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Tacticon Quick-Notes for the 24th - 30th of Festival Moons

Nuns of the Shining Temple, Raid the Prelacy Supplies, Was It Something We Said: Drinks With Friends & Whispers in the Night, Deniers of Death

Nuns of the Shining Temple: 24th – 29th of Festival Moons

Felosia Naïllo with Sheela the wolf
Sarcastic Scales
Bulvis Forkbeard

Mission Briefing:
Olaran Kernel Junra Shriftaamel gave the briefing. The Rangers and the militia of Olara heard of a group of nuns from the Shining Temple wished to come to Thuls and provide a ritual which would help in the battle ahead but needed an escort. The nuns are pacifist by nature and the Prelacy was expected to attack on the journey since their intent was known.

- 3 days to travel to the nunnery
- Introduced to Sister Grenna Falshtein and three other sisters
- The sisters were also providing carts with food and provisions
- Bulvis Forkbeard was recognized by the sisters as a Dwarven Lore Warden and started vibrant conversations with the sisters about their order and history.
- 28th Festival Moons
- In the town of Kleinober the party split up with some in the town chapel, Krazcar in a deep conversation with sister Krista about the evils of theivery
- Nekko ran off to scout and trap the road
- Galashorn & Scales spotted a spy and informed Felosia who gathered the sisters in the nunnery with 2 members as guards while the others prepared for battle
- Nekko came back from scouting to find the town on alert as a group of Prelacy night scouts sneaking up on it
- Battle erupted and as the soldiers were slaughtered their leader proved more difficult as she first tried to turn Sheela against Felosia, then after surrendering tried to turn Felosia into a puppet.
- Galashorn and Grush killed her as she tried and Felosia had to call to Sky not to kill Galashorn for attacking a prisoner, letting her know what had happened
- Krazcar gained a follower (Phillipe “the mouse”) from one of the Prelacy after he watched his other friend get cut in half.
- Nekko scouted out to where the party had come from and found a base of operations where children had been held captive and figured out 3 spies who had been among the villiage.
- The villagers were taken as prisoners, the satchel of information was taken for command and the map of their next road back to town indicated something along the way.
- 29th Festival Moons
- Galashorn and Nekko were sent ahead to scout a cave indicated on the map and the party was attacked by Childer, Minotaurs and Ratsin who were being controlled by collars
- After killing the childer at the cave there was an odd sound from the cave and something inside it exploded, and Nekko surfed from the cave entrance back to the party on a mountain rock.
- Once got back to command later that night they were informed that the Prelacy was known to use such collars to control the Childer.
- Congratulated for a major success:
- Delivered Nuns safely
- Delivered Supplies safely
- Delivered a Satchel of intel to Command

Raid the Prelacy Supplies: 27th Festival Moons

Salvator DeMartis
Sslethrral Kalsset
Valitor Galadrius

Mission Briefing:
Junra Shriftaamel led the briefing. Scouts spotted a supply caravan carrying arcfire weapons, Builders to train the use of these weapons, food, clothing, livestock, clothing and uniforms.

- Party ambushed half of the convoy at a river as they were watering livestock.
- All but one soldier were killed with only one casualty from the livestock being a swine
- Survivor was convinced to switch sides and led the livestock back to Thuls under severe threats from the party and he gave the party information about the part of the convoy ahead, they needed to take out the leaders who were 3 paladins and an Arcmancer
- The second half of the convoy was ahead of them and the party charged in from behind.
- After getting a little roughed up with a members nearly going down among a rain of handcaster bolts and one being ganged up on they took out an entire double column of troops with one of Cairos’s spells
- After the majority of their partners were dead Valitor threatened one of the remaining paladins into surrendering after killing his buddy, along with a contingent of Builders.
- We returned everything safely minus one pig
- Captured Builders who can teach the use of the arcfire equipment
- Valitor promoted to Ranger with a demerit for breaking rank

Was it Something We Said? : Drinks With Friends: 29th Festival Moons

Ampersand The Lucky
Sintaer Flightline

Mission Briefing:
The Rangers called them together to go into a tavern behind enemy lines, using Prelacy uniforms, and either convert a tavern full of troops to the Rangers or at the very least cause them to defect.

(Sorry, this one’s longer)

- The Aevakar go into the tavern wearing the Prelacy uniforms while the Brinche, the female Orc, and the Korindian go into the tavern as servants
- Sky walked up to a table where merchants were mingling and played seductress to get information from them
- Magpie walked up to a gambling table near Sky and started a game with the gamblers who seemed to notice his ears.
- Shintaer walked up to the bard and convinced him to start playing songs of discontent and war
- Ta’or convinced a cook to help him drug the assassin watching the tavern while Ampersand and
- Koranna walked the room with drinks before Koranna sat at a table with a group of soldiers and started drinking with them and flirting with one of the soldiers.
- Magpie discussed with his table about being part of a non-human regiment of the Prelacy and convinced one of the soldiers to bribe him into telling them about the Prelacy summoning demons and using magic, then pimped out Sky to the gambling table as a dancer and she jumped up on a table with relish gaining the eyes of all the nearby tables
- Ampersand ended up drinking with the commanders of the two contingents of scouts and discussing old battles and old bosses.
- Shintaer had gotten the bard so happy he decided to help by playing a song from Old Camlorn relishing in the days before the Prelacy took over right as Sky started dancing and a real dancing girl went over to his table of soldiers as he spread the sensation of fear for the coming battle.
- Magpie moved to a new table, convincing them he was legit by calling back to the original table who told him by name to keep it down because he was interrupting the game
- As Ta’or had managed to get the assassin so drugged he was falling asleep into his food Koranna led the soldier she’d been flirting with to the back (and one of his friends started drinking harder as he recognized his friend slipping off with an orc and a huge smile on his face)
- Sky called her half of the bar over to mob the merchants table for a drinking contest as Magpie convinced one of the soldiers at his new gambling table that the assassin was sleeping and this soldier mentioned wanting to slit the assassins throat.
- Magpie convinced him to help getting the assassin into a back room on the ‘premise’ of being good soldiers and not letting an officer so disgrace himself. In the back he then convinced the soldier to a change of plans and instead converted him to the Rangers and to helping get the rest of the bar to convert.
- Ta’or walked up to a lone old crone sitting by herself and she revealed herself to be a Black Lantern after calling the assassin an assassin. She mentioned that the merchants needed watching before going back to her drink
- Koranna also had talked her drunk around to the Rnagers, and into bringing others over as well.
- As Ampersand finished convincing their leaders to turn ranks Sintaer noticed a priest talking in a corner.
- The commanders stood up and called attention to the bar asking who wanted to join them in saying “F*** You!” to the Prelacy.
- The rangers in the room and many of the soldiers cheered. One of Magpie’s original converts drew his sword and walked over to the clergyman and at swordpoint pulled a full confession from the priest as to the activities of the Prelacy that were hipocritical
- The commanders asked who would know where to find the Rangers while staring at the non-humans.
- The Rangers all said “We’re here!” while pulling off their uniforms and their commanders demanded Sky as the leader convince them in 3 minutes to switch sides or they were all walking out and deserting.
- Sky mentioned everything that they had all been complaining about through the night along with all of the lies that the Prelacy had been perpetrating. She then mentioned Artivan and his dedication, and they supplied Artivan’s name. That was the turning lynch-pin to getting them to sign over to the Rangers.

- Converted 2 squads of Prelacy scouts
- Gained detailed information about the forward camp

Was it Something We Said? : Whispers in the Night: 29th Festival Moons

Ampersand The Lucky
Sintaer Flightline

Mission Briefing:
After bringing back the scouting squads they were sent out again in the dead of night to spread rumors and dissension until more soldiers either converted or deserted. They had been warned that not all would be willing to do so and were told which groups to avoid.

- Sintaer and Magpie went from group to group trying to convert soldiers and crossbowmen as fast as possible while Ampersand stood outside camp to direct converts and try again to convert any deserters
- Sky and Koranna were banging about in the night causing noise and trouble until getting the commanders attention after Sintaer managed to piss off a couple of axe-men and he and Ta’or killed them in a few seconds.
- After thoroughly confusing command the humans started to converge on the corner of camp where Koranna was and until the Purifier drew his arcblade everyone was stumbling around camp in the dark.
- Before the light went off the party all started to attack managing to take out a fair number before Sky dropped down and threw Ta’por out of the middle of the soldiers right as the arcfire blade blazed into life
- After some quick blows that took out the remaining morale of the soldiers and nearly killed the Purifier Magpie demanded surrender and the Purifier killed himself rather than be killed by such lowly creatures
- About one quarter of the camp was killed, half of the remaining were converted and the other half straight up deserted.

Deniers of Death: 30th of Festival Moons

Felosia and Sheela
Liarra Byrne
Salvator DeMartis
Rubio Valero
Sigfried “Sig” VonTeuton

Mission Briefing:
Kernel Junra Shriftaamel briefed the team about a group calling themselves the Deniers of Death who were mixing necromancy with stolen arcfire technology. There had been rumors of zombies in the woods and we were being sent in to find out the truth of the situation and deal with it if they existed.

- Party came across zombies in the woods that looked normal as well as a few Prelacy soldiers who had been partly zombified and had arcfire modifications attached to themselves.
- After killing everything the party came across a cave that led to a tomb which had necromantic energy flowing out of it.
- Rubio headed back to command to give a report while the others went down to interfere
- They decided on a speedy move through the tomb to try and stop the massive necromantic ritual they could feel going on
- As they went through the bones of the skeletons were all rolling together and assembling.
- The party found that shattered bones didn’t try to reassemble
- After Kassegore and Sky broke through the last door they came upon the ritual.
- Felosia ran forward and threw a massive surge of life energy into the middle of the ritual which caused the stone to erupt around the participating Deniers of Death and nearby Paladins, bringing the ritual to an immediate stop and gathering the intense hatred and enmity of all of the gathered opponents
- Salvatore then walked into the room, light welling up with each step, and cried “I am Salvator, you will pay for the atrocities you have committed here today!” and as the light filled the room the necromantic energy was dissipated, the lone zombie who had climbed out of his tomb collapsing to the ground in a pile
- As Salvatore brought forth the Silver Unicorn’s power the lead Denier of Death screamed “You filthy heretic!” and aimed his staff at Salvator. A skull appeared on the end of it, turned and yelled at him “Your soul is mine!” and as it dove into his face he whimpered, then Salvator told him it looked like he was the heretic and he cried black tears and twitched.
- Liarra locked eyes with the lead Denier of Death and sent him mentally into Tempest as far as all his senses were concerned
- While the party slowly slaughtered their opponents one had slid behind a corner. As the others surrendered Sheela sniffed and walked around the corner, then howled and ripped his midriff open.
- Beast yanked a paladin into the air and yelled into his face while berserk “You. Run. Tell your people their magics and their steel will not save them!” and that paladin ran off while we took the lead paladin and his other underling as prisoners.


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