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Beasts Are Scary

30th of Festival Moons

Col Junra Shriftaamel does a briefing: A team of Prelacy soldiers was going to blow up one of our guard gates, which was defeated.

Those gathered are asked to, with the help of new recruits, go find where the zombies and Necromancers are and take them out. Col Shriftaamel mentions that there also have been sightings of more Dead-But-Walking (DBW). For the recruits, I make mention of the crystals that the DBW usually have on them, that they can and do explode when hit. So if there are allies near by then don’t shoot them. And Felosia and I together “If there aren’t then please do!”

This group consists of Sigfried “Sig”, Rubio, Salvator, Kassegore, Liarra, Galashorn, Felosia and myself. Felosia asks who can sneak, Sig and Kassegore say they do.

Rubio suggests, while using a firming hand gesture, that for future addressing new Rangers that she stands taller. Felosia asks if Rubio was gesturing in that way for a reason? Rubio looks embarrassed, as he realized how the gesture looked.

Liarra asks if Felosia wants communication with the scouts and at her yes, then makes a link with Galashorn. Felosia has Galashorn, Kassegore and Sig sneaking forward with me in between the two groups. The scouts find movement and zombies.

As Galashorn relays that the zombies have been found, Rubio casts on Felosia, Salvator, Sheela and himself the ability to be able to fight more effectively. Liarra casts the same thing on me and her. Then we move forward to join in taking out the enemy. As we do Galashorn takes out a zombie, and Kassegore launches out of the water and takes out another.

Getting closer to the zombies I see that there are DBW further back and these versions of DBW just causes, for some reason, a overriding fear. Sig shoots a zombie and stuns it. Salvator moves forward on his horse and casts something to stun a zombie and take out two others. Liarra casts something and causes several zombies to look confused.

Two DBW come up on Kassegore, one attempts to hit him and misses, the other lands a glancing hit. Three DBW run up to Salvator, two attempt to hit him and miss badly. The third does land a solid blow on Salvator. A zombie moves up on Sig. A zombie shoots at me and misses, then another one attempts to hit Kassegore.

Felosia does her disappearing act, surprisingly Sheela pops up near Salvator’s horse where Felosia comes up on the far side of that group surrounding Salvator and stuns two zombies. Sheela bites a DBW and manages to take it out, then looks very disgusted at the taste. I manage to overcome the feeling enough to taunt one of the DBW to get its undivided attention and shoot at another. This feeling is making me less effective in combat as I only stun it.

Kassegore looks like he’s started to berserk as he attacks three different targets, a DBW gets the Dregordian sword, the other DBW gets a tail sweep and the zombie that is near him gets a head butt and Kassegore manages to take out all three. Looking quickly at his handy work, yells “Weak!” before moving up behind a zombie.

Galashorn takes out a zombie and moves up after shooting. Kassegore does another round of attacking multiple different targets. The first zombie gets the tail slap and gets stun, the DBW gets the sword and falls.

Galashorn takes out another zombie. Rubio stabs a zombie with a spear and that one falls as well. Salvator recovers from the hit he took. As the last DBW heads over to Kassegore, Salvator attempts to kick it, Sheela attempts to bite it and Felosia attempts to hit it. As the DBW reaches Kassegore, it swings and connects another glancing blow. Sig shoots a zombie and stuns it. I shoot at the DBW and manage to stun it. Felosia disappears and reappears behind the DBW. Sheela bites it. And between us all we take it out. Liarra steps up to the last zombie and takes it out.

Kassegore calms down and washes himself off while asking: “Why do they need to make themselves weak?” I leave that answer for Felosia and watch Sig pray over the dead. We drag the dead to make a pyre to make sure they can’t rise again. Galashorn and Liarra start to head towards a cave, and I let Felosia know. Felosia has me go with them to check it out while Sheela cleans herself off as well. Salvator gets healed and then pets Sheela and gives her beef jerky. The link between Liarra, Felosia and Galashorn wears off.

As we explore the entrance to the cave, we notice that it is not a natural formed cave. I head in, followed by Galashorn and Liarra. We find at the back of the cave an opening, again I have a feeling of uneasiness. I am once again going to be underground. I take a quick look around, before remembering that Malec is back at Sog and will not be yanking on my feathers during this mission. During this time, Liarra is able to determine that the magic being used is Necromancy. I state: Well then we are in the right place. I have Liarra call the others to us, and when they arrive we all head down. After Liarra connects telepathically to Felosia to bring the rest of the group, it is decided that Rubio heads back to give command a full report and to also let them know we are going underground.

As we decide who is going first, those who can cast figure out that a massive ritual is going on. Salvator casts armor and light on Kassegore and himself. We now have a light source as they position themselves in various spots in the line. We decide to get to the Necromancers as fast as possible. Kassegore takes the lead and at the first choice he makes a right. When I get to the turn I hear a lot of clattering coming from in front of us and to the left. Kassegore gets to a room and starts to smash the bones to make sure that they don’t rise again, as we find out that this is an old mausoleum. I move out of the way to let the others by and take up position as rear guard.

Kassegore gets to a door and kicks it open to find a room that has a murky pool in it. He throws a bone in the pool and when nothing happens then mores in to the room. As the rest of the group moves through the mausoleum it is decided that we need to see about making sure that these don’t rise again. As the rest of the group moves near the pool, the pool starts to move as zombies start to climb out of it. As they rise, Liarra attempts to hit one.

The zombies reaching solid ground, attack and attempt to hit the group, but miss. Felosia smacks one with her staff and it falls back into the pool in pieces. Sheela distracts another. Sig stabs one with his sword and it falls. I shoot at one and stun it. Galashorn uses his bow to stab/pushes one in the eye taking it out. I call out to him that I am not carrying that till you clean it! Salvator kills the last standing zombie.

Kassegore kicks open the door to another room and runs through it until he gets to a solid door. Galashorn immediately follow Kassegore, who is followed by Liarra. As the others go through the door they notice that more bones are moving and starting to form in to useful zombies. As Kassegore attempts to open the door aided by Galashorn and Liarra enhancing his strength, I am still watching behind us and see the zombies have reformed themselves as they start to come out of the pool again. Salvatore gives a quick blessing or prayer over the bones and starts making sure that these don’t rise again. I yell out about the ones from the pool and start to block the door and defend against them.

Kassegore and Galashorn finally get the door open and hear chanting going on and it feels as if the temperature has dropped, I close the door to the pool and wait till everyone is out of this area. Felosia grabs Liarra and makes sure that she gets with the group as Liarra isn’t able to see in the dark. The large new room has two sarcophagus that have banging from inside. As I move up to the group I see Kassegore at another locked door and he asks for some help. I move up to assist him as the others move around the statues and make ready for whatever maybe on the other side. We burst open the door, and see the bottom of a stair case along with two Prelacy soldiers have their cannons aimed at us. Sig takes out one and Galashorn takes out the other before they can move their fingers to fire. Galashorn then moves up to the top of the stairs and shoots the one that ends up being in front of him. We can hear that the chanting is coming from up the stairs.

Sig moves up the stairs as well and shoots another that is in front and stuns him. Felosia moves forward and sees a rolling black necromantic void coming from near the tombs along with the other sarcophagus making the banging noises. There are Prelacy Priest, and six Crusaders around the void. There is a Builder golem that has a black crystal with a zombie head on it. The golems shoot at Felosia as well as the Deniers of Death. It looks like the hits don’t do much to Felosia. One of the hits of black lightning looked like it will was going to hit Felosia, but then it did some sort of wacky thing and hit another Prelacy golem instead. In response to getting hit, Felosia casts entangle on those that are doing the ritual, which causes the whole ritual to stop as she manages to have the tomb reach out and silence them as well. Felosia manages to entangle fully all but the head Denier who becomes partially entangled. Kassegore attacks with his axe and hits the golem on the left side of Felosia, but doesn’t’ seem to have done anything then he hits the same golem with his tail and axe again to take it down. These golems look like they are hard to hit. As Salvator walks into the room he starts saying: “I am Salvator, Priest of Light, you will pay for the atrocities you have committed here today!” with every step the room seems brighter until the room seems to swell with light then a silver unicorn appears and all of the Prelacy but the Paladins cringe and the sounds coming from the sarcophaguses stop and all of the remaining zombies fall to the ground. The necromantic void then disappears.

A Denier breaks free of the entanglement and stagers forward. The main Denier screams as he points his staff at Salvator: “You filthy heretics!” From the end of the staff comes a black skull-like apparition that screams: “Your soul is mine!” then changes direction and heads back to the main Denier which causes him to start screaming and twitching. Salvator calmly states: “It looks like you’re the heretic.” I run forward and attempt to sweep the group of Deniers with my spear, doesn’t seem to do much other than stun a few and taunt the Crusader. The Crusader then steps up and using is Archfire blade slashes at me, reminding me that I need to be taunting from a distance as well as Kassegore. Liarra runs up to the top of the stairs and casts an illusion on the main Denier, making him think that he was in Tempest. The Denier believes the illusion and starts screaming until his lungs stop before trying to catch his breath and starting all over again. Salvator tells the other Prelacy: “That’s two that your god has forsaken! Do there need to be more?”

A Denier casts at Felosia to do something, but Felosia just shrugs it off and the Denier then runs in to a corner. A golem then steps up and attempts to hit Felosia twice and misses on the first, but does a glancing blow to her leg on the second. A warrior golem steps up to me and stabs me. I see Felosia looking like she wants to cast something but we are in the way and I say to her: “We support you, do what you need to do.” Galashorn seeing that I am in the middle of things and wounded tells me: “If you die, I am not your servant!” Felosia responds: “Yes you are, you will have to carry out the body!” Galashorn moves up and shoots the screaming Denier, causing him to scream even harder.

Another Paladin breaks out and the leader of the Paladin attempts to run away. As he attempts to Liarra and I all attempt to hit him and miss. Salvator manages to do a glancing blow on his back. Galashorn attempts to kick him and also misses. Kassegore loses it and goes berserk again yelling at the Leader: “No escape!” and wounds the Paladin with his axe, then smacks a warrior zombie with his tail, then head butts a golem to then say: “Worthy opponents.”

Felosia entangles a golem and six others. I back up, replacing my spear with my bow. Salvator casts a bolt on the entangled main Denier a warrior, a zombie golem and another Denier, which takes out the Deniers and all of the golems. Sheela sniffs out a Denier who was hiding and takes out his throat.

Kassegore picks up a Paladin and raises him so that he can look the Paladin in the eye and says: “You run, tell your people their magics and their steel will not save them!” Then Kassegore throws him to the ground and allows him to run away. We take the lead Paladin as a prisoner. As we head back to Thuls Liarra hands Galashorn a handmade clay pin that looks really special with gems in it.


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