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You Really Didn't Want Those Siege Engines, Did You?

Injured, But Alive

1st of Dancing Clouds
After talking with Gibben on my concerns on Galashorn’s actions, Gibben ordered to special training and to remain at command. When the others arrive we wake up Gibben and he gives us all an apology about our next assignment. He, in his hazard-ly way, gets out six healing potions and informs us that this mission is going to hurt and we will need them. Maggpie has been requested because of his knowledge with the Archfire devices. There are more DBW, Builders and control golems that have been seen. And there is conflicting reports of a DBW inside a golem or a man that is inside a golem. He would like us to find out as much as we could about this group, if at all possible he would like us to take out this group, and oh of course don’t get killed.

As each of us picks up a potion, Gibben heads off to get some sleep. We then head to get supplies and Liarra a horse. It looks like it’s, Luna, Vhen, Liarra, Maggpie and I with a Brinchie that I have never seen before by the name of Guriel. As we head out we notice that the Olarans are actually preparing for siege at this time. We stick together for most of the day, then as a group decision we decide that Luna and I should scout ahead. I’m sorry to say, I got a bit distracted by a bird that had fallen to the ground and Luna had to point out the three Builders and the War Golem that were further down the road. Luna heads back to the others to let them know, as I move to get under more cover, I almost step on the bird that has fallen again. I put it back in the nest, for safety, hopefully it can stay inside during combat.

As Luna reports to the others, Liarra cast and boosts the others health. Maggpie moves up to me as I am putting this silly bird back in its nest for the third time and signs that we are attacking and I nod.

Luna moves up and takes two shots at a Builder and manages to stun it. Maggpie moves away from me, towards the Builders, he shoots a new Builder for a glancing blow and then continues to the ground to stab yet another Builder and grabs the group’s attention. I move forward and shoot the second Builder and take it out. The other Builders seem to barely notice this fact as they are solely focused on Maggpie. Liarra moves forward to cast at the War Golem and impressively takes out most of the chest part of it and it falls down. Vhen runs forwards and bounces off of a tree to hit a Builder, although nothing happens. Guriel runs up and takes out that same Builder.
The remaining Builder looks around, seems to sigh before shooting a caster in the air and then attempts to shoot Maggpie. Guriel leaps forward and attempts to hit it. Maggpie shoots the Builder to finish it off. Maggpie then collects the power source for his casters and the other casters into a sash. We scatter to see if there is any response from the shot that went into the air. After a while we determine that nothing was going to come back here and investigate, so we continue on.

After a while we see in the distance very tall structures. I was informed that these were Siege Engines, and they appeared to be moving towards us for a bit before coming to a complete stop. As we get closer we find that there are more Builders and Golems that make up this group. Maggpie asks to be able to take a closer look that the Siege Engines. Liarra was very confused as to how Maggpie would be able to get in. I inform her that Maggpie is very good at getting into places that he maybe shouldn’t. Guriel states that Vhen told him that I can pick people up and he was wondering if that was true. I pick him up as an example that I could and he gets a gleam in his eye. Guriel states that if three of us go, we might be able to disarm the Siege Engines. Liarra makes a bid to go along as well, stating that if there are people inside that she can read and gather information. I suggest that we should rather use her abilities to have communications between the two groups. Liarra then links Maggpie and herself.

I pick up Guriel and then along with Maggpie we head off to the top of the Siege Engines. As we are now forty to fifty feet in the air we see a better view of the camp. There is a massive controller golem that appears to be several golems that have been attached together and there are three different Builders inside the platform controlling it, although there is one Builder that is wearing some sort of armor with more of those crystals. We see several groups of Builders and golems that appear to be guarding it as well as some that are just walking around. In the far end of this camp there are several Builders that are making or dropping just the supplies for a camp. As we send this message to Liarra the far Builders finish what they are doing and head off in the direction of Thuls. Maggpie is relaying the conversation to Liarra back to Guriel and me, when I had a thought to send this information back as fast as possible and I ask Maggpie to ask Liarra if she could get this to Gibben. Liarra attempts to reach Gibben and we wake him up. Maggpie chuckling tells Guriel and I that Gibben stated that he needed to start to shield against that. Maggpie sends through the link the overall image of what we are seeing from the top of the Siege Engine, Maggpie also talking aloud informs and shows Gibben the reason for all of the confusion in the reports. Gibben puts both Liarra and Maggpie on hold.
We make some plans as we wait for Gibben to come back, this long distance and yet almost instantaneous communication is confusing as it is hard for me to figure out who actually is talking. But the plans end up being that Luna, Liarra and Vhen sneak around the main group to see what was left behind while Guriel, Maggpie and I see if we can either control or disable the Siege Engines. As we start on our separate plans Gibben comes back to Maggpie and Liarra and says: “I would like to say destroy it with fire, but destroy the big thing. It’s scary and needs to die.”

Maggpie, Guriel and I find the way in. We get down and find that there are a few side corridors but all of them dead end, and the main tunnel goes down to the power source. After more looking we do not find the controllers for the one we went into. Maggpie wants to keep this Siege Engine up and running so that he might be able to use it. Guriel and I talk him into letting us dismantle all but one so that we can keep the enemy from using it on the City or even us. I am beginning to think that Maggpie has a new shineys fixation on the Builder made stuff. We empty out the power source and it’s the same thing that powers Maggpie’s casters. We start to move off to the other eleven when the others report in.

After some discussion on how to best make the most noise and be best effective on destroying the stuff left behind, Vhen and Luna start to make a pyre, dousing in a combination of liquor and oil. They make a channel so that they can light it from a far. Liarra states that she will sneak forward and cast a spell. We ask them to wait on lighting it till we are done with the Siege Engines. We find that these do not have an onboard controller so we remove the power source from all of them. Then we give the ok for destruction. It looks like Liarra has managed to learn to sneak around since the last time we worked together for she has managed to get very close to the Controller Golem while waiting on us. As we give the signal, she casts at the Controller and stuns it and everyone in it. Needless to say chaos started with a bang. As the Controller is hit, Vhen starts the equipment on fire.
I fly Guriel over to the Command Golem and drop, at his suggestion, on the armored Builder. As Guriel is dropping I shoot at the armored one and he just appears to shake it off. Before Guriel lands, Maggpie shoots the same one and manages to stun it then Maggpie lands and looks to do a sweeping maneuver to take out one another Builders on the ground. Guriel lands on top of the Armored one and strikes it, which didn’t appear to do anything. It looks like Guriel has done this several times. Hmm, I think that I need to introduce him and Gunther to each other. The Armored Builder and Maggpie start up a conversation in several different languages. That’s a first, a Builder that can speak other languages.
Vhen then moves off to the side to sneak around to a different set of Builders. Liarra casts bolt at the Armored one and manages to damage some of his armor as well as do some actual damage to him. Luna moves up near Vhen and does a double shot at a Builder in that group and takes it out. I really need to learn how to do that.
A group of two Builders, on the ground shoots at Guriel, who makes a sound like he’s been wounded. The War Golem in that group shoots me although it does nothing. The group that Luna shot at, turns and close on Luna to shooting distance and all of their shots miss.
The last group on the ground takes aim. The Builder shoots Guriel, the War Golem attempts to shoot me and misses. The War Golem then hits his caster. The Builder at the controls looks stunned, the Armored one reaches forward and flips a switch. After a moment it looks at the Siege Engine, looks at us and says: “You are beneath me and this war is beneath me.” then just disappears from under Guriel, who manages to catch himself in time and then steps forward and takes out the last controlling Builder.
I shoot at the War Golem and take it out. Maggpie downs one of the potions then charges the Assault golem and takes it out. The Builder near Maggpie throws down his apparently useless caster and then draws his blades as he/it attacks Maggpie to do some damage. Two other Builders attempt to shoot Maggpie and misses. The other War Golem shoots and wounds Guriel. A War Golem and a Builder both shoot Vhen, which look like it wounded him—though he shook it off. Two Builders attempt to shoot Luna.
Vhen must have been upset about the damage, for he runs up to the group that has been shooting at him and Luna and does something I missed, and takes out the three Builders and the War Golem. Luna shoots and takes out a Builder, and in doing so made all of the other nearby golems power down. Liarra casts bolt again at a Builder and manages to stun it.
The last Builder starts to walk away and Liarra moves up and starts to cast something. I yell that we should let it go, as its no longer fighting us. Liarra finishes casting and it appears that she has also learned a trick or two from Felosia, as she entangles the Builder. Maggpie moves up to it and knocks it unconscious, then the Builder is tied up.
Liarra then contacts Gibben, again we wake him up, and she does a quick report. The orders that come back are to stay put, as Gibben is sending a platoon to our location.
Maggpie and I attempt to load up the Siege Engines and the platform with supplies while we wait. I make sure to get the items that Maggpie likes along with the power sources. The platoon that Gibben sent has been escorted by a group of Rangers that is easily three times of our little group.
We head back to command. After I leave a note for Galashorn to mend and clean the armor (Felosia’s, Maggpie’s, Gunther’s, Nightingale’s and mine) as well as to give Sheela a bath, Gibben calls for me. Gibben informs me that he believes that Galashorn has been punished enough, unless I feel that Galashorn needs more time. Although we may need all hands on the wall.
I think I will have to see what training Galashorn went through to make my decision.


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