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White Silver Wolves Report Three
Retaking Crystal River

Captain Avaron, White Silver Wolves 4th Company
Southern bank of Crystal River, east of the Sog fork.

Reporting to Colonel Wolfhaven
Echer’Naught, Olara

Planting Moons 12th, 3126

Per orders, my forces, sans my command element, departed our encampment a two miles north of the Olaran/Camon border, north-west of Bearheart. Third Company, under command of Captain Helt marched north to support operations along the center line between our position and Purity. Allied forces also made an attack through the mountains to attack the heavily defended Purity Bridgeheads.

My Fourth Company departed White Silver Wolves base camp on the morning of Golden Eagle 32nd, 3126 in the company of elements of Black Company Cavaliers, Wolfhaven Free Company of Riders, The Golden Gryphons, The Riders of the Light, and former levies of House Tyrene making our march north and west in the general direction of Sog. We marched for four days without incident, encamping on the 2nd of Planting Moons within a few days march of the River. Having met no significant resistance, but having reports of heavy enemy presence, here we broke out skirmish squads and advanced in line of battle.

What follows is a summary of the reports of the Battle Brothers of 1st Squad (20; Sgt Jager), 3rd Platoon (50; Lt. Hess), 4th Company (200; Captain Avaron).

Rika (command, promoted after action to Corporal
Heinrich (Human, Olaran)
Rhovelus (Alakar)
Hazel (Eldakar)
Prince (Korindian)
Ithil (Korindian)
Ack’Te (Brinchie)
Blacktooth (Brinchie)
Carl Hoghill (Dwarf)

Breaking out by Platoon, then squad, the Battle Brothers of 1st Squad moved north, spied a small vill at night in an area believed to be devoid of all life. On the morning of the 3rd of Planting Moons, the team scouted the vill, one Clairière d’ombre (per maps). Strange that such a remote community survived the successive purges of the Church of Archanon, Builders, then Shaya’Nor. Nevertheless, Hazel and Heinrich approached the vill to treat with the inhabitants. The local behavior was described as “odd”. Seeing heavily armed mercenaries emerge from the wood elicited little more than sullen resignation.

After an initial failed introduction, a local headman, older gent, was produced. He proceeded to immediately surrender the town. When the Wolves attempted to form a relationship with the community, the head man refused any and all assistance, asking only that we depart as soon as possible. He was, however, completely forthcoming, informing the team that Vainar’s spawn had inhabited the vill until a month prior before retreating north (likely to secure the bridge crossings from our advance).

Gaining nothing more from the locals, the team complied, and skirted the town heading north. On the following day, Planting Moons 4th, 3126, the battle brother’s forward scouts encountered a forest infested with hordes of shambling zombie corpses. Leaving the lead scout (Ach’Te) to maintain observance, the second scout (Hazel) dropped back to report to Rika. However, upon Rika’s advance to forward position, she mistakenly misstep attracting the attention of the nearest horde. They immediately attacked.

Rika, Ach’Te, and Hazel held the line against the onrushing hordes while the rest of the team, just behind a ridge, rushed to support. By the time reinforcements arrived, the trio was nearly overrun. Heinrich held back, supporting with ranged, while the rest of the team quickly formed into a line of battle to stem the undead tide. Hoghill, the last to arrive, was about to join the line when a Corrupted Tree burst from the woods to his left and immediately attacked.

Hoghill held the rear, while the others handled the zombies. The line seemed to hold, but the Corrupted Tree managed to ensnare the entire team, save the Brinchie, in a thick web of ichorus roots. One by one they broke or slipped free, though DWARF and Hazel took few bad hits before freeing themselves. Even so, the Wolves managed to thin the herd. Hoghill finally cutting down the Corrupted Tree with his issued “White Silver Chopping Axe” from the “Wolfpack” issued to every White Silver Wolf scouting party. With the flanks secured, the Wolves shifted the line left, slowly enveloping the zombie line. Within minutes, it was over. A few of the party were injured, but none critically.

Rika moved the party to a relatively secure location to heal and recoup. Once rested, the team continued moving north toward their primary location. Therein, camping again that night, the 4th. Early the falling morning on the 5th of Planting Moons, the team awoke to find the army of Shaya’Nor very nearly encircling their position. Following orders, Rika dispatched the Brinchie to report, ensuring that the information would reach our ears while the rest of the team attempted to evade the advancing enemy force.

Not three hundred yards south, the Brinchie Ach’Te and Blacktooth spied a second force encamped on a nearby ridge behind a makeshift chevaux de frise lined rathe topped by a paling of fresh hewn logs. Pausing out of duty, and curiosity, the Brinchie watched as the newcomers rained arrow and stone down upon the western flank of the encircling Shaya’Nor army. Perceiving a potential ally, the scouts approached the ringfort to find it manned by goblinesh. Due primarily to his dark coloring, Blacktooth was mistook for a werewolf, but Ach’Te was able to communicate with the orcs manning the wall and negotiated entry.

Meanwhile, Rika and the remainder of the scouts fought their way free for the lead elements of the pursuing force. They too cleared the woods to find a large force of Orcs and Ogres rushing to meet them. The goblinesh died to allow the scouts to make the ramparts just before the first wave of dark creatures threw themselves upon the warband. Despite their ferocity, the forward runners of Vainar were unable to breach the goblinesh’s stout defense, so they withdrew to reform and assault under cover of night.

Rika successfully negotiated a battlefield truce with the goblinesh, and in turn, agree to scout out enemy positions, but the warband leader demanded that Ach’Te remain. Instead, Rika negotiated leaving a less swift member of her team. They settled on Prince, and the Wolves were out again. While on patrols DWARF encountered another scout, this from the local populace. He pledge his peace and requested to speak with Rika. He claimed this name was Alain and that he was a scout for a local keep of Camonere that had managed to survive the shadow of Darkness. He implored the scouts to come to his commander and negotiate an alliance to rid the land of Darkness.

Suspicious of his intent, and his appearance, Rika demurred and rightly claimed that she must first rescue her man from the goblinesh. The scout warned that she could not trust the goblinesh, that they were not as they appeared. Troubled, the Wolf scouts returned to camp to find another stranger in the grasp of the troglanesh. It appeared that THIS stranger was known to the warband, a merchant and arms dealer. He asked to speak with Rika and, in private, confirmed that these were NOT goblinesh, but Witchmarked Troglanesh and servants of the Blood Witch. He also warned that there were forces of the Church of Archanon in the area that sought to destroy the Wolves, the Witchmarked, AND Shaya’Nor’s forces. He offered another option.

He represented a third faction that would ally with the Wolves for the promise of amity, and spoils of war, namely the bodies after battle and any arcfire recovered from enemy stashes. The merchant warned Rika that the offer had a time limit, as the situation was perilous. Once alone, Rika briefed her team. Some, such as Ach’Te suggested the safety of the nearby keep. Others, like Ithil struggled to make sense of the forces at play.

As best as the scouts could understand, the warband represented the Witchmarked of the Blood Witch who were unknown enemies of allies of Vainar. They had defended themselves against attack, but it is possible that was by accident, or design. As for the keep, the scout Alain was most certainly a Paladin at the very least. Entering a keep of the Church would be a death sentence for all but the two humans, Rika and Heinrich, regardless of the scout’s words. And the third, the merchant reeked of Red Store, though likely what he appeared to be, a merchant and broker. The shadow group of his representation seemed likely to be a sect of the Deniers of Death, but nothing could be certain. All they knew was that without some help, they could never escape the forces of Vainar.

After discussion, Rika determined that they would take the Merchant’s offer. Despite his associations, he was the ONLY party that was not bound by fanaticism. The Deal struck, they remained with the Witchmarked, heading back toward this forward base. One day out, the Merchant approached them under cover of night. He provided Invisibility potions for all, before leading them away from the camp just as the Witchmarked turned on them and tossed their bedrolls intent on murder. Before the Witchmarked had the chance to sniff them out, something attack the camp.

By all accounts it appeared to be a massive Builder Golem, but one oozing with vile corruption. Deniers. Now they were sure, but the plan was in motion and the Merchant their only hope. So, they followed blindly as he led them away from the skirmish.

When I saw them, it was on the 7th of Planting Moons, 3126. I was alerted to their arrival and moments later, a tired and bloody Rika appeared alongside a well dressed and pristine gentleman. Rika explained the situation and the field truce and pact she had been forced to make. I was in an difficult position. My first instinct was to have the man arrested and interrogated immediately. However, something held me back.

Clearly this man, and those he represented, had power in the region, and knew more than we. To invite their wrath might spell doom for our mission, and my command. So, I compromised. No official contract was signed. However, I did command my forces not to engage whichever forces the Merchant indicated. Furthermore, we had no need for enemy dead. Our own, I refused to surrender. He agreed. Lastly, as the arcfire. I know the orders. But, I have elected, for the time being, to hold to his terms on that score. I know that the Deniers are vile and will turn on us, but if they can weaken the enemy, then so much the easier to destroy them later.

Our fates intertwined, I promoted Rika to Corporal and her choice, Heinrich, to Private First Class.After dispatching the Scouts to rest and heal, I questioned the Merchant as to the nature of the enemy army. He was shockingly well informed. With his intelligence, we positioned our army to catch the army of Darkness before they were in full line of battle the following night. They knew not what hit them. The battle raged from the eve of the 8th of Planting Moons into the dawn of the 9th. Shortly after the 13th hour, at the height of the fighting, our western flank was surprised to see towering war machines, covered in black ichor, firing arcfire into the dumbfounded Shayakar forces. Behind the death machines ran ghouls and zombies with arcfire implants ripping through the corrupted flesh of the ghouls and zombies of Vainar’s slaves.

I adjusted, pulling my men away from conflagration, instead pressing the eastern flank. Caught between the two forces, the Shaya’Nor army broke. We chased them north for three days, skirmishig on occaision. Always were we shadowed to the west. Interestingly, the Witchmarked trogs were also on the western flank, allies of Shaya’Nor, I know not. They were smashed by the Deniers. I, in my turn, dispatched a force to reduce the Prelacy keep on our eastern flank.

As distasteful as the arrangement has been, the Deniers have upheld their end of the agreement and provided terrifying in battle. Alone, I doubt either of our forces could have achieved such a victory. By afternoon on the 11th of Planting Moons, 3126 all enemy forces between my army and the river had been dispatched. I now hold the southern end of a large crossing with an entrenched army of Darkness glowering at me from the opposite bank. Our “allies” the Denies have departed, without ever coming close enough to our lines to exchange so much as a word.

We also have reports of other scouting parties having been lured into the Prelacy keep and destroyed. It would appear that Corporal Rika’s instincts were true, though any arrangement with the likes of the Deniers sits ill with me.

Nevertheless, we are in position. I await news of the other assaults.

Captain Avaron

White Silver Wolves Report Two
Driving in the pickets south of Crystal River

Lt. Kandar, commander 1st Platoon

Reporting to Captain Helt of the White Silver Wolves 3rd Company

Over the course of the the month of First Hunt, platoons of 3rd and 4th company have engaged the enemy on no fewer than a dozen skirmishes through Olaran territory south of Branosh. Only two major engagements occurred.

The First clearing the Branosh-Bearheart road on the 13th of First Hunt. The Second, a late month engagement on the 27th of First Hunt, 3rd was called out to prevent forces of Shaya’Nor from turning out left flank east of Branosh. Both engagements ended in a successful outcome for the White Silver Wolves.

From our encampment jut south of the Branosh-Bearheart road, our company, 3rd, broke out by Platoon (4 platoons). First Platoon, 3rd Company, under my direct command further deployed by squad (2 squads) and were deployed in direct advance of the army, by half a day’s march with orders to assess and scout the enemy positions south of the Crystal River.

We departed camp Golden Eagle 10th and proceeded north-east toward the Olaran/Camon border. There, the bulk of our forces encamped after squads 1st and 2nd scouted the ruins of the Olaran fortifications. Second Squad, 1st Platoon, of 3rd Company, led by RFC Zathras (goblin), member of the Long Recon Team, assessed the terrain. The only report, scavengers and battle pickers had been using the former Olaran fortifications as a makeshift camp. They scattered at our approach.

Our way clear, we established our Forward Camp in the Olaran ruins. One note, Humble (Ogre) of 2nd squad, 1st Platoon indicated that most of the Olaran graves had been dug out, indicating that the fores of Shaya’Nor had prepared large defenses to our north.

On the following morning, 16th of Golden Eagle, I broke my entire platoon out into squads, with the two squads from 2nd Platoon joining to recon north of our position in preparation for the army. Note: 1st and 2nd squads, 1st Platoon, 3rd Company were under command of Sgt Ironreich of Stahlheim. He directly commanding 1st squad, 2nd under command of RFC Zathras.

The skirmish line passed the Camon defensive ruins without incident and proceeded forward. about four hours into the march, some 10 miles north of our base camp, with Sarel (Korindian) on point, 2nd squad, 1st Platoon, 3rd Company was ambushed by a warband of Hobgoblins.

The beasts rushed from the woods, engaging Humble (ogre), RFC Torik (goblin), and Sarel (korindian). RFC Zathras took up a rear position. As the battle raged, more enemies, namely Shayakar archers began to target the engaged Wolves. Surrounded and outflanked, RFC Torik managed to convince/intimidate the Troglanesh into retreat leaving only the Shayakar.

However, the force was far larger than first assessed. Soon, Torik and Sarel were badly wounded, Humble battered, but unbowed. RFC Zathras continued to command, supporting with magic while Torik, Huble, and Sarel engaged the Shakayar. Unfortunately, as they made headway, reinforcements arrived and began to engage the scouts with ballista from cover further to the north.

Too engaged, and overpowered, RFC Zathras gave the order to retreat. Sarel, ignoring the order, attempted to capture the enemy commander, but was, in turn, captured. Down man, the remaining scouts successfully retreated back to command base, arriving almost into the 13th hour on the 16th of Golden Eagle.

The following morning, lead elements of the main force arrives, supplemented by Cavaliers from the Black Company, Wolfhaven Free Riders, Stahlheim, Olara, and Galea.

I am also pleased to note that, per Colonel Wolfhaven’s orders, the following promotions were awarded:

RFC Zathras was promoted to Corporal
RFC Torik was commendated for bravery
Humble joined the Rangers as a full Ranger.

As I write this, late 16th, lead elements of the combined White Silver Wolves force have engaged the pickets of the army holding the Crystal river fords.

Unit profile:
Corporal Zathras (goblin, Command)
RFC Torik (goblin, XO)
Sarel (Korindian)
Ranger Humble (ogre)

White Silver Wolves Report One
Lt. Kandar's Northern Olaran Report

Lt. Kandar

Reporting to Captain Helt of the White Silver Wolves 3rd Company

Per orders, we had been gathering men in our own camp just south of Camp Wolfhaven. Preparations were completed by the 8th of Falling Ice 8th, 3126.

The company departed Camp Wolfhaven view the Tarnn road early on the 9th, and marched west until reaching Tarnn on the 13th. Camping outside the city.

Departing on the 14th, we turned north and reached the crossroads by the 17th. Camp west of Crossroads.

Departing on the 18th, we continued north, taking barracks at fort Bearheart.

Departing Bearheart on the 20th we turned west, following the Branosh road until the 21st, before turning south and west cross country. Weather poor, terrain soggy and snowed.

By the 27th, we reached the location of our base camp and established a perimeter. Dispatched pickets and videttes.

Single incident report. Videttes under command of PFC Drainar (dwarf) and PFC (Wanderkill) encountered and successfully repelled testing assault by forces of Darkness on or after the 13th hour of the 27th.

I and a fist of cavalry arrived in support and put to route they remaining enemy troops.

Special accommodation for Sarel for incapacitating and capturing an enemy combatant, a male werewolf.

Unit profile:
PFC Drainar (Command) (Dwarf)
PFC Wanderkill (XO) (Brinchie)
Sarel (Korindian)
Skoriss (Dregordian)

Adventures with Darkness
A Korindian's tale

3126, 28th of Falling Ice

With reflection, it’s becoming clear my line of work will continue to get steadily more difficult regarding skirmishes even if unintended with the denizens of darkness. Recruited into service within one of the newest extensions of the White Silver Wolves at the 8th of Falling Ice, I got to meet the stern, Captain Helt. A clan of decorated and wise warriors this did not surprise me, though the second in command Lieutenant Kander, admittedly a bit of a dandy from Galea striked me as callous to the soldiers. Tough love or detachment from high losses it was a task to ponder. In between long arduous treks from Tarnn to the crossroads and into Bearheart prior to passed the borders left little on gossip…barring apparently 101 ways to say butt plug; a peculiar lot.

Notified by the Lieutenant of whom I was assigned with, pride rarely affects my demeanor. Witnessing a few waving those mediocre Grayson Grey Rangers with immediate seniority in a mercenary company simply is irritating. A veteran sellsword has perhaps more experience as well as more versed thanks to the countless jobs they take and the competition faced all throughout. I suppose cannot hold the dwarf Drainor or Wanderkill the Brinchie with too much disregard. The Dregordian was a fascinating one..his name or language escapes me sadly…. Skorizzz.. Soriss… We venture farthest of the groups into enemy territory, engulfed in a forest. Luckily my talents in the Wilderness pulled off finely, building a fire that was as concealable as possible. The Dregordian complained about the cold…I argue being hidden was essential but it wasn’t my call.

Staking a claim for being less vulnerable, I headed upward on the trees where I settled for a decent lookout hidden in view and sleep safely. Slumber escaped a few hours in by the combination of wails perhaps of cats breeding and a feral beast. Being awaken with my eyes peering north indicated the Brinchie and Dregordian were out battling in all likelihood combatants from Shaya’nor. Stealth was the wise option for discretion, unable to really tell the state of those in the battle truth to be told. What however startled and broke my concentration where the appearance of two werewolves. Between mentally feinting them and parrying with my blades they left no scratches. I was growing to loathe these mutts, disemboweling one with my silver wooden blade carved by the Silvertree. The other was bludgeoning relentlessly into unconsciousness. It seemed appropriate in case the enemies hidden escape.

Though the signal made earlier by the spellcasting Drainor for reinforcements, more wolves sought me out likely for revenge. The multitude of my baneful battle with them involved fragments of my hair shredded off by dodging, narrowingly avoiding claws with little scratches adding up and strain in defending properly against them. One was larger than the numbers, potentially its leading Alpha like any canine pack. A flurry of lethal thrusts of my silvery blade plunged into them, pausing their advances slightly. My shoulder was clipped by its noxous claws, bleeding and in pain fueled with anger. Crying for assistance which wounded my pride but ensured living, the Dregordian who looked wounded appeared. It amazed me how much fighting prowess he possessed with his people’s polearm which shruck the numbers against me after myself forcing one back to the void.

Before seizing the opportunity to capture another, the accursed lizard slew the Alpha before I could capitalize on its weakened state prior to his arrival. Regardless one could not complain about living, the cavalry literally arrived with blood caking their lances. Before them was Lieutenant Kander. My own highlight excluding surviving was the bewilderment of having us capture a werewolf..most seeing them as just feral wolves standing upright. I wanted to dig the information out of him, but first it was double ration for a mission mostly successful.

By the Ascended and sod the void,

Sarel the Predator, Korindian warrior for hire and White Silver Wolf

Rise of the Fallen Conclusion Map
Location of Major Engagements and Battles


Siege on Stonefinger
Paul Somerhalder's Report

25th of Darkmoons, 3125

Recalling the events of this delusional undertaking was constantly nagging in my mind. The constant threat by the enemy brought me nearly crumbling in despair. Adopting a sturdy level of morale was challenging after relaying the message given by Lieutenant Rorauk Fyrforg to relay back to the city of Echernaught. Congregating into the city of Stonefinger was a blessing of the divine, experiencing our numbers dwindle rapidly by the hasten to pursue by the forces of darkness. In all likelihood, this was an act of revenge for plans our Mercenary group committed against them. We waited approximately a month under siege, nearly withered by the lack of nutrients as our answers were given a reply by the figures passing through the druidic earth gifts they wielded like the very city they crafted.

The legendary messenger of the Silver Unicorn, her known avatar Sergeant Shayline Eridor emerged from the south where she protected others was present in front of me. Lead by her was an enormous ogre I heard stories of his indomitable durability with nothing but the hide given to him by birth..known as Corporal Grimjack. Famed for his courageous exploits in battles and skill with arcfire weaponry was the Paladin Sergeant Dane Lanedon. Lastly in the ensemble was the ferocious ex-ranger and mighty leader of a faction of Goblinesh warriors he led to the clanhome.. Kassagore. Time was allotted for myself to inform them of the numbers of the enemies reaching near 2,000 versus our meager number of maybe a little over three-hundred after counting our forces with the people of Stonefinger prior to the arrival of our potential saviors and reinforcements. They spoke to Keznak Stonefinger, a respectful druid of Dranak and leader of the community. He kept the defences of stone to slow the bastards of Vainar for a time with the odd sensation of what felt like crysarium yet infused with the energy akin to the light of those aligned to Archanon. Whichever it was, darkness heed with any advancements for most of the day…. Ironic writing this as this was when the others made their arrival here. Insignificant was the remaining time remaining for us boisterous thrashing from the sounds o f hammers with the endeavors in killing or converting all of us.

I transcribed everything as told previously by Rorauk Fyrforg, the bevolent dwarven noble of birth sacrificing his health so others could feed with the siege draining much required resources. Luckily the new arrivals were not empty handed as the powerful Faelakar Shayline gifted all of the clanhome with excess water for now..even getting a startled look of amazement from the younggg druidness we know as Olivial Olivecrest our head healer in the city. I would perish if they failed, staying back to soak in all the information of this last stand. Bursting the reinforced stoned wall of our Stonesingers came along a dozen or two Trolls lifting Siege mauls as numerous undead sprinted passed them to devour all of us. A tactical plan was devised by the brutish Kassagore, leading the Beastmen as he dubbed the Orc warriors to stay in formation with their Goblinesh weaponry. Grimjack the behemoth Ogre was the spear point of a fixated assault. Amidst it all, I briefly caught a glimpse of Dane Landon attaching himself to him like a mount.

Goblins unleashed volleys of alchemical bombs to drown out the numerous groans and growls of the dead, ogres went forward passed the majority of troops to actively defend and use themselves as shields to keep everyone from being endangered. As Shayline Eridor blast of concussive blast of wind drove the minions of the enemy away, Knights on undead mounts with gleaming dark full plate armor charged forward. Although Grimjack kept pressure, siege walls plummeted into portions of his body as they took him as the immediate threat. Chuktar swinging by Kassagore directive deflected the knights mainly with minimum bloodshed it seemed. Manifesting the energies of life, Shayline deadlocked with the Necromancer commander as neither swayed the battlefield with Dane Landen hacking at the limbs enthusiastically to slow opposition. Throughout the next few hours we bleed, they bleed with no relent. By astonishment we were surviving but not without loss. The Ogres eventually were overcame by superior numbers, the combination of shadows and cold weakening them, and the culumutive wounds that followed afterwards. The militia commander of Stonefinger fell to the unforgiving thrashing of a Troll, stubborn to the end to battle it one on one..remains of his crushed carcass fused with the Dwarvish plate. Countless Dwarves under Prince Fyrforg, assaulted by volleys of arrows and claws. Even dog piled by the giants, Grimjack had last minute assistance by the berserking Dregordian while cover fire was bestowed by the Paladin. Shayline went harder with the essence, appealing to the course of keeping it tied or winning.

As the twelve hours passed they emerged victorious, driving the majority of the forces away except their most elite servants of Vainar. The undead High Cleric of Vainar Kreigrim Rotheart demonstrated great power as he guided a dozen werewolves mirroring himself as Adepts with crysarium crystals decorating their heads. They unleashed a deafening flow of essence to null the area from verbal spellcasting or just communicating, shifting our champions of the Southern kingdom. Dane Lanedon was full of surprises, rapidly pummeling those arcfire crystal like projectiles of incredible speed into the necromancer. It forced him on the defensive..but the huge troll in full black iron plate armor had other ideas. Almost crushing Kassagore and dropping werewolves prone as went for the paladin but to no success fortunately. The last figure stood tall like Grimjack yet with a white robe with no visible face or features, until black skeletonal bones walloped on Kassagore, pinning him to his spot. Shayline Eridor had the most versatile abilities, submerging like a Dwarf stonesinger into the ground, raining down and skewing them in an explosion of 1,000s of everwood splinters leaving a blood puddle and during the course kept the necromancer occupied with arcane attack after attack.

The slayer of Flame Dane Lanedon remained composed, deflecting the offense of the Necromancer and driving him into the ground. Elak Lorekeeper I admittedly rarely noticed thanks to his more academic side of things during the defense came rushing in. The dwarf was possessed crushing the skull of the downed Necromancer to ensure no one else would die. This infuriated the troll known as their Mak Torkash of Ognosh the Cruel infamously gather of worshippers was on the warpath. I almost pitied him for the unrelenting assault on him by him and the one known as Varros Bonerender, avatar to Kolmor Skullmaster the Prince of Bones. The accelerating whips of its blackened bone flails weakened the resolve and health of most that weren’t lucky like the Faelakar. The Mak Torkash Turrokku knocked Elak to the ground, the following blow almost killing the Lore Warden as the Siege maul sundered his magical dwarvish plate armor completely. Shayline unable to withstand any more harm to her comrades unleashed a fog of epic proportions..blinding the rest on the field as the odds were turning to their favor. Kassagore went feral most swore, demonstrating great martial prowess with his pole arm tripping then repeatedly bashing the avatar of a necrolord to death with the blunt side of his white-silver weapon. The Mak Torkash was mainly alone as the remaining wolves began to leave as their chances of victory withered. It’s horrific healing factor and scary armor could not save it from long, each bringing out their very best before Kassagore stabbed through the knee, tripping it to the ground and pausing any advance with white silver metal pecking through the eye and into the brain. I now comprehend why others are scared of the Beast Kassagore, continuing to butcher the Troll before It could rise as spare oil and fire was provided to kill it for good.

If someone asked me a month ago if we would survive this nightmare, I would say it would be a miracle. Today we received a rare one. I only hope the other forces have as much bloody luck.

Bless the Ascended and Archanon,

Farspeaker Paul Somerhalder

Rise of the Fallen Conclusion 6
Agents of Flame

Agents of Flame

20th of dark moons

On the 25th of harvest moons zerksis approached maavi and myself and told us that we are about to go on an assignment and that we needed special gear for it. He sent maavi and volstagg to the defiant lands to get the gear. I wasn’t sure what kind of gear we needed until on the 1rst of dark moons; when maavi and volstagg return with a crap ton of black iron chain. I helped them lug it to a random spot a little ways outside of the city. Zerksis was waiting there with aronzo, softpaws, and swiftclaw. I had a bad feeling about the whole thing, and as it turns out my gut feeling was right as usual.

Zerksis informed us that we had an assignment and that we could not fail it. He elected not to give us details at this time and that we we were waiting on our transportation. Let’s just say one never really gets used to the sound of a builder walking toward you. It is unnerving. Softpaws stiffened immediately. She said that was one of the sounds she remembered from when little wolf, as she calls him, and the rest of his team died. I felt kind of sorry for her, that is a horrible way to die, and to have so many she knew for that way just sucks.

Once the builder finally got there he told maavi to brief the team on the risks of teleportation by arcfire so he didn’t have to. Softpaws and aronzo looked nervously as maavi rd then they would be ripped apart and put back together at the landing site and that there was a chance that we would blow up right at the beginning. With that the builder looked at all of us and told us to grace ourselves. The pain was indescribable, I have only tracked this way once before and I will never do it again.

Once we all got our barring again and the nausea subsided zerksis looked at all of us and told us to follow him. We didn’t even know where we ended up or if we even had to right landing spot. Once we created the smallish foothill I saw it. Eslas keep. No mistaking that one. We had been thrown across the empire near to the other side. We cod see a small night raid attacking the walls with little success. All except zeros and swiftclaw decided we wanted to take them out as a show that we were allies not enemy.

We went in loud and proud as we annihilated the small raid. I walked to the front of the group by the gate, and to my surprise they already seemed to know who I was. I guess I have a reputation. I have got to be better about covering my tracks. If the unchained this far from where we work knows of me so does my enemy.

Once everyone was inside we were met by another dregordian jerik tul himself. I was see struck until he insisted on scanning our minds to make sure we were in fact allies. I have never felt suck a weird sensation before. He had to pull aronzo to the side, not that it’s surprising. Everything about him is shady. Finally they actually let us in; a wall that was painted to look like a corridor parted.

Tul told us that he was aware of our plans and that we were welcome to stay there as we prepare. At least someone knew what we were doing. Zerksis sent us off to sleep or whatever we felt like doing. Swiftclaw and Softpaws elected to explore.

The next morning we all found each other in the mess hall, well all except swiftclaw aronzo had to go find him. When we were all gathered zerksis told us that he secured a war room set up for us. We would have our briefing there.

When everyone was done eating we followed zerksis to the room. I couldn’t help but notice one room had a map and little rocks of different colors on it. Once everyone was inside zerksis told Softpaws, swiftclaw, and myself were going undercover as slaves. Alonso was to sell us to a noble close to the border. Aronzo, maavi, and zerksis were going to be assassinating the noble disguised as agents of darkness.

Aronzo, softpaws, swiftclaw and myself would be leaving on the 3erd of dark moons. Than when aronzo came back to the keep maavi and aronzo would be training to act like darkness. Until about the 19th of dark moons.

The days crawled by while we played nice and tried to find the rythum of the house. The guard patrols were easy enough to figure out; so like the kal to be so arrogant. Finding the best way out to get caught but not be totally suicidal was the fun part. It seemed like the son go on a liking to Softpaws. We could use this if she was willing.

The night of the 19th Softpaws decided she was going to use her in to her advantage and somehow got us on guard duty the night of the 20th when the rest of our team would be making their move.

The night of the 20th I was tense, this she thing could go bad really fast and we were rd not to break cover no matter what. We just needed to sneak out quietly during all of 20th chaos. Maavi include recognize, but I have seen him in that armour many times before and his eyes are a dead give away for me. They were and probably always will be unmistakable. Zerksis looked like troglodyte, and I couldn’t 100 percent tell if it was really aronzo with them or not. I guess his time as a schozim served him well.

They entered without problem. The waiting was killing me though. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours, or it felt that way at least. Finally I heard a commotion in the distance and saw what looked le a giant troll crash out of the building. At that point I knew for a fact that it was aronzo with them. I have seen him turn into an ogre before a troll couldn’t be that different.

Softpaws td me to run as everyone but maavi and zerksis made it out. She ran back into the manor. I couldn’t help but hope that she would die or get back out. I know that sounds bad, but if she were caught this whole thing would be for naught, and the southern kingdoms would be on their own. Finally everyone met back up about the 13th hour. Now we just have to make it back and hope our brothers in shyanor were successful in their mission.
Archanon please watch over us all. We will need it.

Crystal River Scouting Mission 3
Tenner Stryker's Report

Memoirs of a Soldier for Freedom

16th of Dark Moons

Relaying the events that have to transpire I must place into accounts of all which has occurred. Meshed together with others at the famed Camp Wolfhaven it did not take much deduction to make the realisation we were the preverbal lamb heading for the butcher. Rarely anyone carried the cloaks of Grayson Grey Rangers, almost making all this effort rather superfluous. Lined up, we met with a dour Dwarf encased in their trademark Dwarvish full plate armor, named Captain Ironreich. With a demeanor making the subpar conditions of the camps thanks to all being overwrought by Shaya’nor, we marched upon Bearheart taking a day or two. A glimpse at the battlements displayed a man in gleaming armor…maybe it was a Paladin of light or a ghost…my mind was occupied by alot.

Familiarity with the terrain struck me with uneasy, planted right at the border into Camon. With all considerations of the current events..this did not sit well with me. Upon the discovery of whom I was serving under it became clear either we were the most competent people at that moment or the worse ragtag group of individuals ensembled. Leading us was the Aevakar, Corporal Sarin Silverfeather..I believe a priest of light from my understanding. My equal rank-wise was the Brinchie Wanderkill…a little flighty but such as an affliction to their species. Krivak the Dwarf, already he looked utterly terrible for reconnaissance, yet excellent for distractions. Last was the goblin Geny, one with a pendant on climbing on their larger kin and vanishing from plain sight. Immediately after formation… Wanderkill and Krivak headed for the alcohol while the rest of our whereabouts were more ordinary. Sharpening my weapons on a was relaxing though nothing came up on more on the mission at hand.

As earlier directed at this squadron and overall everyone, Captain Ironreich never bluffed about abandoning any who slowed them down. The parameters regarding our assignment were scouting out to the river connecting to both Camon and Crystal river. Naturally, things did not going according to plan, a few of us who went ahead as advanced scouts noticed a few Shayakars. The dwarf Krivak I suspected sully our stealth..hearing their words in Shayae to call out to their warriors. Arrows bestowed with black iron pierced my flesh..but to gain the advantage needed to overestimate the damage..crashing to the ground perhaps urging my combats believing me dead to go kill them or capture them with haste. An irksome pace of ascending upon them… I heard the skirmish underway. Sarin Silverfeather hovered above, receiving the bulk of attention. A squee was heard once or twice..maybe the Brinchie enthusiastic for the kill or was secretly a masochist…hard to confirm while eyes stayed on those up ahead.

Quite abruptly darkness flooded my senses even one as I never properly trained in the arcane arts was open to the idea magic was utilized. It would explain much as the sight of the enemies have gone cold like the many carcases in the area. Wanderkill smeared in some blood was telling of his success versus the agents of Shaya’nor. Handing a document to the Corporal and myself slowly easing back to the group..their looks hinted at judgment thinking me cowardly or just weak. I ignored it..hearing him suggest abandoning the objective for the information stored. Listening to where was suggested…I recalled what they were referring to. It was a Druid Grove deep in Camon and the letter warned of Shayanor legions heading there. Not convinced…I argued the points of abandoning the mission. After a bit since they rather are foolhardy..someone needed to rush back to camp while we attempted to sabotage them.

Camouflaging as those connected to Shaya’nor, mimicking the appearance of a Nightguard since Sarin Silverfeather elected me as in command while he seeks to give the information to Captain Ironreich. Krivak looked perfectly like a Dwerg, Wanderkill I had no prior information of their status in Shaya’nor. Geny with the ability to go invisible meshed well with their corrupted version. Sending the Troglodyte Geny up ahead. I knew nothing of whether it was a success or not. Some time passed as I witnessed them getting chased by many Werewolves..likely blowing their cover or enraged enough to not care about the lives of others not in the immediate group.

Encircled by three of their more ferocious werewolf kins, I found out my skills in vanishing from sight wasn’t completely successful. My commitment to the mission could not have me flee now, especially the logic of their speed compared to my own. Body demonstrating signs of distress.I feinted it well enough forward to spring out my white silver blade, plunging it into the eye of one of the bastards, jerking the blade out to startle one of the other mutts attempting to exploit my lack of numbers. One reverted back into a human, the other rattled from the blade reassuring me a few seconds. I spoke too soon, a barrage of claws sinking passed the Nightguard chain..lacerations digging into my back resulting from it. I leapt forward, forcing the one who slashed into me to drown in blood as the knife carved through the throat. The reverted werewolf was on his way to the void, however, I underestimated him as his haymaker slipped past my defences, shattering my nose with it.

Arm shredded by another claw and an uppercut that nearly made my go unconscious, I fought against the urge to pass out. My preference was to die, not to be captured although torture wasn’t a virgin experience to me. Frustration and adrenaline high, I sprinted diving the blade but not before bewildering him looking too weak to lift my weapons. The mid-section was thrust upon, dying immediately. Half dozen claws flew passed by somehow, likely hurting from a previous wound of my blade. Lunging at me with a left hook with bladed nails ready to behead me… I connected with a counter with my parrying blade causing him pause then an upward stab digging into his brain..laying dead on the ground. Emotions took over, decapitating the werewolves and the reverted one’s heads, breathing proved difficult as I dragged myself back to the lands of the Southern kingdom. The fate of my comrades remains a mystery, but I write this in case my body is found. I will not be broken and I will not bow. I… Will… Survive

With Regards

Tenner Stryker, Ranger 1st class

Rise of the Fallen Conclusion 5
Rhovelius Dimerian's Report

From the Journal of Rhovelius Dimerian

I had arrived to the camp just outside of Bearhart and was given the wonderful job of helping set up camp. Then the glorious task of taking it down to move it what felt like ten feet and set it up all over again! Tent placement is everything in war, you know!

I was use to being apart of Forward Operating Teams (or Foot Teams as I like to call them). We do the dirty work and take a lot of risks. But who knew Tent assembly was so important!

In either case, after finally getting sorted and spending some time waiting, I was given my first duty: Clear the roads.

Now permit me a chance to explain this task because it’s not what you would think. A road, as you and I probably know it, is a traveling path in which people use. This particular road was wide enough for two large trading wagons to fit down comfortably. This sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? Well, that means you have some common sense about you I think… The truth was far more chaotic.

Pitcher a field of wagons. The ground is wet with snow and people have left the roads. So now you have people in heavy loaded wagons trying to navigate south and get away from the forces of Darkness. Animals and wagons were getting stuck and, in some cases, it was easier just to burn the things than try and pull them out. And that’s the simple stuff.

But, either way, on the 24th of Dark Moons, 3125, things escalated. I, personally, had the pleasure of an Elf, a Goblin, and a Dwarf standing on all sides of me shouting in their native tongue. Now, I’m not well versed in languages and while I understood the elf, I knew better than to try and solve this with the language of the Fae. So, being the delightful man I am, began to say over and over “Please speak in Galean only…”

But hey, the problem was solved for me pretty quickly when a Werewolf jumped down and mauled the Dwarf. Felt bad for the fellow, but this problem was A LOT easier to handle than dealing with a language barrier. Though, I will admit that the creature got the better of my natural reactions. I quickly drew my family bow and fired — only to hear a snap in my ear. It seems in my rush I snapped my string..

No matter, I quickly drew my short sword and began to defend myself to the best of my ability. Truth be told I am a scout and archer first, and a melee combatant third. As evidenced by the lack of killing any of the creatures. Our mage (I never got her name to be honest) dropped a few of them with a stream of eldritch energy. I was also aided by Ranger First Class Danica in my melee experience, and she helped keep some of their claws off of my hide.

Speaking of the team…Corporal Sarin was the man in charge, RFC Danica was second. Then we had a Brinchie, and a mage. I never even had the chance to get to know their names (nor did I expect to know them for long if I am to be grim and truthful).

Still, we were withdrawn once the battle was over on the 25th of Dark Moons.

25th of Dark Moons

Once back in camp, I made it a point to get a spare bow string (never really expected it to ever break). Then, while I was looking to head back to my tent and take a nap the horns went off and just like that, we were off to man the walls. From the north we saw them come… The Armies of Shaya’Nor had arrived.

The battle was atrocious. Though, I feel that were it anyone other than Colonel Wolfhaven leading us, we would have fallen. I took on more of a support role — using my scouting skills to help provide information on enemy movements — and rely the info back to command. I’m good with a bow, but even I know where my talents reside.

The battle was only turned by a set of reinforcements from the other side..Prelacy forces came to our aid and with their arcfire tech, and the Dawn coming, we managed to hold for a day.

26th of Dark Moons.

Another day another copper they say… We were given a 6 hour relief shift. Unfortunately for me, the overwhelming smell of burning flesh kept the rest at bay and had me lose any meal I had on my stomach. I can not describe this smell to you — the smell of an entire battlefield being burned.…leathers. It is something I don’t think I’ll ever forget..

At a few hours before Dusk the horn calls us to form up our battle lines and we readied ourselves for the hordes of Darkness… Hordes that never came..

27th of Dark Moons

Why in flame they didn’t attack I’ll never know, but I was grateful for the respite (despite the smell of burning bodies). We took our 6 hour relief from the lines and at the sound of the horn we were back in formation before dusk. Again, we were left waiting…

28th of Dark Moons

It’s unsettling how two nights in a row they do not come. We can see their numbers growing. Can see that they out number us well beyond reason. And still they do not charge…

Like always we lined up — this time we heard screams in the darkness but no attack came. A few people ended up missing by the muster reports though..

The real event, however, were the ghost. They began to roam the field aimlessly — collecting but not. It was unsettling.. I think I even recognized a few of them. But, despite this terrible omen, we were spared being attacked.

29th of Dark Moons

Dawn, like always, is our saving grace. This time, however, the sun is not as bright. The rays barely warm and the air gets heavy and cold — trying to zap the strength from our bones.

I was sitting around a fire pit with RFC Danica and The Mage when we heard this scratching sound. No idea where the hell it was coming from but damn if it wasn’t annoying!! And then it got worse!

A bone tendril smashed me across the chest, sending me tumbling. I immediately sprang up and reacted — firing an arrow at my foe. Though my aim was true, I had the misfortune of facing what I learned later was a Bone Golem. Piercing and slashing weapons are all but useless… And that’s all I had going for me..

I took another shot at the thing, trying to get my arrow to smash through the skull but no such luck. Thankfully, that mage lady is a great shot and she blasted the thing a few times. Danica smacked it around with the flats of her blades, battering it around. Between the two of them the thing came down without too much of a problem.

Sarin was able to heal our mage from her wounds sustained from the Bone Golem. He literally arrived right after it was down. I will say that, having watched him in our first battle, he might have smote the thing into oblivion.. Also the brinchie showed up. Apparently he’s been following ghost… How bizarre…

Still…this was an attack during the day. Dawn was suppose to be our safe haven…

By the evening the cold had gotten worse and was beginning to drain the strength away from our troops. Some fell because of it. I will readily admit I was one of those who succumb to it. Though, I was revived with the assistance of two Avakar.

Truth be told it was an unusual sight to wake up too: Two winged elves standing over you in the blackest of nights. I had only enough sense to comment that I do not think I was in the right place..

The Bishop of Echer’Naught said “Not now..but soon.”

Well…that’s comforting!

30th of Dark Moons.

Still no attack. The hell are they doing?!

31st of Dark Moons

Well..I don’t know what they are doing, but it’s working whatever it is. The dawn no longer is on our side. Ghost and Vampires walk the lands during the daylight — flying through the sky or, in the case of the ghost, roaming the battlefield like lost children.

Since when could Vampires attend to themselves in the day?!?!

We get requested to attend a meeting at the command tent 3 hours before dusk. A really good question for the commander who came up with that is this: How in the hell do you tell dusk from dawn when vampires and ghost are out all the time?!

In either case we all decided to just go hang out near by so we wouldn’t end up late. The meeting was, of course, bleak. We knew we couldn’t win and we weren’t going to at this rate. Col. Wolfhaven asked up to undertake a mission to delay, or dent the ritual they discovered was going on…

Apparently a missive had made it to him that indicated Darkness was up to some serious high level stuff and we had no way to stop it. All we could do is kill some of the Necromancers and weaken it. Maybe delay it. We were also told that this is a one-way trip. Oh goody…

At least we were given the option to some White Silver gear! I had that going for me, which is nice…

Also, Col. Wolfhaven did some sort of prayer. It’s really weird and I felt kinda tingly afterwords. Hey, maybe we got blessed or something! Either way… blessings only go so far.

I get attached to Capt. Celebor’s unit and the man is, certainly, worn. You can see it. But I like his character. He leads us to the site of our grand finale…the final battle.

33rd of Dark Moons

We’ve hiked, non stop, to this ridge. From here we see the corrupted sacred grove that the forces of Darkness use in their twisted, perverted ritual. Thousands of bodies piled everywhere… and a massive Portal open in the center being fed by four smaller ones. Definitely beyond my level of understanding.

Celebor gives his required “speech” (Which, I might add, I enjoyed.) and we ran to our doom. I fired and fired and fired. Exhaustion had me, and the portal in the center I swore sucked at my very soul… But it was only a matter of time before they got me.

And so, in time, I fell..

2nd of Falling Ice

Once again I wake up in not the right place.. And I’m not sure what to think. They say Wolfhaven showed up through some white portal and began to waylay the enemy…then a big boom…

Look, I don’t know what happened out there.. I don’t even know if we won. All I know is that, for some reason, the elite units of Shaya’Nor have withdrawn. Before us now are the fodder and standard units.

That makes me think we lost…but yet Olara is safe. This makes no sense…

Ranger Rhovelius Dimerian

Purity Scouting Mission 2
Newt's Report

(Report Translated)

My name is Newt (no last name, but you don’t have to put that into the report. No, I said don’t write that.). Anyway, this is my account of the events that took place before and during the Scouting/Recon mission to Purity.

I arrived at Camp Wolfhaven on the 16th of White River, 3125. It was definitely an experience coming into the Camp. I’ve never seen so many people and races grouped into one area with tents and mud and animals all huddled together running around like ants. It was irritating. I hated it. The mud was caking itself into my fur and it was cold – I hate the cold. I heard about the recruitment and felt the need to be useful. I’ve made my home here in the Olara. I’ve travelled a lot but because of my years as a street cat I’ve made my home in many of the cities of this particular country – this is my country.
As we were signing up for our party and such, I noticed the others coming in before me were being held off to the side – a dwarf, an ogress (she was hideous), and an ogre (who spoke fairly well for an ogre). When it was my turn and I told the human that I couldn’t spell my name he got needlessly irritated (I came very close to claiming my first victim of the day). He told me to stand with those before me – so I did.
We were all just standing there, awaiting orders, when a calloused hand bigger than my head begins to pet me and scratch behind my ears. My tail twitches as I go to swat at the hand – then, I look up, and up, and up, to see the ugly ogress just staring off into the distance while petting my head. I didn’t know what to do. Not like I could take her (or even want to); so, I stand there and let her pet my head. It doesn’t take long till she actually gets a good spot behind my ears and I find myself leaning into her hand and closing my eyes. Sometimes you just can’t fight instinct. I soon find out that her name is Fekla. The Dwarf is our Sergeant and his name is Flint Ironfinder (ironic, right?) and the other ogre’s name is Chumley.
They’re a part of my scouting team. I actually feel really comfortable with Fekla the ogress now and so I stick around with her for the most part (hell, she even picked me up and let me ride on her shoulder for a majority of the time because I couldn’t walk very well in all the mud). We went for a drink that night. I tried to keep up. I failed, miserably. I might want to mention that I’ve never had a drink in my entire life. I don’t think I will ever again. Got to keep my wits about me and I don’t like the feeling of inebriation. Needless to say, I had one hell of a hangover the next day for our travels but Fekla let me ride upon her shoulder some until we got to the Fortress of Bearheart.
We arrived at Bearheart on the 24th of White River, 3125. Now, I’m use to bustling cities and I thought Camp Wolfhaven was a pain in my ass – nothing I have ever encountered compared to the cluster we came upon at Bearheart. It was loud. It was busy. It was full to the brim with people going this way and that. I almost got trampled – twice! I’m too small for this shit. Thank god we didn’t stay long and moved on out to our mission soon after.
We left for the Olaran border into Camon and arrived on the 28th of White River. There was a huge gate blocking us from continuing and so the man who calls himself Kilgore made good use of the ogres and had them demolish it (which they did, Fekla ripped that door a new one). Once we’re through we march for a couple of more days until we come upon a river. Kilgore briefed us on what we were supposed to be doing on this mission. Recon. That’s it. He stressed that we should not engage in any fights with the Prelacy and, if we could, help out any citizens that we happened upon.
But, in order to continue on into Camon we had to cross the Crystal River. I don’t know what person hit their head and decided that sending Brinchies across a river was a good idea but that’s what happened. Thank you creator for Ogres. Fekla carried across Sgt. Ironfinder’s horse and Chumley hauled me and the Sgt. I got wet. I got fucking wet. It was cold and weird and I didn’t like it. I tried not to claw into Chumley to make him go faster. I sure as hell didn’t want to get dropped into that water. It took us a good few minutes but we made across no worse for wear. Though, I have to admit, I could have lived my whole life without ever seeing Fekla naked – I wish I could say so now.
We regrouped on the other side of the river and continued on our mission. I darted ahead of everyone else to scout the area. It was on the 3rd of Dark Moons that things got interesting. I was making way through some brush when I came upon a clearing. Across the valley-like area I could see flames and smoke rising high in the sky before me. I run back and tell the Sgt what I’ve found. We move forward to scout more but tell the ogres to stay back – too noticeable. I get ahead of the Sgt and I’m about half way through the valley when I begin to hear voices next to me. They’re too close for me to be able to go back and tell the Sgt what I hear, so, I give away my position to yell at them to stay back and that I’m hearing others in the woods. It’s then that I hear this strange buzzing noise and I turn to look in that direction. What I see shocked me to my core.
There were people there holding the oddest weapons that were glowing. I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into. I couldn’t run because they would just pursue me. I did the only thing I could think of – I dropped my swords. I would have sheathed them but I didn’t think that would help them think I was completely unarmed. I put my hands up, palms forward, to show them that I was completely without weapons. Then he started to talk to me in a language I’ve never heard before. I shook my head. He pointed to the fires and then looked at me. I shook my head and waved my hands telling him that we had nothing to do with it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Sgt walk up to myself and the group – unarmed. Once, the Sgt figured out what language the man was speaking in, Chumley came down to act as a mediator for the conversation (apparently the Ogre speaks a few languages).
They were Camonere Fighters and this was a Captain who had just come from the small village upon the hill and that they had citizens that need to get to Purity for safety but they were too outmanned to do it on their own. A deal was made between the Captain and our Sgt to do what we could in the village to scout and that we would help get the citizen’s to purity afterward.
I felt a flush of relief when Sgt Ironfinder told me to sheath my swords and called Fekla to come with us to the village.
The minute we get into the village we see zombies and gouls all over the place along with a few citizens. Now, I’m a fairly decent thief but I’m a better street fighter. I like to fight. It’s fun. So, I bolted in there headlong and parted a zombie from its head. The other’s followed soon. I guess we got a little too excited about seeing some kind of action because we were flanked by other monsters. Then Trolls fall in. They were followed by werewolves. Soon, another person, a man upon a great war horse, is there helping us. The skirmish lasts for a good while. Chumley accidently fails the Sgt to the ground along with the zombies and gouls around the pair. The man on the horse yells out for us to do a full retreat – can’t argue with his logic at this point. We were completely outnumbered and surrounded – we would have die there if we don’t leave soon.
I knew one of us needed to get out of there with the information that Darkness was that close to Purity. The first chance I got, I dart out of there and watched my comrades from the entrance to the village. In the distance I heard many footsteps and I heard calls and by the looks of my friend’s faces and their hurried movements to get out of there, I could tell that those who showed up were not there to help us.
I’m standing there on my own, swords drawn; watching the man on the horse scoop up the Sgt. Fekla finally breaks away from the group around her – as does Chumley. I watched as some zombies bit around Fekla’s legs and she finally gave way. I run forward and drop the zombies but quickly run back to where I was. I’d carry the ogress but I didn’t have the strength. Chumley grabs her and hauls her to safety. As we escaped the village, the monsters of Darkness followed us but the Camonere’s give us cover enough to escape and deter the creatures.
As per our agreement, we helped the Camonere’s and their citizens to Purity. We arrived at Purity on the evening of the 4th of Dark Moons. We walked the fighters and their citizens to the gates. We were greeted with disgust and malice from their commander, or whatever he was. That son of a bitch took the head of the Captain right before us and warned us that if we did not leave soon then we would soon meet the same fate. I didn’t wait for anyone and instantly turned to leave.
I later found out the Captain’s name was Leiranot. His commander is a racists piece of something all right but I hope not everyone in Camon holds his hatred of others and I wish there were more like Captain Leiranot – those are the people who garner and bring hope to peace. We helped in getting his citizens to safety but I hope his death will not be in vain and that the kindness he showed us spreads like wildfire.
We headed back to Bearheart tired and worse for wear. The Sgt, Fekla, and Chumley, all sustained severe wounds and needed rest. I stuck around Fekla to make sure she was okay. I think I made a really good friend in all this. But if our trip was any indicator as to what this war is going to be like – god watch over all of our souls.



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