Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Rangers at Large

Endra's Gambit Entrance Denied

Gencon Part 2 Festival moons 6

Rangers involved
Lydridry(Not sure on spelling Dregordian adept)

The mission was to stop a ritual in the town of KezKal. Nessius was given a staff with a High Magic Dispel in it to disrupt the Portal. Kezkal stands at the top of a bluff. A small force scaled the bluff while the rest of the rangers travelled along the road. Kurog and Murvoth broke through the front gate as the guards were dispatched. The rangers entered the temple as the ritual was nearing completion. This is where the enemy forgot one of the first rules of conflict: Don’t let your opponent catch you monologging. Also this is where the new rule that the party cannot use Moment of Glory (Adventure card) on the first round of combat. The enemy commander says he will perform unspeakable acts upon the Silver Unicorn. The party enters the temple and takes down the acolytes performing the ritual and Darcassion puts an arrow into the eye of the leader stopping the ritual leaving Nessius with the High Magic staff. Murvoth leads a call to the Silver Unicorn along with the rest of the rangers destroying the temple.


howardrbrandon Saiderin

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