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Nine Against What?

Scouting Is Good

31st of Festival Moons

After most of a night’s rest, we head out to breakfast. As we just get started, Gibben comes looking for and yelling for his Rangers. We, well those of us that do talk on a frequent basis, call out that we were in the mess tent. Gibben come in and tells us to follow him. We grab our food and follow. Its Galashorn, Maggpie, Gunther, Vhen, Luna, and three new faces I haven’t seen Beowild, Jade le Fey, and Bognus.

As we get to the area where Gibben wants us to be, I notice that Gibben has more potions and a new scar. The Orc that Gibben normally gets around on is sitting in the tent and looks up when we all enter. “Oh you found them, boss. I’m going to go drink.” Is what is said before she walks out leaving Gibben looking very confused.

Gibben shrugs it off and starts catching us up to date on what has been going on. Gibben also tells us that this battle is very important, for if we lose here then the Southern Kingdoms could be lost. In the middle of this a messenger runs in and just interrupts Gibben saying that there was a message. Gibben holds out his hand and after receiving it, smacks the messenger with it and tells him to get out. Gibben reads the message and starts off saying that something was good and then something wasn’t so good.

The Gathers to the north had put together a supply train and were headed our way, however, they can’t get through the blockade that the Prelacy has formed just south of Bearheart. Bearheart is about a days ride away. We are being charged with making a hole or removing the whole blockade to get the supply train through. The supply train asks that we send up a flare with they will be able to get through. Gibben turns to Bognus and says “Babie keep the new ones alive.” Then turns to me and says: “Your in charge. Stop by the armory to get the flares and the horses.”. At this I grab what is left of my food and say lets go.

We get to the armory and they give me four flares, which I hand one to Maggpie, Galashorn, and Gunther. As I look for a fourth person to give the last flare to, Beowild shakes his head and says: “I tend to get wet.” Which leaves me with the last flare. Right before we head out, Galashorn asks if I need my boots shined. As I reply that he should have done so last night, Gunther nudges me and I point to his boots. Galashorn does a quick shine and then we are off.

As early evening approaches, we are close. I stop the group about an hour out. I make a plan for scouting as we get about another half an hour closer. Beowild states that he’s not quiet. Taking a look at him and Bognus I then ask Bognus if he can be quiet. Bognus states that he also can’t be quiet. I suggest that they both not move much on the horses and we continue on.

As we start to hear the sounds from the blockade, I stop the group and send Luna, Maggpie and Vhen out to see what they can find out. Galashorn pouts at me and I hand him his bow and gestures for him to head out. It’s about an hour to an hour and a half till all of them return. All reports state that the Prelacy really meant business with this blockade. It is an army. There are several command tents, that have Builders and control golems near them as well as the basic soldiers and scouts that the commanders have. Vhen was able to see that there are a few spots were a small group of one or two could get through, if they were sneaky. Maggpie comes back and mentions that there are children that are being messengers and that he might be able to forge some of the orders and with his new training he might be able to manipulate a control golem if we could give him a few minutes. The scouts also report that there are flares in the camps. Vhen mentions that he would like some time to talk to the children. I ask him if he speaks Camonere and he replies that he does not. I inform him that he would probably fail.

I ask Maggpie to forge several different orders, one being that assistance is needed with repairs on a command golem and another that re-informants are needed at a different camp. Once those are done, I have him and Galashorn go switch out the orders. Galashorn is ordered NOT to kill anyone but if absolutely needed in a worse case scenario to knock the kid out. I have Vhen and Gunther to go either grab the Prelacy’s flares or to get them wet. On worse case scenario, they have approval to kill abet discreetly. I have Luna in the air to see if either groups get into trouble the rest of us can come to the rescue. Galashorn glares at Gunther as I see this I ask Galashorn: “Do you want me to add another month?” He shakes his head.

Once the troop movement happens due to the new orders we are going to go in fighting.

After following the messengers for a while, Maggpie switches the orders and has Galashorn come back to tell us that there is a better spot to fight the blockade. Maggpie hides in a tree and reads the missives that he switched out and finds that the Prelacy is not happy with the fact that the Rangers are here and what we are doing. Maggpie also notices that the Prelacy is starting to encode the orders and some are now having Builder messages in them. As he’s waiting six Builders, two warrior golems and six higher warriors leave.

Gunther and Vhen sneak into the main blockade and knock out a guard. Gunther puts on a uniform and walks up to one of the barrels of flares, after determining that he can’t take all of them back to us gathers a bucket of water and douses both barrels. During this Vhen was making a wonderful distraction by pulling several guards away from the barrels. The two of them manage to get two flares back to us and douse another two barrels. Then they head back to the rest of the group.

Gunther and Vhen show up about the time that Galashorn does. Vhen seems overjoyed at something that happened while he and Gunther were in the blockade and when asked about it, Vhen stated that Gunther said the word “Douse” And we all head towards Maggpie. After getting a quick update and a rough estimate of where the enemy is. It is decided that we will attempt to just take the big house first with Maggpie attempting to figure out how to run the control golem. I attempt to have Maggpie and Luna fly the others to the far side and find out that they aren’t able to carry people and that I am the only Aevakar that they have ever seen do it. Well then I fly the not so quiet ones in to position, it’s a bit harder with the Orc with all of his gear. Luna, Maggpie, and Jade are on a side; Beowild, Bognus, and Vhen are on the back; ending with Gunther, Galashorn and I on the far side. I have to admit to my shame that I didn’t check to see if everyone had a way to climb the ten foot wall that was surrounding the building.

Gunther, Galashorn, Maggpie and Luna manage to either get on the roofs or be dropped off onto a roof quietly. Once I realized my blunder, I attempted to go assist those who couldn’t climb as well as the others and forgot about the missing flight feathers. Before everyone was in place the Prelacy noticed me and started to yell about Aevakars, so much for getting into position. Beowild and Bognus manage to team up and get over the wall, Beowild using Bognus’ shield as a ramp shouts “Death to the Prelacy!”

Gunther shoots at one of the soldiers and seems to actually hit it but nothing more than a scratch. Vhen does some impressive acrobatics to get over the wall, then over the roof to jump down on the control golem then knock off the Builder that was sitting in the control seat.

The Builder climbs back up and gets into a strength grappling match with Vhen. Two different Paladins attempt to shoot Beowild and the shots doesn’t seem to do anything. Jade attempts to get up the wall. Gunther shoots at a Crusader and at the last second the Crusader turns so the shot just misses his eye, I bet that upset Gunther. The Crusader then lifts his caster and takes aim, as we are not in the best positions I start to distract the Prelacy so that the others can continue to get into position, the Prelacy really doesn’t like me insulting them in their language. I’ve managed to get their attention as two Paladins attempt to shoot at me and I let them know that they shoot worse then Orcs!

A Crusader shoots at Gunther as Gunther dodges it and then returns fire. A Builder soldier shoots at Beowild and misses, another shoots and does a glancing hit. I think the wall really upset Jade as she yells: “Screw this!” and blasts a hole in the wall, which takes out a building, two the Paladins and wounds severely a Crusader. And then says: “Where’s my Aevakar ride.” Maggpie flies over and drops down on the control golem using his blade attempts to assist Vhen in knocking off the Builder. Beowild casts something and becomes bathed in light and says: “Feel the power of the true Arkanon, you heathens!” Luna shoots at a Paladin and then a raven lands near the battle field and we hear it cry out, and then the Paladin that Luna shot falls down.

I continue to taunt the Prelacy forces and then shoot and take out a Paladin. Bognus gets over the wall and using his crossbow takes out a Builder. I see the other forces that were near this command building making their way to us.

Bognus shoots that the head of the Crusader that has been wounded and hurts him even further. Gunther does another shot, this one taking out the eye and the Crusader is looking like a pin cushion but is still standing. Vhen gets shot by a caster from someone at the gate, Luna has two shots that come at her from the gate. I take a shot in the chest from a caster. Vhen asks if Maggpie has the Builder and Maggpie response with a definite “NO.” So, Vhen punches the Builder to do a bit of damage and stuns it, then jumps down to head to the gate to close it. Telling Maggpie: “Gotta go.” Beowild shooting at the Crusader, shouts:” You are heathen and should yield to the true power of Arkanon!” Then Beowild swings and cuts through the shield to make the Crusader finally fall.

The Builder on top of the command golem says something to the other Builder on the ground, then hops off of the command golem and both walk towards the gate. Vhen tells those at the other side of the gate: “Your pardon we do not need more assistance.” As the Builders reach the gate they assist Vhen in closing it and those two and the others that were on the other side of the gate walk away. I turn to see Galashorn aiming at the retreating Builders and tell him to stand down. We call for a surrender of the Prelacy forces and they do. I then send the flare, Beowild collects the shield from the Crusader and most of the group escorts the prisoners back to command we feel the presence of a light and the familiar feeling of the Unicorn surrounds us. Maggpie stays behind to in list the aid of those in the supply caravan to help bring this command golem back as it’s the largest one that we have seen to date. As we are heading back we hear the sounds of an easy battle/skirmish from behind. As the caravan gets into command they inform us that all of the golems were not moving when they went through.


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