Murvoth, Sergeant

Brawling Beastmaster Paladin of the Silver Unicorn


Height: 7’0" [213.36 cm] Weight: 540-{750} [244kg] {340kg+} -Reference Heavy Armor and other gear on foot

Amongst orcs one could compare him to a small ogre in stature, standing at an incredible height of six foot ten. Offset by the daunting figure of a glutton inflicted through injuries damaging his body and overindulgence to cope for the horrors of the blood pit lifestyle, Murvoth is quite plump which makes things troublesome with his frame. Behind the layers are muscles that would make his Ogrish appearance accurate. Sporting a small goatee, grayish skin tone, shaved to practically bald head, and left eye missing with a dark cloth wrapped around as a makeshift eye patch only adds to his intimidating exterior. Covered in plenty of scars, hidden by his custom made dwarvish armor and grotesque marks on his hands encased in white silver gauntlets.

Slowly undergoing a metamorphose through his adventures shredded the fat into a mountain of muscle, his girth now attributed towards his bulky exterior as strength and vigor increased.



Sergeant of Grayson’s Grey Rangers, Captain in Stahlheim Military , Legios Heroes , First Paladin of the Silver Unicorn, Paladin-Commander of the Church of the Silver Unicorn






6 in.


16 (5) / flame 20(5)/ darkness 22(5)






Fighting d12 (3 via enchantment and expert of forms for punching), Intimidation d8, Stealth d8, Notice d6 (2 smell), Knowledge: Cosmology D6 , Survival d4, The Way D12*, Knowledge Battle d6, Knowledge Magic D8

Improved Martial Artist, Brawny, Bulky,Defender of Gathers, Two-Fisted( May attack with a weapon in each hand without multi-action penalty), Ambidextrous ( Ignore –2 penalty for using off-hand), Brawler (+2 damage with fists),Imp Frenzy, Improved Sweep[Gaunlets enchantment] Improved First Strike, Beastmaster, Sidekick, Mixed Bloodlines:Siege Strength

{Racial} – Bestial Appearance; Outsider; Dim

Vengeful (Major: Slavers);Overconfident; Loyal , Obligation [Major] (Stahlheim, Grayson Grey Rangers and Silver Unicorn ), Code of Honor [Blood soother Code]

  • One Eye, Habit:Overindulgent of food and drink
  • {Sean Fannon Note}- The added Hindrances of One Eye and Habit would be strictly for roleplaying and would not need to be accounted for in terms of actual effects. He could have dramatically overcome the vision issues through discipline and training, and the overindulgent eating and drinking can just be a descriptive thing for down time RP

!White Silver Paladin Plate Armor ( 5+ Armor, 4 Coverage X MQ WS, 10 Essence, Growth Spell ), , Winter Clothes, Bracers (1 Parry) , White Silver Combat Gauntlets (1 Martial Artist Damage & +4 Damage certain monsters, * Enchanted Kythoros Enchanter +2 fighting{)

White Silver Kite with Echer’Naught Heraldry on it *Gift for winning the Grand Melee

! Given via Celestia the Silver Unicorn after becoming her First Paladin via saving the region of Stahlheim + advance spent

X [Lorelei game in Eldara 12/3/14]

Ranger Gear: [ Longsword=Str+d8, Grey Ranger Cloak= +1 Stealth, Week of Rations, Waterskin, Backpack, Bedroll, Flint&Steel, 2 Set of Ranger Clothes]

Special Abilities:

1 Charisma in Eldara [Renowned cardprotecting]

Thermal Vision

Paladins gain the ability to detect Flame and Darkness at will. They must make a Spirit check, and the ability works in a radius around them equal to their Spirit.

+1 Size [Bulky]

Chosen of the Horn (+1 benny at novice)

Seasoned: +2 on any opposed Trait rolls to resist Flame or Darkness effects.

Veteran: The Champion Edge. [They add +2 damage when attacking supernaturally evil and +2 toughness from supernaturally evil.]

Heroic: +2 on all Spirit and Vigor checks to recover from being Shaken, Soak wounds, resist poisons, disease, and Fatigue.

Legendary: Call the Unicorn’s Power — the Hero can spend a benny to activate this ability. Doing so allows the Hero to ask for any power; non-arcane casters use their Spirit, while arcane casters use their Arcane Skill. In either case, there is no expenditure of Essence. If the power is granted (at the GM’s discretion), it is cast and used as normal. Any power with a Duration lasts only its base Duration and cannot be maintained.

Defining Interests:
Military Lore, Hunting, Knowledge:Crag[+1]

Goblinesh, Galean, Dwarven

Powers: Speed, Smite, Legerdemain, Bolt


Content Not Found: kujo ( Sidekick- Originally under Beastmaster )

Content Not Found: cheu ( Follower under Beastmaster + Adventure card ) {KIA}

New Wyvern he rescued

Stompz: ( Malakaran Heavy Warhorse found + fellow lifeform adventure card)

XP: 0
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d6, Strength d12+2, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d6+2
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 11
Edges: Brawny, Alertness
Hindrances: Stubborn, Loyal, Quirk: Needs Action like a Brinchie
Special Abilities:
• Fleet-Footed: War horses roll a d8 when running instead
of a d6.
• Kick: Str+d4.
• Size +3: Warhorses are large creatures bred for their
power and stature.

5 xp: Two Fisted – Strenuous life or death battles with impaired hands forced getting acquainted with strikes for the notorious Andak-cros. Experiences from Camden reawakened such cruelty, applying it efficiently, exhibiting less proficiency in accurately with the off-hand in the combinations.

10 xp: Ambidextrous- Being equally adept with both hands typically was something conferred since birth, driving perfection for what limited resources given to him towards defense. Accumulating these battles, training, and simply determination to craft might through new means became the new calling for him.

15 xp: Powerful Edge – Increase to D12- Though weighed by fat, Murvoth remained focus in increasing his might to get through anyone who rended the peace.

20 xp : Increase Vigor to D10- An arduous time through facing multiple foes whether they were rowdy bandits, puppet dwarves that were flame touched to even an avatar of Ceynara in statue form. Reinvigorated and chosen by the Silver Unicorn began to dissolve the demons of his past, slowly training his form back to a form acceptable as one of her chosen. One less cow could be spared.

25 xp: Brawler- Skirmishes within the confines of the Kalinesh and duty bound by Grayson Grey Rangers helped build a callous fist, striking true against the bandits aiming for the young Fyrforg on their first mission as a squad. Anger fueled him, oaths channeled that energy, and solid fist reinforced with a iron slammed into the enemies, even restricting its power to subdue one.

30 xp: Defender of the Gather- Grasping what to be Goblinesh was difficult with his upbringing, instinctively protecting his allies that he slowly considered to be his new family. Though obscure from memory but not physically the hefty orc blood pumped, driven to utilize his durability to shield those from harm whether it was from arrow, sword, or spell.

35 xp: Increase Spirit to D8

40 xp: Raise Strength to D12+1 via Powerful

45 xp: Frenzy

50 xp: Increase Vigor to D12

55 xp: Improved Frenzy

60 xp: First Strike

65 xp: One Against Many

70 xp: Warrior Born: Improved First Strike

75 xp: Increase Spirit to D12

80 xp: Paladin of the Silver Unicorn (( Granted Full Plate via Events ))

85 xp: Brawny

90 xp: Beastmaster

95 xp: Bulky

100 xp: Sidekick [ Kujo]

110 xp: Increase Smarts to D6

120 xp: Professional: Raise Fighting to D12+1

130 xp: Learn The Way at D4

140 xp: Raise The Way D8! [ * Raised from a D6 with Notice from Day in a life] and Intimidation D6

150 xp: Mixed Bloodlines: Siege Strength

160 xp: Raise the Way D10! and Intimidation D8!

170 xp: Adept

180 xp: Warrior of the Jade Flame

190 xp: Raise the Way D12! and Knowledge Battle D6

200 xp: Epiphany of the Silver Tree

210 xp: Bloodsoother [ Adds Code of the Bloodsoother hindrance ]

220 xp: Lightbringer[ Via Bloodsoother]

230 xp: Celestial Star [Via Bloodsoother]

240 xp: Expert: D12+2 Fighting

250 xp: Archon [Via Bloodsoother]

260 xp: Martial Art Master- Damage +2

270 xp: Mighty Blow

280 xp: Tough as Nails

290 xp: Martial Art Master 2nd – Damage +2

300 xp: High Magic: Smite

310 xp: Martial Art Master 3rd- Damage +2

320 xp: Martial Art Master 4th- Damage +2

[Born Dark Moon 33th]

Chapter 1: Omen by Origins

Originated from a meager gather by the name Kaldrak beyond the Korg Humps parallel to Vas’lok lake, Murvoth’s very existence was deemed an omen by virtually everyone, including his parents. Raised in a barbarous tribe with extreme militaristic roots almost like the north, it was his birth on the thirteenth hour while all three moon were full that petrified them deeply. Superstitious towards those with the affinity for magic in any form based on past transactions regarding their gather’s history, those possessing such powers are often regarded as abominations stemming closer to the corruption as such was the faith to their most known Mak Torkash, Kiryak who shared similar origins based on the time of power befitting most to necromancers.

Murvoth was mostly a solitary creature who strive for acceptance through his rigorous training and ruthless combat prowess to offset the prejudice he faced at a tender age where one’s ability to properly move symbolized the start of becoming a warrior. An unwavering spirit and barbaric enthusiasm for warfare slowly erased abolish the negativity. Branded ceremonially through scarification onto the entire right arm as the first of many symbolic markings on the flesh of the warrior, the stigma was mostly gone. A crucial moment in battle changed Murvoth’s life during this deadly skirmish, involving a marauder swinging a swift decapitating blow with his Great Axe. With both sides of the battle as witnesses, Murvoth barely evaded the strike as he was critically wounded and left for dead. Maybe it was his abnormal durability or just stupid plain luck, but he survived the ordeal. A massive scar encompassed across his chest, but his reappearance all but caused tension with his superstitious comrades

Past presumptions heighten the rumor of un-death with grizzly warriors testifying to the dreadful aftermath with a seemingly dead orc. Uncompromising in their naive beliefs towards him, Murvoth scampered as expected of a child, bewildered over the shift of his kin, descending upon him for hours with only his chuktar in possession as they declared him corrupt and attempted to end his life.. Barely escaping their zealous fury, the youngster was fatigued, hungry, and without an item to his name while wandering into unknown territory. Cultivated for war, this made Murvoth a little xenophobic and lacked the social graces that numerous Goblinesh acquired overtime with their interactions with other groups that did not necessarily wish to pick a fight. Subjugated mercilessly by nature and nefarious characters alike, the primitive orc fought tooth and nail as his exterior became emaciated to find some form of civilization. Such perseverance proved significant as he crossed into Camden, otherwise known as the notorious Snake’s Den.

Chapter 2: A New Path

Famished, grimy, and simply weakened in multiple ways, his oblivious nature towards the customs of civilized life caused immediate strife with the denizens of Camden by snatching some food. The barter system through currency was an unfamiliar routine that had the officials reprimand, then attempt to punish the savage outsider to set the proper example. Justice was paused thanks to a ragtag group of delinquents who needed the excuse to get violent, typical hit and run as the confused Goblinesh evaded the law momentarily. Harbored within the confines of their hideout under the city of Camden, when awoken many aberrant characters leered at the malnourished Orc. Amongst this little gang one was definitely prominent, a charismatic Dregordian who dressed the part as well. Introducing themselves as the a small time mercenary gang known as the Freefangs, Murvoth got acquainted with its noteworthy members like the Goblin Triplets Leche, Anka, and Crnobog; all accomplished rogues and scouts. Also the two indomitable enforcers, the brutish ogre Fung and the acrobatic Brinchie Viperclaw. Sought after for her skills in archery and espionage was the human Rebecka and of course the spokesperson Zessk, who doubled as a former member of the Jade Flame.

Feeling accepted for the first time in his meager existence, Murvoth was symbolically adopted by the Freefangs. The Goblinesh aligned to the gang helped transition Murvoth from a primitive warrior to a refined as you can get gangster. Picking up the Galean tongue overtime and sharpening his combative skills for both revenue and entertainment, the now fully developed Murvoth utilized his physical prowess with intimidation to advance in the criminal haven of the Snake’s Den. Those five years cultivated a lost soul into a juggernaut through his unwavering enthusiasm for battle and complete devotion for his new family. A true equilibrium would demand tribute; reputation bearing both its advantageous and disadvantageous parts. A few crime lords suffered financial problems from this band of hooligans, taking obvious notice on its key members. Planting the seeds of discord, a malicious plan was soon staged over a preposterous mission with a preposterous prize to lure them into their vicious maw. Setting up an appropriate scapegoat, they exploited their greed to ensnare them into the clutches of the law enforcement of Camden. Greasing the palms of the right entities, enough was placed to disband the Freefangs and even worse ship them straight into slavery. Only Rebecka was not present, either intuitive enough or perhaps working with them behind the scenes, sadly no one really knows.

Chapter 3: The Abyss

Descending onto purgatory itself, Murvoth did not know true anguish until being forced into servitude by the Depraved crimelords of the Snake’s Den and the despicable Kal-A-Nar Empire. Maniacal in approach, the enraged orc vigorously fought his captors at any opportunity presented, resulting in public humiliation by whips, solitary confinement, even the degrading punishment of destroying his sole heirloom in the form of his chuktar and rendering usage of weapons almost impossible by the sickening penetration of his palms repeatedly and crushing the thumbs to make gripping weapons impractical. Tossed into the grueling Blood Pits known by the Kal as Andak-cros, it was anticipated that his demise would come. Literally becoming a detriment in his crippled state and armed with only bracers and cestus, he entered mortal combat. Memories of battle with both his tribe and the freefangs combined with his fury astound the audience, tearing foe’s throat by his mandible while grappling with all his might to survive. All the torture, all the negative emotions that enveloped him, Murvoth channeled it into resolve mixed with his fiendish indulgence with battle.

Kal’Grondor was the city where he mostly got familiar with his own misery. Allies were in low supply, gaining infamy for his defiance towards the authority that would only fixate on them for association and perhaps be punished. Stereotypically Dwarves had no love for the Goblinesh, yet there was always one to break the mold. Quite vulgar, yet jovial he actually confronted the newcomer without prejudice. Even one friend kept him mentally sound in the midst of this heinous existence. Except they noticed his performances begin to waver, contemplating on how to unlock that intensity. Without remorse or warning the owner brought in his chief interrogator/torturer. Manipulating the muscle bound orc through his skill of the way, he struggled relentlessly as he succumbed to his power. Transformed into his instrument of destruction he frenzied against his sole friend in this hell. Strike after strike he watched him pummel, and worse was bound to not even defend himself or flee.. The harder he challenged the adept user, the more severe the beating got until a mangled carcass remained. This severely broke his psyche and enraged him beyond even his separation from his gang. Driven back to a primal state reminiscence of his past, he entered a dark period where only his vices influenced him and no one to call kin. Perseverance conquered the strong Goblinesh, adapting a survival of the fittest mindset as each battle proved with infamy and a few perks. Officially stuck there for two years, Murvoth heard some spectators make mention of Jerrik Tul, but more importantly the grand tournament that ensured freedom should he win and give an exceptional performance.

Over the next six months Murvoth was possessed, descending further as escape turned into his sole purpose despite the thrill within the Blood Pits with avid citizens rooting for the brawling beast. Compared to the majority of his battles, everyone who participated into this spectacle were just as hardened and motivated as him. Unlike himself, no one was hindered like him which made each battle especially formidable. Bleeding, flooded with pain which included loss of his eye, and barely conscious; Murvoth reached the pinnacle of competition all through his resolve, defensive skill of armor, and continuous growth in his martial arts. Unrecognizable was his final opponent, an abomination of an Ogre riddled in burns, disfigurement, but most disturbing a tattoo identifying him as his comrade Fung. Suddenly stricken with conflicting emotions, his tenacious level of loyalty made him unable to cause harm to his kin, taking a tremendous amount of damage from the Ogre.. Bathed in his own blood and heavily wounded, Murvoth saw as his incomprehensible comrade was driven to a similar feral state akin to himself thanks to the agony both physically and mentally. Unknowing to Murvoth as he swung in retaliation his memory was returning, yet remain vigilant of his surroundings. Charging recklessly at his friend, he staged a dive as his evasive maneuver allowed him to collide head first with all the momentum into the arena walls,forsaking his life to save another in exchange.

Chapter 4: Redemption

Appalled by how this very environment warped them so far to pit them against each other, he feign ignorance as started his plans to leave the area to pay homage to his dear comrade. Traumatize deeply through this experience, Murvoth was easily enticed through any venture or vice that distracted the orc from the horrible ordeal. Disorderly conduct was routine, shifting from celebrated champion into a loathsome foreigner practically a beggar in status. He knew nothing of the Unchained, yet his intentions were pure as he saw new slaves heading to the destination of his former master. Acting imprudent, he stormed to the caravan shipping with the slaves. Slugging it out with the guards was a futile attempt, watching the reinforcements closing in for the orc. Fleeing the scene just in time and giving a few the opportunity to escape them as well, the blood pit champion was on the run until he made it to greener pastor. Gaining a habit to overindulge to erase agonizing memories as well from damage from his slave life caused a complete shift in appearance through weight gain. Ironically, his obesity became a form of disguise for a little while. Though constantly on the move for months on end, a few bounty hunters ran into the runaway slave.

A valiant effort on his part, he was beaten into submission even with his battle prowess. These strangers knew not why he was being taken, yet heard the name Kal-A-Nar empire uttered which reinforced their reason to help. Slaying the bounty hunters and unshackling Murvoth, the plump Goblinesh learn that his saviors were Grayson’s Rangers. For whatever reason they gauged him good enough for recruitment and without hesitation accepted to return the favor. Figuring this was his next path not only for survival, but perhaps retribution he was determined to see things through.

Chapter 5: Stahlheim

Undertaking the burdensome journey to one of their secretive training camps for potential recruits, obesity would exhibit the initial struggle in the grueling course with the exception of fighting which no amount of discontinuity capable of really diminishing a skill demanded almost routinely as a slave. Pummeling essential proficiency majority of rangers utilized in their duties, Murvoth gradually picked them up at a fundamental level. Time consuming, determination pushed the gluttonous Goblinesh to graduate which undoubtedly appeared to be a miracle for the hardships he fought mentally, physically, and thanks to the Kalinesh psychologically from being their pit fighting animal. Nighs drenched in cold sweats from the nightmares of those horrendous years, robbing him of everything he held dear including usage of his heirloom chuktar and his hands. Overcoming all of it to stand as a Grayson Grey Ranger Trainee bestowed quite the honor to one coming from barely anything in life.

Designated to the Dwarven Clanhome of Stahlheim confused him, curious as to why one like himself would be needed that far. Murvoth and a few other trainee stuck together as destination where they were assigned were along the way. Typical adventures like these got their hands soiled through surviving whether it was by nature or occasional bandit with fortune smiling. A lengthy hike, a few memorable moments would be a skirmish with a small band of mercenary with modest prowess in combat with a Sorcerer top of the food chain. Ambushed by woodsmen with an unhealthy obsession of hunting people as game . Lastly a ravenous Troll whom was responsible for the disappearance of a few hunters in the vicinity, haven’t stricken with fear of death since persevering through whatever monstrosity made by the Az-Junin [ Lords of Magic ] in the pits for entertainment. Most got to where they were meant to be and so did Murvoth even with the struggle all alone. Reaching the clanhome he got acquainted with Captain Granyt Fyrforg Soon he met one of his kin Rorauk Fyrforg , a beautiful young Eldakar by the name of Shayline Eridor and Jarvis Riley whom was quite versed in languages. The days to come would have the orc familiarize himself with the group, not knowing the kinship that all of them would share in the future.

Murvoth, Sergeant

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