Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Rangers at Large

Curious Encounter at Fylg


All but a Dream

Fleeting these sands of time,
Shards of unmade memories fond.
Visions of futures intertwined,
Ripples fade into the vast beyond.

Verbal passions heard only in sleep,
Flaming iris, no spoken goodnight.
False hope stopped afore I weep,
Piercing sword, Raven lost in flight.

Emotions Rivers a depth too high,
be forgotten not under amnesia,
Capturing Ma’ats feather from skies,
Tears taste like pyramids; synesthesia

Golden plume fallen from black bird,
Clear Quartz protection of his journey.
Quasicrystal love in unspoken word….
Atum- Burns pages from our story.



howardrbrandon howardrbrandon

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