Shaintar Justice and Life Campaigns

Justice and Life is the name given to a shared campaign world, where every story matters and every story is considered to be cannon. Each J&L gm gets an area they run their games out of. By working with other gm’s managing areas near and far to their campaign, we build stories both large and small!! To learn more about these games jump over to

The World of Shaintar is part of the Suzerian Continuum.

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Welcome to the Rangers at Large

There are times when the Grey Rangers need to have agents and heroes working outside the normal organizational structure. While most rangers will report to a “home base” outpost, those part of the Rangers at Large do not. They instead travel the world helping where they can, sometimes acting as secret agents instead of the up front officers of peace they normally stand for.

This campaign is for all those players/characters who dont have a home campaign. For those who spend their time jumping around to various games no matter where they may be. While there are no actual sessions being held for this game, this provides a place to players to store their characters and submit reports about their travels.

For any questions or to join this campaign please message “GibbenDraxx” or “cypresswitch” who are the GM’s managing this campaign page. (you can click our pictures on the right side of this screen, then click the “envelope” icon on our profiles to message us)