fighting was a brutal street to street affair, but the Wolves made decent progress. Unfortunately, Shaya’Nor’s forces had always intended to sacrifice the town. They used squads of Shayakar soldiers to pin down the attacking troops while siege engines from the walls rained down death from above. That they killed their own forces in the barrage mattered little to Darkness.

By mid morn, my troops were in sight of the gate, but the constant and accurate engine fire began to stall, and break up the assault. Against the wishes of my commanders, I chose to take the field personally, hoping to draw some fire from my men, and make a clear statement to the occupiers.

I approached from the south, along the river in the company of a pair of Wolfhaven Free riders. We had just reached the outskirts when a block from the walls, crushed my escort, nearly killing me as well. However, I managed to ride free and reach my beleaguered men. They were trying to cut free of the press of Shayakar.

I managed to ride into the enemy flanks and clear a path for the final push, but a line of Necromancers using parts of the town for cover nearly overwhelmed us all. That, combined with accurate siege fire made an assault on the gate impossible.

Doing my best to draw fire, I charged the drawbridge, but pulled up short when I realized Shaya’Nor’s forces had trapped the bridge. Anyone who attempted to cross that way would be consumed by fire, or worse. So, I attached the White Silver Standard to my lance, thrust it into the ground just out of reach of the flames, and ordered a withdrawal.

The third siege engine stuck me then, but again I managed to ride free. By now, my Wolves were steadily fighting south, Darkness in pursuit.

What neither the assault teams, nor Shaya’Nor’s forces knew was that a second wave had infiltrated the beach landing. Their sole role was to fire trap the port town. Upon my order, they lit the buildings, burning out the Corruption and giving our retreat cover.

By mid-morning, the western approach was secured, the port town razed, and my Wolves set up on the southern plain.

I rejoined my command element on a hill south of the city, and then ordered the barrage to begin. For the next five hours, Whit’s engines pummeled the city walls while my Druids extended our entrenchments ever closer. To our east, Prelacy forces bombarded the east gate and sent wave after wave against the walls.

At just after noon, my engineers informed me the wall was weakened, but their ancient magics still held. Here, I used a tactic first tested at Velkalar’s gates. I called, once again, for my Reking Kru. On the field before me, Fekla and Grek, bearing their 12 foot enchanted tower shields, began the slow slog toward the walls. Every enemy siege engine opened up pummeling them with stone, but the massive ogres weathered the storm like hail. Behind them, an odd wagon trundled along, crewed by busy dwarves.

When they had reached the optimal distance, the Reking Kru rolled aside to reveal the cobbled together arcfire projector from a MASSIVE Arcfire golem. We managed a single blast before the Projector spent its energy, but that was enough.

Arcfire slammed into the point most weakened by out siege engines and the wall came down in a cloud of dust and the roar of thunder. My Wolves charged and were met by Shayakar solders from within the city. As the Wolves scrambled up the heap of rubble, the enemy soldiers locked shields and archers on the walls began to cut down the attacks with clouds of arrows.

Still, the Wolves pressed on as more men charged into the breech. For hours, the sides seesawed, gaining, then losing ground. But, slowly the enemy’s lines wavered, then broke. My troops stormed into the city. I signaled my cav, and the Cavaliers galloped up the pile of corpses and disappeared into the burning city.

I followed with the Wolfhaven Company of Free Riders. Inside, we found a scene of horror. Shaya’Nor had turned nearly the entire population of the city into undead and now choked our advance with thousands of zombies, ghouls, and skeletons. From the walls, regular Shayakar troops riddled us with arrows.

Our specialized troops quickly scaled the walls and began to clear the archers, but we were still faced with the daunting task of clearing the city. Taking the van, I formed my heaviest cavalry into a wedge and began to cut a path through the hordes, letting my troops fill in behind creating an extending blade of men and steel aimed at the heart of the city, the final keep.

Over the course of the afternoon Wolves fought and died. Thousands of undead swarmed out lines, only to be blasted back by our priests and druids. At my side, always, Eve, burning centuries of her life with each moment. But, after hours of fighting, we managed to reach the keep. As men from 2nd squad breached the door, Balane and Eve sumoned the forces of White Silver and LIfe.

Within, we were faced with an Ancient Vampire, Cleric of Vainar and commander of Tirene. I dug my heals into Thunder’s flanks, lowing my father’s sword like a lance. Balane and Eve opened up with streams of pure power. Around me other Wolves, White Silver Paladins, and Cavaliers charged…

We lost many, but the Vampire fell, and with him, the city. Outside I could hear the tide turn as the hordes began to break. And then, Captain Leurant arrived with his men. The east gate was secured and the Prelacy had managed to burn out the High Cleric of Vainar and his undead champions in the former Cathedral of Archanon.

However, the moment I feared was upon us. Captain Leurant, his army within the walls demanded that the Wolves withdraw and leave the city to his forces. I refused and we very nearly came to blows, but reason won the day. A compromise was negotiated. A scion of Tirene House, a survivor of the holocaust, was allowed to assume control of the city. Security would be maintained by equal forces from the Wolves and Captain Leurant’s Paladins.

It is not a permanent solution. Eventually, we will have war with the Prelacy and I surmise that will spell the end of the Church of Archanon for good and all. I am sure the Blades look forward to that day. But, for the moment, our common foe Darkness keeps our truce.

I remained in the city a week to oversee mop up operations, but ultimately, my presence served as more of a disruption, so, on the 25th of Festival Moons, I departed with RTC marines and made a quick 5 day journey down the Camon River, to the Shanais River, and departed at Rhion on the 30th of Festival Moons. Then, a short 3 day trip back to Echer’Naught.

Festival Moons 33rd, 3126
I arrived mid morning. Of course, reports arrived from Rangers across the lands. Operations in the Eternal Desert and Almahrad, Camon, and beyond continue apace. It will not likely be getting much sleep.

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Ranger Regional Headquarters, Echer’Naught, Olara


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