Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Rangers at Large

Endra's Gambit

Gencon Thursday Festival Moons 2-3

Rangers present

The rangers intercept a supply caravan. Murvoth and Korog start a both ends of the caravan and fight their way to the middle as the spell casters support them. Sending the freed slaves with the caravan to the Unchained as the rangers head to the supply depot with the goal of destroying the depot. Using a two pronged attack again. One group using one bottle of explosive consequences to blow a hole in the back wall as the second group attacked the side door. After a battle the party successfully destroyed the depot, but the adept in charge Shaia Groe escaped.

Side note: Shayline Eridor who came north with Murvoth cast a High Magic Sanctify on Essal’s Keep.


howardrbrandon Saiderin

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