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Serenity Operation

Gray Lanterns


I hoped that when I stepped down from Regional Command at Echer’Naught, I’d be done with reports. But, a personal favor to one of the grays, and here I am. If the cast of characters on the mission was any indicator, this was more than just rounding up the usuals.

Lieutenant Celebor, former Regional Commander
Brevet Captain Macha Panta, commander of Camp Wolfhaven
Sergeant Ash, Grandmaster of the “The academy of Yomenie Curu” of Echer’Naught
Corporal Torik

The later two not large players, but solid reputation as support cast on high profile missions. All we needed was High Paladin Murvoth, Captain Fyrforg, or Wolfhaven himself to make this another end of the world.

Harvest Moon 10th, 3126

We met, strange enough, at the Local HQ in Echer’Naught. I swore I’d never come back. Yet, there I was. Though, I like what they’ve done with decor. Changing of the guard.

Our handler was Gray. No names. Or not that I remember. The plan, such as it was, head to Serenity and eliminate a snake nest. Broad, unspecific. I like.

Harvest Moons 10th-20th, 3126

We gathered supplies, and Captain Panta ordered a straight run south through Farwatch. Sensible. Predictable.

Harvest Moons 21st, 3126

We departed in the morning, heading through the southern gate. Ride was nice enough. For a while, at least.

Our first indication of problems was a section of trees decorated with corpses. Per standing orders, we stopped to investigate. Many were Rangers, so I made the proper obligations (RFC Sscark Dregordian , Ranger Muller). We had just managed to get them down, well Ash’s spirits when we came under attack. Some Fallen Brinchie. Ash claimed it was a Flamedancer. I concur. Faced a few during the War. Fight was intense, but not too difficult.

Harvest Moons 22nd, 3126

Moving on, we reached the Farwatch Waystation and stopped. I elected to camp outside. The rest, most, enjoy the Inn’s hospitality.

Harvest moons 23rd, 3126

We reached Farwatch and stopped briefly for lunch and supplies. then moved on. South of the city, we encounter a wounded alakar, Ranger Avella, and we were ambushed…again. Getting tiresome.

This time, Builder mercs. This route should be named murder road. Seriously. I took some fire, but managed a clean shot on the shooter, through the eye, and caught the big target’s arcfire generator. They make such pretty explosions.

Harvest Moons 25th, 3126

Serenity. I hate this city. I hate cities, but this is one of the worst. Our specialists followed our information and eventually located the compound where our targets were operating. Primarily, I provided overwatch, security while our hounds tracked the site.

Once there, however, we went to work. We managed to do the ambushing this time. Heavy hitters punching through their defenses while I picked off the big boys. Necro-arcmancy. Deniers. Nasty stuff, combining all the worst of Necromancy and Arcmancy.

This fight was tough, though with Ash on the team, I don’t believe we ever had much to worry about. I suspect that he approaches battle like I approach paperwork. Halfheartedly and with a distinct lack of effort.

Final fight was with some Red Plates. Mercs? Not my mission. We cleared them out.

Our specialists searched the area. They uncovered intel on various organizations and 25K+ in gold. Targets down, intel recovered, and funds retrieved. And, we didn’t lose anyone.

Mission successful and accomplished.

Lt. Celebor


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