Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Rangers at Large

Endra's Gambit - Enter the Pit

Gencon Part 3 Festival Moons 9-10

Rangers assigned
Cedruss (Eldakar spy ranger ally)
Molg the Black
Mrrel (Brinchie crescent warrior escaped slave already in the city)

Orders enter the blood pit of Kal’ Kravas and cause havoc.

On a side note from Nessius Moonsinger who stayed behind. This group is definitely one to cause havoc.

Using the cover of selling slaves a disguised Cedruss gets all but the two Aevakar Darcassion and Skeiron into the city and to the contact. Using the cover of night the Aevakar get into the city and plans are made to move through the sewers to the blood pit.

Using a bottle of explosive consequences they fight their way through the guards in the slave side of the pit. The party pours into the blood pit and open a hole through the childer and Kurog leaps up to the box where the Warlord of the city is sitting next to Shaia. He is cut down before he can respond. The city slaves rebel and for a few days the party holds Kal Krevass before the freed slaves head north to join the Unchained or south toward the rangers and a life of freedom.


howardrbrandon Saiderin

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