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Liberation of Stonefinger, Report 3
Torik Kusuta

Here is my delayed report. Any chance it might be worth 2xp :D Just so I can get an advance.

To: Ranger command, Stonefinger command, white silver wolf command and all the other commands, seems to be involved in this confusing war of the north, all against all.
Date: 17th day of Raining Leaves, 3126

By: Corporal Torik of the rangers and the white silver wolves.

Okay, once again I a one armed not that physical imposing Goblin have been sent right into the middle of a warzone. Sent to the Dwarven Clanhome Stonefinger, far to the north. Between the border of the remains of Camon and Shaya’nor. Been besieged for the most of the year, and apparently there biggest concern, was the lack of ale.

I was grouped with White silver wolves and rangers, Murvoth, Chumley, Ogre, Lob, Rhovelius and led by Captain Rorauk Fyrforg. We were briefed by a young dwarf, that the enemy southern siege force of darkness, was breaking off. We were to reconnoitre the situation and ascertain there intent.

We were led through the clanhome, down under the Gorgons. As we came out into the foothills of the mountain range, we were met with a reddish darkness, the moons having merged in the sky.
Making good speed, we came upon the small fort, where the young dwarf had come from. As we approached the gate, we found a lot of dead dwarven bodies outside its gates. And before we could react, we were ambushed by enemies on the walls. Crossbow bolts and arrows raining down on us. Thankfully we weathered the assault, I hid under one of the dwarven bodies.

As my goblinesh brothers, flew, teleported and climbed into the fort to engage the enemy, Lob blew up one of the towers. Captain Fyrforg taking on a role of leadership, leading us from the wall. Rhovelius picked out defenders on the walls, shooting one at a time.
At the time, I was not really sure what enemies we were facing, but the dead dwarven bodies, was raised as Greater Zombies. I was thankfully fast enough, to get away from the body I had used as cover, and ran for Lob on the outskirts of the fort. And as the zombies were shambling after me, they were gathering in a group, that made it possible for Lob, to cast one of his explosive bottles, that blasted the dwarves into a new death. Ogre threw one of the evil dwarves from the top of the tower, falling to his death. I could use one of the zombies to stabilize the crossbow, and shoot a couple of the shaya’kar enemies on the wall.
Even being able to trick a few of them, so they didn’t fully use the cover of the walls.

As we were about to take control of the fort, suddenly light and angels were all around us. Slaying the remains of the enemies. I understand from Chumley, that it was some leader of a massive army. That wasn’t particular respectful, thinking that he saved us.
With the deaths of dwergs, shaya’kar, vampires and some other monsters. That was clearly killed by Chumley, Murvoth, Lob and Ogre. I do not think that his help was that needed.
But I saw his armies march across the fields, that had been the camp of the armies of darkness, not a half a day before.

Was quite a impressive sight, I can’t remember who told me, but apparently the army was the First Host of The Southern Blades.
I am not much in the big scheme of things. But I have experienced the return of Vainar in the grey lands. I have seen the wonders of Ash, Murvoth and Chumley. And they are just a handful of the immensely powerful heroes on the side of good. I have seen dwarves ride massive lizard beasts, all armed with plate and white silver weapons. I have seen elven cavalry company, where each of them could be legendary heroes in there own right.

I do not understand why command, don’t just simply gather the armies of everybody, and rid shaya’nor and Kal-A-Nar of the evil that they contain. Sieges would be over in hours, with ash and this southern blade dude and quite possible a lot of other priests, summon every angel in existence. Hundreds if not thousands of heavy armoured white silver armed dwarves singing there way into the midst of enemy strongholds. Cavalry forces crushing everything underfoot.

I have seen these legendary heroes be outnumbered 10 to one, and not even breaking a sweat smashing the enemies of good.

But that is just the thoughts of a little goblin, who is better with a book and misdirection, than straight up fighting. So I would prefer if I could be reassigned to somekind of research branch of our organisation, or if you keep on making me fight these battles, actually equip and train me to fight these battles. So at the very least I don’t get in the way of the true warriors of our organization.

But to finish of the report. Investigation of our enemies, showed they had packed to move out, and had rations for 14 days. They seemed to just had been waiting for us, probably not me, but there was some important characters in our party. I guess Captain Fyrforg, would have made a great prisoner for them.

As I write this, I remember that the young dwarf, was shocked and concerned as we approached the fort. Almost running ahead of us. Maybe he need to be debriefed by a mind reading adept. I have a inkling, that the dwarf might had been sent to us, forced to report the movement of the dark armies, to keep his family and comrades safe. As there is a good chance the enemy, had retaken the fort and prepared the ambush, well in advance. Keeping the dwarves alive long enough, to pressure a young impressionable dwarf, into making mistakes.
Just something to consider.

Signed 19th day of Raining Leaves
Torik Kusuta

The liberation of Long... Stone... Spear or Finger?
Dwarven cities are tough......

So… Me, Chumley, received some orders to help kill some bad people who were stoping the little Dwarves from getting their ale. This seemed very worthy to me, Chumley! Ale being somewhat dear to my heart. Anyhoo, a young (no beard) Dwarf brought us in to meet with a more important Dwarf. The beardless Dwarf was going to lead us through secret Dwarf tunnels to the area where we could attack enemies that were holding that Dwarven city that sounds like every other Dwarven city (or was it an outpost blocking access to that city?)

With me came my old friendsds Lob and Rorauk and Murvoth. Beardless Dwarf boy, Ogre (an Ogre). and one of the elfy types. I think one of the tougher ones as I don’t think magic was used and he wasn’t a total jackass (Cept Ash, that guy is COOL!). Anyhooo, after going through the tunnels we found that the sun and moon had merged into a red sun (or red moon, or something bad magicy!) OH, did I mention Ogre only wore a loincloth and a cloak? He was a bit small, perhaps the cold? Though once the fight started he seemed trained to absorb punishment. I’ll have to learn that fighting style as the enemy archers seemed to ignore my copious amounts of armor.

So we, of course, got ambushed as we approached the outpost. We took cover, fighting ensued, many enemies died. The only real thing of note was some non tall elf dirtbag, silver knife leader? Blade? I mean, how cliche! I think he commanded flying things and I suppose he was good enough to chase some other people off after we did all the work. He refused to shake me, Chumley’s hand! Very rude. Fortunately me, Chumley, is not one to hold a grudge.

Then came lots of reporting in and boring paperwork which I “forgot” to do :)

Now to learn how to not wear armor and survive being shot and stabbed!

Liberation of Stonefinger, Report 2

Date: 17th of Raining Leaves, 3126
Attn: Colonel Wolfhaven.
From: Rhovelius Dimerian

It is late on the 17th as I write. Stonefinger has finally been liberated from the oppression of Darkness. I can not say that the liberation brings me much levity, however. Still, it is a victory of some sort.

It took me a while to get to Stonefinger. I was at the defense of Bearheart with Colonel Wolfhaven. We marched North from our victory. They couldn’t provide an extensive support force, but with a few sly figures, however, we could get some rangers through the picket lines and into the place. I’ll admit that, despite my skills, I think we go through on dumb luck. It was a long trudge from Tirene.

I spent a few days getting into the routine of the clan homes. It was a grim sight. Rations were low. Men were low. A years siege on the place drained her reserves. By the time of the 16th, the Dwarves were out of Ale and drinking well water. That alone probably broke their spirits.

I was assigned to a mixed White Silver Wolves / Ranger unit under the command of Captain Rorauk Fyrforg. A Dwarf of means it seems — his plate armor was kept and he was loaded with white silver gear. Likewise on his team was Sgt Murvoth — a towering orc with gleaming white silver plate. If memory served he was the champion of The Church of The Silver Unicorn. Another high-profile figure.

Other members included Lob, a goblin wearing the marks of the Rangers and Shay’von leather. He had various pockets on his uniform and a bandolier of potions across his chest. I went out on a limb to call him an Alchemist.

Chumley was a behemoth Ogre of about 15 ft, wearing “Ogre Plate”. It’s really two sets of Plate Mail strapped to his body. Fitting considering how damn big he is. He was also equipped with white silver Ogre swords and siege mauls. The only thing I had to identify him as a ranger was the human sized cloak attached to the full helm he wore.

Torik was another goblin who was missing an arm. Green skinned but had a higher level of intelligence to him than most Goblinesh I’ve encountered. Also he seemed to like shuffling a deck of cards if we stood around long enough.

Last was an Ogre named…Ogre. No armor, aside from a white silver helmet and white silver cod piece. A ranger cloak doffed his shoulders. I’ve seen Ogres before but let me tell you, watching one wade around in a loin cloth with a glowing cod piece is a disturbing sight.

We were guided by a young Dwarf whose name I did not capture. Truthfully, the only reason I could speculate to his age was because he lacked a beard. Also, he seemed a bit naive and scatter brained. Still, this was our guide. Better than nothing.

It took us 3 hours to hike up this passage. As we neared the top the ground started to change color, falling into a blood-red hue. I didn’t like it. Moments after we saw the red, we appeared to the surface where, at the 13th hour, we saw two of the moons “merge” to create a blood moon. Absolutely fantastic.

Blood moon, and now we’re off to handle some Darkness. Or, at the very least, scout them. Our mission was to act as a Forward Operating Team and collect intelligence on rumors. Seems there is talk of enemy movement but we have no eyes on them.

As we started down the well hidden path, smoke touched our noses. The young guide began to sprint forward but an Ogre grabbed him. Good for the youth too for the scene was tragic.

The small output was decimated. Bodies covered the outside of structure, though there were no tracks to suggest enemy movement and no blood to pool around the bodies, despite being recently killed. I could only suspect Vampires. Something was amiss, but I couldn’t figure it out. Before I had the opportunity to investigate, the trap was sprung, bolts and arrows flying down around us. I took a hard bolt to the chest, two others missing as I fled to cover at the base of the wall.

Lob pulled up next to me and tossed me a potion. I’d seen enough of em to know it was healing. Before I had the chance to down it, he tossed another up and over the wall. I heard the potion crack open with a rush of air, and then the sizzle. The smell of acrid corrosion filled my nostrils. On the mark about that alchemist bit I think.

While I downed my healing potion, one of the corpses rose and began to take a few swipes at Lob. Likewise, I suddenly noticed a very large wall of darkness just inches from my back. Stuck between zombies and a pitch wall of ebony, I picked the undead and fired. My arrow slipped through its eye socket and dropped the thing. Lob fired off another bomb of sorts. As I rounded the corner I saw Torik. Behind him the smoldering bodies of the zombies lay around him. Fine work from Lob.

From the new vantage point I fired again, clipping a Shayakar crossbowman through the throat. Torik rolled prone and began to chamber a crossbow bolt into his newly acquired weapon. Likewise he fired one off, shouting out to the enemy to draw their focus. I swept wide and fired another arrow, felling my third victim for the evening.

About this time the lights were turned on and Angels descended from the heavens. I didn’t get to meet the pompous man, but I was told his name was Captain Laramonte (I think that was it. Truthfully I didn’t care enough to pay attention). He was the commander of the First Host of The Southern Blades. Apparently he “liberated” us. Hell if I know. It just seems like he showed up at the end and took the credit.

Either way with the fighting over, I began to take stock of my surroundings. The first thing I noticed was the sounds. Torik and I slipped over to the edge of the cliff and peered down. What was once reported to host the Army of Darkness now had the forces of The First Host marching through it, the remnants of battle lighting the way. Seems Stonefinger is finally free of the oppression.

Before we left, however, I decided to inspect the encampment for intel. Nothing of a physical sense was found but I did notice something unsettling. This group was heavily equipped and ready to defend this place hard. Likewise they had all of their gear stowed and ready to march at a moments notice. For being just an overwatch post, something didn’t sit right.

You don’t defend a place like this and have your troops ready to roll. Either they knew we were coming or there is more to this than meets the eye. In either case, with nothing to go on but speculation, I relent from my searches and we return to the clan homes.

17th of Raining Leaves, 3126

It was morning by the time we got back, and the head of this clan home greeted us. Already supplies had started to come in (one of which was Ale, much to the delight of the denizens here). While we were debriefed on the arrival of allies, a messenger delivered to us our new orders. In 2 days times we march, joining the Wolves and the First Host to head to Lanier, the last bastion of Darkness in this terrible war.

At least I’ll have two days to kick back some (figuratively speaking of course). It’s a long march to Lanier and given my experiences in the war, I’ve no desire to make my last few days unenjoyable. Besides, I could use a few contacts in the North. Connections can make or break a man.

In either case, I suspect I’ll see you in a few days Colonel. Happy hunting.


Rhovelius Dimerian

Liberation of Stonefinger

To My Master: Captay Fyrforg
This Day, the 17th of Raining Leaves, 3126


Yesterday, at mid-day on the 16th of Raining Leaves, there came to our offices a young, beardless lad of some score years. He was serving as a messenger, running missives from our most north-easterly outpost, settled on the cliffs overlooking the Camon-Northern Gather border.

As you doubtless know, we have been pressed hard and our outposts have mostly been lost. This one has changed hands a dozen times over the last year. Still, it was, and is, our most valuable vantage point to observe troop movements in the low lands to the north.

Bisham, as the lad was called, reported large scale troop movements to the east had appeared two days prior, on the 15th of Raining Leaves. Though from the distance, even with enhanced sight, no banners could be seen, but it appeared an army was approaching. In the valley, Darkness stirred, their hordes moving into battle lines. But, not for an assault upon us, thank Dranak no.

Per order, the young lad ran right here to report to Clan Chief and High Druid of Dranak Keznak Stonefinger, and to you, master. As you know, but I record here for posterity. The lad, as I said, arrived yesterday around mid-day. There, you were summoned by Clan Chief Stonefinger to hear the boy. Once you were armed with knowledge, the Clan Chief dispatched you and a band of White Silver Wolves, some new to our company, others long known to us.

It seemed that the dwarves were hard pressed. The Clanhome had just recently run out of ALE! The months long siege had killed many, and their forces were stretched thin holding the gates. The Clan Chief could hardly weaken his own Clanhome to see to the wants of the lowlanders, despite his personal feelings. And so, per our arrangement, we, the White Silver Wolves, were dispatched.

Master, a note on your companions.

Sergeant Murvoth is known to our company. You and he are well acquainted. He now serves as the First Silver Paladin of the Silver Unicorn.

Corporal Chumley, a large ogre, is also known to us. He has served with the Wolves before.

Corporal Torik, a one armed goblin, recently promoted, comes to us from other companies in the south.

Rhovelius Dimerian, an alakar archer, served with the Great Wolf in defense of the Olaran Clanhomes.

Lob, another goblin, and an alchemist, is a recent addition.

Lastly, Ogre, the ogre named Ogre. Curious creature that.

These were your companions, that and the lad. They were to accompany you to the outpost to determine the truth of the troop movements in the valley.

You all departed late in the eve on the 16th of Raining Leaves, 3126, yesterday. Due to the size of your companions, you took the underground road as long as possible, before emerging and taking the sky road from there.

It concerns me, but you and the team reported seeing a dark, blood red moon that even, during the 13th hour. This is the second of such moons. the first on the 16th of Dancing Clouds this year. I have scoured out tomes, and such moons portent ill tidings. We should all be cautious.

However, you arrived at the outpost some time in the morning of the 17th, this day. There, you spied the corpses of our brave defenders littering the ground outside the gates? No sooner did you arrive, then a storm of arrows rained upon you. Darkness, once again, held the fort.

The battle was pitched. This I know. For an august and stalwart champion such as yourself to fall, even if momentarily to such villainous forces. I can scarcely comprehend the threat. Your companions served well. Though, Sergeant Murvoth vanished during the battle, summoned by his Lady Celesia after delivering a fatal blow to many of the corrupted followers.

At the fever pitch of battle, reinforcements arrived. From the sky, surrounded by Angels, a Captain Laramont, of the 1st Host of the Southern Blades. He smote the last few vestiges of resistance, or scattered the craven.

You, by this time were down. So, he addressed Corporal Chumley, Sergeant Murvoth also absent the field. His demeanor was formal, and haughty. I know, my master, should you have been standing, his tone would have been more respectful. Ah, but such are the vagaries of war.

We were bade to treat with him in his command tent below. And then he was gone. You rose to find you men bleeding, but unbowed. Corporal Torik and Rhovelius Dimerian ventured to the cliff face to confirm the Captain’s words. Low and behold, Darkness was in full retreat and the Southern Blades 1st Host camped at our gates.

Your men cleared the field, while Rhovelius Dimerian discovered evidence that the entire team of Darkness had bags packed, ready to move. Each member had 2 weeks rations. As if…they were already prepared to march?

And then, you returned. Hiking most of the day to return. Bisham preceded you. To warn of the attack. By the time you arrived, our gates were open for the first time since the beginning of the siege. Supplies flooded in as allies in the Rangers accompanying the Blades provided for our needs. Little enough, but Colonel Wolfhaven has sent word that a larger supply caravan has been dispatched.

Greater news, master. Ironspear has also been liberated, a week before our own rescue! Already our kin flood our halls as we rejoice in life, mourn our dead, and sharpen our axes for the next battle.

There are other details and considerations waiting for you upon your desk. However, I know that you are enjoying your success, and rightly so. Drink well, master. For, our orders, from the Great Wolf himself command that both 1st company from Stonefnger, and 2nd from Ironspear prepare to march with the 1st Host of the Blades.

We march to Lanier, the last stronghold of Darkness in Camon. At last, we shall have justice for our dead!

Volgor Inksbeared, LoreMaster of the Wolves

New Bride

Raven Dreams

I flew alone in the white winter night
Cold winds and ice deep within my weary fright
In the night my mind in the darkest of dark
Death was close, close to my lonely heart
The tomb at the ready
Even falling apart
Some would say this is fine art
Or better yet Art at his finest…

Wrapped in winters black roped plaque
All I wanted was to lie down and rest
In peace and upon a widows breast
For then we could know each other
Pains shared, blood expressed
Oh Cassandra
You are an angel divine
Winters mist and love sublime

Umbrellas to shield us from our earthly fears
Of natures whims and weather so ghastly grim
I turn my head, staring into the past
Your breasts of life make me gaze on back
When I was the raven
Flying noble and high

Now all I see are empty dark skies


Curious Encounter at Fylg

All but a Dream

Fleeting these sands of time,
Shards of unmade memories fond.
Visions of futures intertwined,
Ripples fade into the vast beyond.

Verbal passions heard only in sleep,
Flaming iris, no spoken goodnight.
False hope stopped afore I weep,
Piercing sword, Raven lost in flight.

Emotions Rivers a depth too high,
be forgotten not under amnesia,
Capturing Ma’ats feather from skies,
Tears taste like pyramids; synesthesia

Golden plume fallen from black bird,
Clear Quartz protection of his journey.
Quasicrystal love in unspoken word….
Atum- Burns pages from our story.


Long Recon Rangers: Report One 3126
Og'M'Drakar and the Tempest Vortex

Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander

Commander of the Legio Heroes

Liberated city of Tirene, Camon

Twenty Second Day of Festival Moons, Year 3126 Under the Light

Thunder Hawk 31st, 3126

After dispatching Alpha Team to Almahrad, I met with my Long Recon Team. Since last year, the team gained a few members.

  • Sergeant Flint Ironfinder
  • RFC Zathras
  • Ranger Wonderkill
  • Ranger Ssslikk
  • Ranger Jarvis Beerson
  • Drew

And a new recruit, the Priest of Light, Elrick who took the cloak. I was honored, before this new assignment to officiate the following promotions.

  • RFC Zathras, goblin, was promoted to Corporal and given second in command.
  • Ranger Ssslikk, dregordian, was promoted to RFC

Once the paperwork was handled, I began my briefing. Since their arrival in 3122, Tempest forces have been increasingly pervasive. Despite our initial success on Jubilation Day 3123, the Tempest have appeared to find new footing and their predations increase by the season.

The main issue we have faced dealing with Tempest is to discover their primary base of operations. Speaking with Sir Regillus, I have come to believe that Tempest established a large scale staging around somewhere hidden from our ability to scry.

However, a recent mission by the Alpha team to Og’M’Drakar uncovered a significant Tempest presence on the Isle. Though, discussions with the Guardian Gathers have born little fruit. They claim, correctly or incorrectly, that the Tempest have invaded the isle, but they do not have a large scale base. In fact, according to the Gathers, the Tempest do not travel off the island, save, perhaps, via Tempest Vortexes within the eyes of Tempest Cyclones.

With this in mind, I have come to fear that Tempest DOES have a large scale base of operations, but not on “The Eye of the Dragon.” In fact, I think the operation on Og’M’Drakar is merely a waystation, a landing and jumping point for Tempest operations in our area. However, if not on the isle, where?

This question has plagued me and none of our network of scouts has been able to provide better answers. And, all the scouts I have sent to the isle have failed to return. So, I chose to turn to the Long Recon Team and hope their unique training would allow them to succeed where more combat oriented teams have failed.

The mission was simple. The LRT was to proceed to Og’M’Drakar and gain access to the island. From there, scout the Tempest operation and, if possible, gain access to a Tempest Vortex to locate the actual Tempest base of operations. A daunting task to say the least.

Before I dismissed the team, I presented Drew a unique bauble that had come into my possession. Though second, or third, hand, what little I knew of the dark gray polished stone, with amber crysarium striations was that IT might have some effect when dealing with Vortexes or whatever means of travel the Tempest used. How, or why, I could not say. But, I ordered Drew to protect the stone and return it.

My hope, was simply that during the trip, or in such close proximity to such Teleportation devices the true nature of the stone might be revealed. And with it, our understanding of who the Tempest truly were, and how they came to arrive in Shaintar.

Despite all, our meeting was brief and I sent them to meet with Sergeant Major Stormhammer for equipment. I know they went to dinner, I believe at the Wayfarer’s Rest. After which, they collected their Long Recon Equipment and departed the city.

Adapt Fast. Blend In. Stride Long.

There was noting more for me but to wait, and focus on the myriad other concerns. The Emissary, the Eternal Desert, Velkakar’s remaining minions, the power struggle in Echer’Naught, and the war in the north, to name a very few.

Via Farspeaker Moonsilver and, the curious Trokash, I managed to receive the following report just after the Long Recon Team managed to traverse a Tempest Vortex, perhaps never to return.

Festival Moons 1st, 3216

The Team arrived in Kore without incident. However, Trokash relayed that the Alpha team’s meddling in the affairs of the Olarans during the Erlgen funeral have had far reaching consequences. Rangers, in particular those of my command, are not particularly welcome right now in much of Olara. Honor has been impugned.

Festival Moons 6th, 3126

The team arrived safely in Rhion.

Festival Moons 7th, 3216

The team arrived in Jasara. Though initially there were no issues, it would seem that the Long Recon Rangers managed to get themselves caught up in an armed combat between Witchmarked Troglanesh and Goblinesh from the city.

Taking the side of the Goblinesh, the LRT was arrested by the city’s Ogre Guard, save for Elrik and Sgt Ironfinder. Luckily, the Sergeant was able to “negotiate” for his team’s release, but they were forced to be more circumspect and leave the city early to avoid further complications.

A note: It would seem the Blood Witch’s influence grows. Despite our efforts to combat the Tempest and whatever emerges in the sands, perhaps we have considered the Blood Witch a Goblin issue too long? Our new alliance with Rool should give us a position to begin countering her Blood Corruption. Yet another foe to face…

Festival Moons 9th, 3126

When the LRT arrived at Bralk, they were denied entry. It would seem that all the Gathers have closed their doors to most travelers for fear of Witcharked. Never the most hospitable people, the Goblinesh have grown paranoid. Perhaps there is wisdom in this? Clearly the Blood Witch is poised to control the entire region.

Worse for the team, they were robbed in the middle of the night. Though they managed to track the Thieves north, they soon found themselves left behind as the robber’s fast horse quickly outpaced them. Nevertheless, Sgt Ironfinder believes the culprits worked for Red Store, due to their expensive, lavender soap and silk clothes. Few thieves are so lavishly equipped.

Sending Wonderkill back to alert the Goblinesh of Bralk, the LRT continued north toward Fylg.

Festival Moons 14th, 3126

The Long Recon Team arrived safely at Fylg, but were not allowed within the Gather. Echer’Naught’s Alpha Team had previously used Fylg as a launching point for their mission to Og’M’Drakar, and though they successfully managed to acquire the rare waters which created a cure to Vainar’s Bane, the plague decimated the Elves, still many of the Gather’s best Guardian’s were slain.

Ergo, they were loathe to allow anyone, especially strangers into the gather. More so, if those Rangers sought access to the isle. However as fortune would have it, while they were “negotiating” with the guard’s at Fylg’s gates, the Long Recon Ranger were met by an old associate, Trokash.

Since the death of Velkalar, Trokash had been fairly absent from reports. However, it would appear the orc was in the Northern Gathers working some angle and happened upon the team. Due to his aide previously, the Long Recon Team confided in him the basics of their mission. And, due, I feel, to his attraction to Drew, he agreed to help, though his price would be discussed later, and steep it would be.

After hearing of their situation, Trokash informed them that they would be getting no help from Fylg. The Alpha Team’s mission on the 17th of Falling Ice, 3126 to retrieve pure water had resulted, as stated, in the deaths of over 30 of the Guardian’s greatest Defenders. While Alpha Team was saved, the Ranger, and outsiders in general, had worn out their welcome. There was no way the Guardian Gather of Fylg would sacrifice their blood on another crazy Ranger mission. I would not ask them to do so.

Trokash ALSO informed the Long Recon Team of the difficult political situation in Olara. Again, Alpha Team had interfered with Olaran justice to protect the life of the Royal Sheriff of Echer’Naught who had been puppeted to kill a member of the Royal Family on Red Wolf 1st, 3126. Regardless, the Olarans sought his death, and by preventing the summary execution, the Rangers strained relations between the Olarans and the Ranger Corps. In time the wounds will heal, but for the moment, we can expect little courtesy from my brothers in Olara.

Instead, Trokash made an offer. He had contacts in Grol, the eastern Guardian Gather. The LRT would head there, while he went ahead to prepare. Once there, Trokash would arrange transport to the island. In return, the Rangers would pay all costs. Also, Trokash’s “fee” would be discussed later, assuming he was able to make arrangements. Sgt Ironfinder agreed, and the team spent a lavish night in Trokash’s camp.

I hear that Drew spent a particularly pleasant night with the orcish trader.

In the morning, Trokash headed north, and the Ranger followed on horseback. Four days into the trip, the LRT encountered a lone woman and a broken wagon just off the road near the Evershade Forest. Wonderkill suspected a trap, and though the Rangers pressed for information, nothing about the woman was obviously unsettling. Still, the Rangers were cautious, all but the newest member, Elrick.

RFC Jarvus Beerson and SGT Ironfinder worked to repair the wagon while the woman explained that her wheel had broken and her companions left her behind. They fear attack by Witchmarked or bandits. Once the wagon was repaired, the woman invited the Rangers to dine with her. All the former members politely declined, but Elrick eagerly accepted.

After dinner, all went to bed, save for the posted watch. At nearly the 13th, the Rangers were alerted to movement, but before any could respond, Flayed Ones, corrupted minions of the Blood Witch attacked the camp, pummeling Elrick who could not seem to wake, and surprising the others.

Battle ensued with most of the Rangers unarmored. Cpl Zathras scrambled up a tree and began raining down Eldritch energy into the corrupted monsters. However, even as the tide turned for the Rangers, Zathras was suddenly taken over and turned his powers on his own men. RFCs Jarvus Beerson, Wonderkill, and Ssslikk took the worst of it, while still being attacked by Flayed Ones.

Meanwhile, under the wagon, Drew awoke to the calamity. She crawled free, only to hear whispers from within. The woman seemed to be guiding this battle. In response, Drew lit the wagon on fire, and hoped to smoke the villain out. Ssslikk had other ideas.

The massive dregordian rushed Zathra’s tree and ripped his perch out by the roots, tossing the goblin wizard to the ground. Then, realizing the true threat, Ssslikk used the tree as a club and crushed the flaming wagon. Still, Zathras fired on his own.

Seeing this, Drew snatched up an oil lamp, aimed, and hurled it through the broken wagon straight onto the Morden witch who instantly burst into flames. Zathras was freed, as they watched witch and wagon burn to ash.

RFC Jarvus Beerson still punched Zathras, though the Corporal declined to press charges.

At this point Elrick awoke refreshed and seemed confused about the sad state of affairs. Though, he quickly set about healing those around him. And, with their rest truly over, the Recon Rangers packed up and headed north.

Festival Moons 21st, 3126

Finally, the bedraggled Long Recon Team rode into Grol to be met by Trokash who explained the Defenders and Guardians refused to help, but he had another idea. Leaving the others to rest and eat, Trokash took Sgt Ironfinder down to the docks where Trokash had negotiated purchase of a stout fishing vessel.

Once purchased, the dwarves and the orc set about modifying it to be piloted by one man. Meanwhile, the others help load “special cargo” for Trokash. By early morn, the boat was ready and the team boarded, shoving off. Over the next few hours, the boat sailed across the glassy lake under a cloud sky, Unidar alone in the sky.

Festival Moons 22nd, 3126

Before dawn, Trokash ordered the Long Recon Team into the water. The Dwarves clung to hastily cobbled flotation devices pulled by Ssslikk. As the boat continued on course, the LRT veered off, swimming for a spot on the beach north of Trokash. Just as they reached the shore, the shipping vessel beached.

In moments, Tempest forces swarmed the wreck, only to be annihilated by a massive arcfire explosion, drawing the attention of all the Tempest in the area. With the last of the night as cover, and the distraction pulling forces south, the Long Recon Rangers stormed the beach and slipped into the forest, narrowly avoiding Tempest patrols.

They headed inland, only to find Trokash, again, waiting. Here, he demanded his price. Trokash knew the value of accurate information about Tempest operations and a base, so his price was that he would receive an unedited report from the LRT upon their return. Or, they could refuse and try to make the Vortex alone. Having no choice, Sgt Ironfinder agreed.

Then, Trokash produced a large sack and told the Rangers to drop everything in, armor, weapons, gear… Ssslikk refused to give up his Soul-bonded Kayakor and Drew was forced to use some the Morden Witches brew to render him unconscious. Before departing, Trokash provided all the caster a bean which when swallowed provided concealment for a few days, until passed. Then, unarmed and nearly naked, Trokash shackled the team together and approached the Tempest Castra posing as a slaver delivering slaves.

Here, I will allow Trokash to describe the scene.
“The Tempest Casrta is large, built in the ruins of a larger, older ruins, the last remnents of the end of the Dragon War (2234) 892 years prior. Nestled against a rocky ridge, the natural and man-made fortifications make a stealth approach nigh impossible. Tempest Scouts heavily patrol the region around the Castra, and Turned Storm Riders circle above.
Above, dark clouds rotate ominously creating a perfect pitch dark hole in the sky. Azure blue lighting forks down with alarming frequency, striking a series of carefully placed obelisks. With each strike, crysarium infused script glows with unearthly power, sending out tendrils of energy rippling through the ground, like glowing veins. Wind howls and tears at any not bound to the Tempest god. As for the Tempest, they move through the maelstrom of forces as one born to the Storm.
The Castra is less a military camp, however, and more a processing center and way station for Tempest forces moving around Shaintar. Long lines of captured prisoners or slaves are led in chain gangs through the main gate toward a central complex in the very heart of the castra. There, groups of Storm and Tempest Magi hovering overhead, cocooned within the buffeting winds, azure lighting playing across them, arcing from one to another as they bend and twist the power of the storm to their dark wills.
In groups of 30-60, prisoners, and their guards, mount a stone dais flanked on all sides by hissing and crackling obelisks. Azure lighting pops and crackles, crawling over the stones, the mages, and the victims in the center. Then, as the Magi’s voice raise to the spinning hole in the sky, FLASH!, those within the circle of energy disappear in a clap of thunder and lighting, the sound rolling across the ground like an earthquake. The next group huddles cowering just outside the ring of sparking stone spears, ears bleeding from the booming, eyes filled with light flashes and terror.
Then they too are led up the weathered steps into the energy trap and are zapped from existence by the fury of the storm…”

Using an alias, Trokash managed to convince the Tempest mercenaries that he was a legitimate slave trader, though I do not know how, and pass into the camp. Unfortunately, he was forced to spend most of his capital bribing the last of the guards, who was suspicious of the unconscious dregordian and the hard looking “slaves,” but in the end the orcs honeyed words allowed the Rangers to pass, joining the huddled slaves waiting to step onto the dais.

As soon as they were taken, Trokash retreated, rushed to a hide established early where he retrieved a compact Arcfire device, one of the mad bombers designs. Waiting until the last moment, Trokash managed, by means, to drop the device into the Vortex just as it sent the Long Recon Team into oblivion. And then, they were gone…

Later, when he returned their gear to the Headquarters, Trokash explained that it was highly likely the Tempest would have the landing point well secured. Without some for of distraction, the Long Recon Team might never escape. Though it risked killing them as well, he hoped that the blast might give them cover to get free of the Tempest long enough to complete their mission.

It also might strand them on the far side, but he had done his best.


I sit hear in the burned and shattered remains of Tirene’s keep, White Silver Wolves and Prelacy Paladins marching outside, and I wonder what is happening to my world? As of this morning, I received word that Alpha Team has just boarded the Sea Ranger headed west. My Long Recon Rangers have just entered a Tempest Vortex into what may the most dangerous Tempest outpost in all of Shaintar. And, north of this husk of a city, forces of Darkness mass for a counter attack. To survive, I must rely on the mutual fear that should we not work together, both the Prelacy’s forces and my own will be destroyed…

So many threats, Darkness, Tempest, this emergence in the desert…

I miss my Lady. I miss my city. I miss home.

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Tirene, Camon

Liberation of Tirene, Report Two
Wolves and Prelacy

Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander

Commander of the Legio Heroes

Wolfhaven Manor, Echer’Naught, Olara

Thirty Third Day of Festival Moons, Year 3126 Under the Light

We have been victorious, but at a great cost. Worse, our “truce” with the Prelacy forces is tenuous at best. This is a beast we must deal with soon, if we are to succeed. When Darkness is purged, I must meet with the Blades in Camondel.

Festival Moons 17th, 3126
Over the afternoon and night of the 16th, I met with my commanders, and even envoys from Captain Leurant of Camon. Together we established our avenue of attack. River Trade Coalition marines were already constructing a small flotilla of craft on the Camon River for use in the assault.

An advanced force of Rangers and RTC marines would make a dawn attack on the port town west of Tirene. If they were able, they would take the west gate before it was closed to them. Baring that, they would clear and torch the town, cutting off any reinforcements or attack from the western gate of the city.

I, with my main force, would begin siege from the south. Siegemaster Withenbrow “Whit” Brimstone’s men would erect the engines on the flat field to the south. Dwarven druids from Olara would begin carving a series of trenches approaching the city.

Meanwhile, Captain Leurant would approach from the east road, and deploy his cavalry forces to the north of the city, effectively surrounding Tirene. Our main attacks would come from the South and East, Wolves and Prelacy respectively.

I assembled the chosen Wolves and briefed them on the mission. Then, they loaded boats under cover of darkness and began to pole silently north, up the Camon River. As the sun rose above the horizon, the Wolves and RTC marines beached their craft and attacked the river port.

The fighting was a brutal street to street affair, but the Wolves made decent progress. Unfortunately, Shaya’Nor’s forces had always intended to sacrifice the town. They used squads of Shayakar soldiers to pin down the attacking troops while siege engines from the walls rained down death from above. That they killed their own forces in the barrage mattered little to Darkness.

By mid morn, my troops were in sight of the gate, but the constant and accurate engine fire began to stall, and break up the assault. Against the wishes of my commanders, I chose to take the field personally, hoping to draw some fire from my men, and make a clear statement to the occupiers.

I approached from the south, along the river in the company of a pair of Wolfhaven Free riders. We had just reached the outskirts when a block from the walls, crushed my escort, nearly killing me as well. However, I managed to ride free and reach my beleaguered men. They were trying to cut free of the press of Shayakar.

I managed to ride into the enemy flanks and clear a path for the final push, but a line of Necromancers using parts of the town for cover nearly overwhelmed us all. That, combined with accurate siege fire made an assault on the gate impossible.

Doing my best to draw fire, I charged the drawbridge, but pulled up short when I realized Shaya’Nor’s forces had trapped the bridge. Anyone who attempted to cross that way would be consumed by fire, or worse. So, I attached the White Silver Standard to my lance, thrust it into the ground just out of reach of the flames, and ordered a withdrawal.

The third siege engine stuck me then, but again I managed to ride free. By now, my Wolves were steadily fighting south, Darkness in pursuit.

What neither the assault teams, nor Shaya’Nor’s forces knew was that a second wave had infiltrated the beach landing. Their sole role was to fire trap the port town. Upon my order, they lit the buildings, burning out the Corruption and giving our retreat cover.

By mid-morning, the western approach was secured, the port town razed, and my Wolves set up on the southern plain.

I rejoined my command element on a hill south of the city, and then ordered the barrage to begin. For the next five hours, Whit’s engines pummeled the city walls while my Druids extended our entrenchments ever closer. To our east, Prelacy forces bombarded the east gate and sent wave after wave against the walls.

At just after noon, my engineers informed me the wall was weakened, but their ancient magics still held. Here, I used a tactic first tested at Velkalar’s gates. I called, once again, for my Reking Kru. On the field before me, Fekla and Grek, bearing their 12 foot enchanted tower shields, began the slow slog toward the walls. Every enemy siege engine opened up pummeling them with stone, but the massive ogres weathered the storm like hail. Behind them, an odd wagon trundled along, crewed by busy dwarves.

When they had reached the optimal distance, the Reking Kru rolled aside to reveal the cobbled together arcfire projector from a MASSIVE Arcfire golem. We managed a single blast before the Projector spent its energy, but that was enough.

Arcfire slammed into the point most weakened by out siege engines and the wall came down in a cloud of dust and the roar of thunder. My Wolves charged and were met by Shayakar solders from within the city. As the Wolves scrambled up the heap of rubble, the enemy soldiers locked shields and archers on the walls began to cut down the attacks with clouds of arrows.

Still, the Wolves pressed on as more men charged into the breech. For hours, the sides seesawed, gaining, then losing ground. But, slowly the enemy’s lines wavered, then broke. My troops stormed into the city. I signaled my cav, and the Cavaliers galloped up the pile of corpses and disappeared into the burning city.

I followed with the Wolfhaven Company of Free Riders. Inside, we found a scene of horror. Shaya’Nor had turned nearly the entire population of the city into undead and now choked our advance with thousands of zombies, ghouls, and skeletons. From the walls, regular Shayakar troops riddled us with arrows.

Our specialized troops quickly scaled the walls and began to clear the archers, but we were still faced with the daunting task of clearing the city. Taking the van, I formed my heaviest cavalry into a wedge and began to cut a path through the hordes, letting my troops fill in behind creating an extending blade of men and steel aimed at the heart of the city, the final keep.

Over the course of the afternoon Wolves fought and died. Thousands of undead swarmed out lines, only to be blasted back by our priests and druids. At my side, always, Eve, burning centuries of her life with each moment. But, after hours of fighting, we managed to reach the keep. As men from 2nd squad breached the door, Balane and Eve sumoned the forces of White Silver and LIfe.

Within, we were faced with an Ancient Vampire, Cleric of Vainar and commander of Tirene. I dug my heals into Thunder’s flanks, lowing my father’s sword like a lance. Balane and Eve opened up with streams of pure power. Around me other Wolves, White Silver Paladins, and Cavaliers charged…

We lost many, but the Vampire fell, and with him, the city. Outside I could hear the tide turn as the hordes began to break. And then, Captain Leurant arrived with his men. The east gate was secured and the Prelacy had managed to burn out the High Cleric of Vainar and his undead champions in the former Cathedral of Archanon.

However, the moment I feared was upon us. Captain Leurant, his army within the walls demanded that the Wolves withdraw and leave the city to his forces. I refused and we very nearly came to blows, but reason won the day. A compromise was negotiated. A scion of Tirene House, a survivor of the holocaust, was allowed to assume control of the city. Security would be maintained by equal forces from the Wolves and Captain Leurant’s Paladins.

It is not a permanent solution. Eventually, we will have war with the Prelacy and I surmise that will spell the end of the Church of Archanon for good and all. I am sure the Blades look forward to that day. But, for the moment, our common foe Darkness keeps our truce.

I remained in the city a week to oversee mop up operations, but ultimately, my presence served as more of a disruption, so, on the 25th of Festival Moons, I departed with RTC marines and made a quick 5 day journey down the Camon River, to the Shanais River, and departed at Rhion on the 30th of Festival Moons. Then, a short 3 day trip back to Echer’Naught.

Festival Moons 33rd, 3126
I arrived mid morning. Of course, reports arrived from Rangers across the lands. Operations in the Eternal Desert and Almahrad, Camon, and beyond continue apace. It will not likely be getting much sleep.

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Ranger Regional Headquarters, Echer’Naught, Olara

Liberation of Tirene, Report One
Cleansing the Locus

Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander

Commander of the Legio Heroes

Small farming town, South of Tirene, Camon

Fourteenth Day of Festival Moons, Year 3126 Under the Light

By late Planting Moons 3126, Captain Avaron’s White Silver Wolves 4th Company and Captain Helt’s Third Company crossed the Crystal River in the face of fierce resistance and began pushing back against the Shaya’Nor lines protecting the city of Tirene. Supported by company of elements of Black Company Cavaliers, Wolfhaven Free Company of Riders, The Golden Gryphons, The Riders of the Light, and former levies of House Tirene, the 3rd and 4th Companies made slow but steady progress north, occasionally encountering Prelacy forces to their east, and, more rarely, Deniers of Death forces along the river to the west.
Heavy rains, and heavy fighting slowed advance to a crawl. But, over the course of the summer 3126 (Red Wolf- Festival Moons), the combined forces of White Silver Wolves, Black Company Cavaliers, Wolfhaven Free Company of Riders, Golden Gryphons, The Riders of the Light, former House Tirene forces, and allies sellswords, pushed the forces of Darkness within sight of Tirene’s walls.
Word has reached the army that on the 12th of Festival Moons, allies from the liberated Gather of Rool managed to assault the Witchmarked Gather of Erlg, andm through bitter fightingm defeated the Morden Vampire, freeing Erlg, and securing the River Watch. The west flank secured, the White Silver Wolves are poised to siege Tirene.

Festival Moons 10th, 3126
On the same day my Alpha Team departed the West Gate on their mission to Almahrad, the City of Dreams, I also left via the East on my way north to join the White Silver Wolves column within striking distance of Tirene. I took with me only a pair of riders as my pace was too demanding for any but a select few. We made, but frequent remounts for my guard, and Thunder’s own superlative endurance, no fewer than 80 miles per day. Near double what is usually achieved under the best of conditions.

Festival Moons 15th, 3126
Nevertheless, on the morning of the 15th, I joined the column as they approached a small farming town just south of Tirene along the Camon River. The town had just been freed the previous day, Festival Moons 14th, 3126. from Darkness forces by our Van. First in, Battle brothers of 2nd Squad (20; Sgt Jager), 3rd Platoon (50; Lt. Hess), 4th Company (200; Captain Avaron).

They were moving in forward of the column when they observed smoke rising from behind a treeline. Pushing through the copse, they discovered a unit of Prelacy Arclancers under command of a Crusader directing intense fire into the town. Though, the Prelacy were not “aiming” at the fleeing villagers, they were nonetheless killing many. RFC L’Merr, Brinchie, in command of 2nd Squad’s battle brothers, sent Balane Gloriel-elen, Eldakar, and Fritz Jager, Olaran, forward to parley with the Camonere.

Ignoring the elf, the Crusader, Captain Leurant, graciously allowed the White Silver Wolves to take the western, riverside, approach toward the town and push the infesting Darkness creatures east and into his lines. Once reported, PFC L’Merr elected to cooperate, though kept a close watch on their “allies.”

PFC L’Merr, Brianne (Alakar fighter), Friz (Olaran warrior), Lobs (Goblin rogue), Balane (Eldakar sorcerer), Tiera (korindian martial artists), and Ickabod (dregordian warrior) of 2nd squad, entered the town by the river path and entered a large open square where zombies were feasting on the terrified citizenry. As soon as the Wolves entered, the zombies shambled forward into their lines. The Wolves closed ranks and began to work through the horde, though PFC L’Mere got separated and nearly devoured. Fortunately, Fritz and others managed to reach him, fighting off the zombies.

Soon, werewolves and trolls entered the fray, pushing back against the Wolves. Though the fighting was intense, the Wolves of 2nd squad managed to push the Darkness creatures back toward the center of town, and into range of the Prelacy troops on the ridgeline. Unfortunately, the Prelacy has as little regard for the lives of the Wolves as they did for the citizens of the town. Arcfire blasts rained down, destroying the last of the darkness, most of the town, many innocent people, and nearly taking out 2nd squad in the process.

Nevertheless, the town was taken, and the Prelacy departed amicably, sending a message via Fritz that they wished to “treat” with me upon my arrival. I was, of course, unaware of any of this until the following day when I arrived to the town half burned, filled with hungry, tired, and restless Wolves.

Festival Moons 16th, 3126
As fitting for my station, the companies were called to attention upon my arrival late that evening, or early morning. Though the gesture is well received, my men have more need of food and rest than to stoke my ego. So, I dismissed them, save for those who required reporting. After which, my command tent was set up in the same battleground as the day prior.

After receiving the report from PFC L’Merr, I sent word to Captain Leurant that I would meet with him at his convenience. I then sat to enjoy my first moments out of the saddle in a week. Warm food was brought and I considered removing my riding boots when word arrived that Captain Leurant was inbound, and would arrive within the hour. I finished my meal, cleaned as best I could and awaited the Captain. Due to 2nd squad’s success of the day before, I requested that they have the honor of standing post around my tent.

Sometime in the wee hours of the 16th, Captain Leurant arrived with his column of guards. We met, and he was amiable enough, if arrogant. He politely thank me for my assistance, then just as politely demanded that I, and my Wolves, depart Camon. I politely refused, and thanked him for being such gracious hosts to my troops.

After which, things quickly devolved. More was said than needs bearing here. The simple retelling is that the Prelacy of Camon, though reduced to little more than a token holding force, still claims Camon. Under said authority, they consider our presence an invasion and an act of war.

I countered that, they attacked first, and that by stepping aside to allow Darkness through to attack Olara, they abdicated their claim to these lands, and so that by that authority, we were liberating these free people from Darkness.

Needless to say, the good Captain was not pleased. However, the cold fact remained that he lacked the troops to take Tirene without undue losses, and neither did I. So, a battlefield truce was agreed upon. We would, until Tirene was safely retaken, put aside our age old enmity for the good of the people of Camon.

I fully expect to be betrayed by his forces, and I imagine he feels the same. But, when he rode away, we had an accord. Though, he did have a final demand. It seemed his scouts had located a Corrupted Locus near the Tirene/Purity rode which the forces of Darkness were using to power their undead armies. Before Tirene fell, this location must be reduced, and Captain Leurant demanded the Wolves assist.

I agreed and we set the date for the attack on the following day, the 17th. I felt my Wolves deserved the rest. It was not to be.

No sooner had Captain Leurant ridden away when a shout went up from my guards, namely, the 2nd squad still posted outside. As I exited the tent, Fritz seemed agitated and explained that PFC L’Merr had seen a figure darting away from my tent. L’Merr and most of his squad had followed in pursuit. Though the spy was never found, we confirmed that an agent of Darkness, likely Shayakar, had heard the entire conversation. Darkness new we were coming on the 17th,

I had no choice, so I sounded the call to battle and assembled the Wolves then. A rider was dispatched to alert the Prelacy that we were attacking immediately. I could not afford to allow the enemy forces at the Locus gain time for reinforcements.

We marched within the hour, moving all night across the wasteland of Camon. Dozens of villages were scouted and passed, all lifeless remains like scattered corpses. Nothing living moved. We encountered small pockets of Darkness, but clearly Shaya’Nor had pulled back their main forces to hold Tirene.

By dawn, my Wolves had arrived within site of a large hillock to the east. It was deeply forest covered, with a clear line of site for nearly a mile in all directions. Priests and Druids attached to my company confirmed that it reeked of Darkness, Necromancy, and Corruption. Not knowing what horrors awaited my troops, I formed lines and sent out skirmish lines to scout enemy defenses.

Within a hundred yards of the treeline, arrows opened up and began cutting through my lines. Again, the van was taken up by scouts from 3rd Platoon of Avaron’s 4th Company and 2nd Platoon of Captain Helt’s 3rd Company. The skirmish line crossed the hundred yards and entered the treeline with ranks of sword swiftly following behind.

However, just as the line of sword reached the trees, my Priests and Druids shouted warning and a thick fog of inky blackness rolled down from the top of the hill like fog, swallowing the army in nothingness. Trapped and blind, my forces were quickly being overwhelmed by Darkness forces pouring down the hill, unaffected by the Obscure.

I had hoped to save her until Tirene, but clearly without some advantage my forces would be cut down before ever reaching the summit, so I call up Eve. As powerful as she is, I know that each time she uses her power, her Life burns away a century at a time. Even so, were I to try and hold her back from her true purpose, she would simply disregard my orders anyway. So, I try to use her when and where she can do the most while still reserving something of herself to have a life, perhaps?

Eve hit the lines and began to exude pure Life, pushing back against the necromancer’s spell. From the Darkness I could hear my men shouting in encouragement, following the strange elfish girl up the hill. I followed shortly after, my heaviest troops and a phalanx of Priests and Druids cutting a path to the ritual site and Life Locus.

Our combined forces swept up the western face of the hill and from the east, we began to hear the tell-tale roaring shriek of arcfire. The Prelacy troops had arrived. Caught between the Wolves and the Arcfire, Darkness troops fell back. Ultimately, we reached the summit to find an ancient grove, long hidden even from the Church of Archanon by powerful magics. However, Darkness had sussed it out and slain the druids, turning them into vile sources of Dark power.

The Wolves charged, with Eve at the tip of the spear, cutting down the Shayakar Nightguard contingent protecting one of Vainar’s vilest. We were just closing on the High Cleric of Vainar when a keening wail was heard from above. I heard the shout of, “INCOMING,” a moment before the corrupted grove, undead druids, and the Dark Cleric were consumed in a conflagration of Arcfire and smoke.

When I unshielded my eyes, there was nothing left of grove or Necromancer but ash and smoke. Striding through the devastation was Captain Leurant, caked in gore and ichor. He simply regarded us all, nodded, before striding back into the smoke. The Corrupted Locus was taken.

As we collected our dead and our own began the purification rituals, I stood a moment, looking north and west to the city on the river. Even in the light of the sun, it glowed eerily green. I could feel the evil coming off in waves…


Tomorrow, the final assault would begin.

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Small farming town, South of Tirene, Camon

Newly made Ranger First class Lob's Report on the Liberation of Erlg
Rangers? I Guess. Work against evil? Sure!

On the 10th of Festival Moons a group of us was gathered up to be asked to go on a mission against forces like those that so recently worked against my home here in Rool, The forces of the Blood Witch.. May her name be forever cursed.
The mission would be to go into Erlg and try to blend in and find the corrupt ones, and take them out if possible. If we survive we would become Rangers, I know they are special. not as one such as me.. but I will go because the gather wants/needs me to go.
So we go get these strange tattoos on out right arms.
And off we go to Erlg, Ranger first class Chumley leading us, Ogre, Gorrum, and myself.

The journey there was uneventful and we reached the city. quite impressive, much too open for my tastes though. Not enough trees.
Trees make me feel safer.

When we got to Erlg we were immediately followed around by some of the Gurraul of the city. They were noticed to have the markings that marked them as leaning to the Blood Witch, so right away we had to tread lightly. we go to a tavern where out of the blue our contact meats us and starts chatting with us leading us to a quiet corner of the tavern.. That seemed to pacify the Gurraul for they seemed to lose interest in us at that point.
Our contact layed out that we needed to Kill the leader of the Gurraul, free the Zrumma clan which are mostly ogres and have been under siege for a good while., and find the true Mak Torkash who is a shaman.

Chumley decided it would be best to find the last first.
I started drinking around and trying to lighten moods and find directions to another tavern that might have info on the person we seek. I got lost in the crowd quickly and found a person that was a barkeep in another area. made friends with him as we wandered, when he found out what I was doing he was like golly, I can let you see him, come this way. So I came to be chatting with the Torkash for a while before the others found there way to be lead in also. it was fun moving through the earth with the barkeep.
After discussing it was decided we would go to the sieged gather and secure their aid for when the siege was broken and to scout out where the leader of the Gurraul was as we had four places he might be at any time. Chumley found where he was and the discussion was enlisted as to who would enter and kill the leader, I was trying to volunteer for it as I am fairly stealthy and was worried that the bigger folks might be found out too soon. but Chumley didn’t seem to hear me as Gorrum and Ogre was vying for the chance to go, not that I had much experience in that anyway. But Ogre was picked and when the alarm went up I said we have to get out there and at least cause a distraction or Ogre would be lost.
So we emerged and block the path of the forces trying to charge to slay Ogre, I threw many vile potions that ate at the opponent’s armor and their skin, as that was happening the shaman broke the siege.

We then met the clan leaders that were all chained up and the vampire that haunts my dreams along with a group of hobgoblins that we had to fight. The vampire got in my head, vile nasty thing she is, but we finally killed or incapacitated her allies and she had to flee but not before we damaged her.
And they gave me Ranger first class, What does that do?


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