Ash: Chosen of the Horn, Ranger First Class

Player: Faradhii
Race : Eldakar
Gender: Male
Age: 279
Rank: Novice
Exp: 10
Resource Die: d6+1

Agility: d10
Smarts: d10
Strength: d4
Spirit: d10
Vigor: d4

Charisma: 2
Pace: 6
Parry: 10(3)
Toughness: 8(4)
Essence: 10/10/10

Boating: d4V
Climbing: d4V
Fighting: d10
Gambling: d4V
Healing: d4V
Intimidation: d4
Knowledge, Cosmology: d10
Knowledge, Magic: d10
Lockpicking: d4V
Notice: d6+2
Faith: d10
Sorcery: d10
Persuasion: d4+2
Piloting: d4V
Repair: d4V
Riding: d4V+2
Stealth: d4V
Streetwise: d4V+2
Survival: d4V
Swimming: d4V
Taunt: d4V
Throwing: d4V
Tracking: d4V

Heroic, Loyal, Greedy
Obligations, Major: Church of Light

Racial Abilities
Enemy: Darkness and Flame
Weakness: Black Iron/Blood Steel, +4 dmg
Magically Sensitive: +2 Detect Arcana
Gossamer: Strength costs 2x
Low Light Vision
Unearthly Fae Beauty: +2 Charisma

Rangers Pack (2 survival)
White Silver Chain (4)
Bracers: 1 Parry
Fine Riding Saddle (
1 Riding)
Elven Way-Bread, Camping gear.
Rangers Clothing (1 Stealth, +1 Survival)
Fine Clothing (1 CH)
Fine Leather Boots
Full Helm

Priest of Light
5 : Educated: 1d6 Magic, +1d8 Cosmology
10 : Sorcerer

Weapon Range Damage Notes
“Neledh” Ash’s Elvish Rapier Close ST 1d6 +2 Parry, White Silver

Power Essence Range Duration Effect
F) Boost Trait 1 Smarts 3/1 2 trait (4 on raise)
F) Summon Ally 2+ Smarts 3/1 Summons Celestial
S) Bolt 0-2 12/24/48 Instant 1-3 2d6 or 1 3d6 bolt
S) Deflection 1 Touch 3/1 -2 to be hit (-4 on raise)
S) Obscure 2 Smarts 30 minutes, LBT
S) Cantrip 0 Smarts 1 Minute Minor Magical Effects

6’3, 160#, Violet cat eyes, Platinum Hair, Pale Complexion, Cheerful
Ranked first in the Eldakar magic academy. Initiate of the second rank (use of Faith & Sorcery). Finds it amusing that other races always mispronounce his name. After 279 years, Ash finds most things amusing. Insults rarely rouse him as, typically, the insulter will be dead “soon”.

(During the war of (insert appropriate epic war here) some 250+ years ago tales tell of an epic figure of Grace and beauty. Terrifying to behold, his enemies died knowing true glory. It has been surmised that a fragment of the Starfather took refuge in this “One” vessel of light. Nonetheless, eventually the darkness triumphed and blasted this figure to mere fragments. Coincidentally an Eldakar calling himself only Ash, meaning “One” in ancient elvish script, began wandering Shaintar. From the Korindian ports where he learned to sail and fish, to the Northern wastes where he dwelt with the Goblinesh and learned their barbarous tongue for near 280 years he wandered Shaintar. never causing harm, rarely aiding others. He wandered and he watched. Eventually he returned “home” and joined the Rangers of Lorelei, though he knew of no real home. A waste of 279 years. No one knows what prompted his decision to join the forces of light and rise to become the high caster of Echer’ Naught, blending the 4 paths of magic into one and reclaiming Offspring heritage. Perhaps it was mere chance, perhaps it is the re-emergence of a fragment of that glorious figure of ages past. Who knows?

Defining Interests / Languages
Languages: Galean, Fae, Camonere, Childer, Goblinesh, Brin, Kalinesh, Malakaran, Shayae, Dwarvish
Detect Arcana: Range – Sight, Duration – Concentration, Spirit +2


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