Former Schozim turn BL


Name: Classified
Codename: Brother Fade

Description: Above picture except with brand on the cheek for the Schozim, olive skin, amber eyes, and a small vertical scar across his lip on the right side of his face.

Catch Phrase: “An assassin is a weapon. A weapon doesn’t choose to kill; the one who wields it does.”

Race: M’adukar
XP: 70 Veteran

Parry: 11(2) Toughness: 9(3) , Charisma: 0

Resource: D6

d8 Agility
d8 Smarts
d6 Spirit
d6 Strength
d8 Vigor

15 skill points+ 4 for training + 5 for education+ 5 for Keowlin Academy Graduate+ 5 BL Mystery = 34
Free D6 skill
^ Earned during Day in the life Training or Research
^] d12 Fighting
d6+2 Lockpicking
d6+2 Climbing
d8+2 Investigation
d6+2 Healing
[^^] d12+2[ urban or outside] Stealth
d8+2[4 if trap related] Notice
d6+2 Knowledge:Politics
4 Shooting
d8 Throwing
d8+2 or [4 outdoor] Tracking
d6 Intimidation
D4+2 Streetwise
D8+2 or[ 4 outdoor] Survival
d8+2 Knowledge: Battle
D4+2 Knowledge: Navigation
D4+1 Sorcery
D4 Knowledge skills {Thanks to Academy+Schozim}

Special: Keowlin Academy Graduate +1 on any Smarts-linked Skill and
Common Knowledge rolls.

Minor Magic Sorcery – Rolling a modified 1 on the spellcasting die counts as rolling a 1, and rolling a modified “snake eyes” counts as a critical failure. Apprentices may select Cantrips as a second practice Power, and they risk no Fatigue when using that Power. Cast power -1 for every 2 essences. Spirit roll at same penalty or fatigue if success at cast. Failure= auto fatigue and spirit to roll not to suffer another. No raise effect

{ Has Cantrip no risk of fatigue, Illusion }

Black Lantern Training: Black Lantern Mystery +1 on any Smarts-linked Skill
and Common Knowledge rolls)

Languages: Malakarian, Camonese, Galean, Olaran , Shaye, Kalinesh , Fae, Aradish , Black Lantern Finger Speech, Builder

Hindrances: Obligation [Major]: Black Lanterns, Loyal [BL], Caution[ Job detail from past and present], Wanted Major[ Malakar Dominion] {Schozim} , Vow: Brotherhood of the Black Lantern (Major), Obligations: Black Lantern (Major),
Vow to the King of the East (Major)

Edges: Training, Education, Keowlin Academy Graduate, Schozim , Trademark weapon, Black Lantern Training: Black Lantern Mystery

Gear: Bracers, Armored Burglar Leathers (2 armor, -5 coverage, +1 lockpicking, +1 climbing) , Nightguard chain(3 armor, 2 stealth at night), Parrying Dirk (Atrd4, 1 Parry if used defensively) , x6 Obsidian Assassin’s Knife (Throwing: range 4/8/16; Strd6, reduces Bypass armor penalty by 1, AP 1, nearly weightless), White Silver Assassin’s knife(3 fighting) {Has a concealed arcana permanently active hilt} Handbow (5/10/20 1d61), Backpack, Bedroll, Flint & Steel, Lockpicks, Quiver, Rope, Disguise kit, The Pointer

Defining Interests: Poison-Craft[Bonus], Disguise[Bonus], Sleigh of Hand , Voice Mimicry , Forgery [Bonus], Interrogation , Anatomy , Counterespionage[BL], Surveillance[BL], Assassionation[BL]


Keowlin Academy, Education, Training
5 xp: Increase Vigor to D6
10 xp: Schozim
15 xp: Black Lantern Training: Black Lantern
Mystery {
20 xp: First Strike
25 xp: Tricky Fighter {Smart based}
30 xp: Dirty Fighter { +2 with +2 from Keowlin & BL training = +4 smart tricks}
35 xp: Quick Draw
40 xp: Student of Forms [Assassin Blade]
45 xp: Increase Vigor to D8
50 xp: Woodsman
55 xp: Draw Strike { Caladon Falls edge }
60 xp: Inside Man (Lanterns)
65 xp: Opportunity Strike (Malakar Dominion book)
70 xp: Undead Slayer {Raise damage vs darkness d12}


Lurking the streets of the Malakar Dominion as an urchin for a time after the untimely death of his family in the dark political games of his home, a stranger belonging to one of the main houses as a guard of the Order of the Golden River. In truth an opportunity presented himself in what observations he had about this kid’s character and potential. Thrown into slavery, it was a guise to watch over him and gloom him into a capable soldier. Overtime his talent developed for the two years under this group, the man asking him to go to the Keowlin Academy to bring honor to the house and get into the ranks to join their most cherished order.

This guard was an operative deep undercover in the Black Lanterns, realizing an excellent asset could be forged. Rising through the ranks for this surrogate parent of his, he eventually got the gaze of the Schozim. Passing initiation and its arduous trials he joined their ranks. Half a year later he had an opportunity to meet his benefactor. Asking him to go to a disclose area away from the Dominion, he mentioned should he meet them and display trust he would reveal all. Not obvious in appearance, he met the Black Lanterns. Learning they saved his mentor from death, he felt oblige to help. Afterwards more training was allotted and he gave away a few secrets. Naturally his cover was blown by the house and the organization he swore loyalty to. Ditching them with what he learned, a new life awaited him.