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Council of Lanier, 3127
Reinstatement of the Crown of Camon

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

On this day, Falling Ice 3127, It is the opinion of the Council of of Lanier, that Mereena Avalar of Galea holds the most valid claim to the vacant throne of His Majesty, King Warick Travan, died 2835. With the blessings of Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face, Lady Avalar shall ascend to the Throne of Camon this year, 3127, Planting Moons 33rd, when Unidar, Diadar, and Liadar are full.

Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face cordially invites the Houses of Camon, the Church, and Allies to attend the Magnificent Coronation of Queen Avalar I.

~Council of Lanier

The Razing of Lanier
Quest for the Throne

Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander

Commander of the Legio Heroes

Lanier, Kingdom of Camon

Nineteenth Day of Falling Ice, Year 3127 Under the Light

“War turns our convictions to mockery, our ideals to ash. It makes not just strange bedfellows, but our very righteousness to villainy.”

Gray Winds, 15th, 3126

My last eve in A’Davar was spent in deep council with Prince Morok ki Anzher, Emir of A’Davar. Already Asascha kes Murdov’s Maelstrom army encircled the city from the south, supported by the rear guard of Dair-Az Lorask ki Gult’s forces from the west. We had thought the besieging forces fell under command of Dair-Az Lorask ki Gult’s chief strategist, the traitorous Olaran, Dair-Kron Kirall. But lo, it was not.

A new villain, Dair-Endar Ragnar ki Marrik, holds the Kal banner.

I offered my services to the Prince, but cautioned that come Spring I would needs depart for Camon. Too many wars. He “politely” declined my invitation to stay. In truth, he chafed at the challenge to his authority I represented.

Nevertheless, I left the city not wholly unprotected. In addition to a large, 200+ contingent of my Wolfhaven Free Company Riders, I also left Lt. Magnus Cromwell, commander of Echer’Naught’s Delta Team in the theatre. At the time of my departure, however, Lt. Cromwell and his team were in the Defiant Lands working to harass the Kal supply lines in hopes of relieving pressure on A’Davar. My Free Riders performed much the same function against the Maelstrom.

I departed the 15th with a small, fast moving entourage and made my way quickly to the new Legion Castrum, the “Heroes Keep,” west of A’Davar.

Gray Winds 18th. 3126

We arrived less than three days later after a hard ride, averaging just under 100 miles per day over rough and open terrain. The keep is a ruin, little more than an organized pile of stone. But it was once the powerful stronghold of a local Warlord. Just within the Elven lands, it is under their protection, but close enough to the Defiant Lands for Legio Heroes patrols to keep watch.

Already Builders and engineers work feverishly to rebuilt what was lost. However, as it serves as but a gateway, our focus will be on a tight defense system, rather than supplying a massive garrison. That…will be built elsewhere (see Lady Christina Highwind report).

We departed the 19th, making our way through the Aralon forest, and then east to Kolfis.

Gray Winds 20th, 3126

In Kolfis, I met with Fekla and Grimbore’s people who welcomed me. From there, we followed the lake road to Grol, then cut across, and through the Evershade forest, to Rool.

Gray Winds 23rd, 3126

My son has made great progress with the gather of Rool. They have rooted our and destroyed the corrupting influence of the Blood Witch. And, in their triumph, they have liberated Erlg as well. Along with Sog, Rool counts for the two strongest Ranger outposts in the Northern Gathers. With hope, more will soon join.

We departed on the 24th, and rode hard east, crossing the Shanais River and arriving late on the 26th in Tirene. There, I met with Captain Helt and Avaron of the 3rd and 4th Companies respectively. Also, I was pleased that Sergeant Murvoth, 1st Silver Paladin had arrived with a company of Silver Paladins. So too Captain Neverrare of the Black Company of Cavaliers. Maric Ordal, himself, represented the River Trade Coalition.

All told, we assembled a composite force of over 1500 wolves, mercenaries, RTC marines, cavaliers, Silver Paladins, The Golden Gryphons, The Riders of the Light, and allies. Though, with the winter snows assembling the columns of men and horse took weeks.

Falling Ice 7th, 3127

At long last, our forces were assembled. The new “Bishop” of Tirene declined to commit forces. Though, former Captain Leurant, recently raised to Commander for his actions at Tirene, was leading a battalion of Prelacy troops from Zyel. All while Captain Fyrforg and 1st and 2nd companies of the White Silver Wolves shadowed the 1st glorious Host of the Southern Blades.

All forces converged on Lanier. We marched out early on the 7th of Falling Ice.

Falling Ice 11th, 3127

Our column marched north along the river road toward Lanier. Four days into our march, and about two days from our staging point for Lanier, messengers arrived from Captain Fyrforg…
…the First Host had ambushed Commander Leurant’s forces at their camp two days south east of Lanier.

I immediately took my command element and a contingent of guards from the Silver Paladins, and 3rd and 4th Companies of the White Silver Wolves. We crossed the Shanais River via RTC boats, and marched hard through the edge of the Hart Woods. The stench of darkness permeated everything, but the Prelacy had done their job burning out the corruption.

Falling Ice 14th, 3127

We reached the Red River mid-day on the 14th. Already on the far shore we could see flocks of black winged crows circling. I ordered our troops across. The water was bitterly cold, and swollen from the thaws, but the troops made the far side in good order. A few clever troops rigged up pulleys and ropes to ferry the heavier troops across.

We reached the far side and crested the rise to find a vast field of carnage; a two mile battle front littered with corpses. Those fools…those thrice damned fools.

So consumed with vengeance that they would destroyed themselves in the face of OBLIVION! Damn them. Damn them all to the fires of the Abyss and the cold, dark void that is the Nether. They would rather settle their petty feud than face the threat of oblivion. Darkness cares not one WHIT who wins this squabble. Every life lost in this pathetic pissing match is one more soldier for the undead hordes.

Damn their eyes!

We left the carrion to their work as there was little else we could do. Two dozen men could not burn or bury a field of thousands, so we turned away and returned to our army.

Falling Ice 17th, 3126

Three days later, we rejoined the column who had already set up camp on the western banks of Deer Lake. As we approached, I saw the orderly rows of tents, the campfires dotting the banks. Men worked, laughed, and groused in turn. All too familiar.

My escort broke off to find their own camps, while the commanders rode to the command pavilion. Already, scribes copied and prepared reports. Scouts hurried in and out. Over it all, Captain Fyrforg watched with grizzled vigilance. Battle was joined.

After washing and changing, I listened to the reports. It was much as I expected.

Shaya’Nor’s forces were well entrenched. Already our forward scouts skirmished with their outer lines. From aerial recon, the enemy force numbered upwards of 10 times out number. However, the overwhelming majority of the enemy forces were undead hordes. Troubling in such numbers, but hardly elite troops. However, the core of the army were all experienced Shayakar, Vampires, Werewolves, Troglanesh, and Dwergs. Even this core outnumbered ours by a factor of three.

Fortunately, it appeared as if Shaya’Nor neglected to alter the physical layout of the city overmuch, meaning our pre-occupation maps were generally correct. Spies had long since provided exacting detail on the city’s defenses and weaknesses. However, losing both armies of the Prelacy and the First Host limited options. Conventional wisdom dictates that to take an entrenched position you require ten times the number of the defenders. Our numbers were exactly inverse. Of course, more keeps fall to treachery than siege. Unlikely in the case of Darkness. And, it is next to impossible to starve out an army who can quite literally let their army die…then raise them later for battle.

More to the point, the only reason Lanier’s forces had not attacked our meager forces was that Darkness feared I had something clever planned. This time, however, there were no tricks. No sudden reinforcements. With my numbers, the enemy well entrenched, Lanier could not be taken…

…but it COULD be destroyed. Utterly.

Now, to choose who would die.

Falling Ice 18th, 3127

In the morning, I called the commanders to my tent. I explained that we could not besiege the castle with out numbers, and we could not take it by force. Our only choice to was to use our most powerful warriors to strike at a series of key location in the city while our larger forces made a show of force. Most of the commanders disagreed. But Rourak stood with me. As did Murvoth. A few others. In the end, I was appointed overall commander, and so they followed orders. We would attack.

Based on previous reports, my siegemaster, “Whit”, had identified the most vulnerable points in Lanier’s defenses. My mages, druids, and priests located the weakest points in the enemy warding across the city. With this information in hand, we selected thirteen elite commanders to lead strike teams into the city. Each team consisted of an elite to serve as commander and decoy, combat unit, and sapper team. The teams would be teleported into the city at the safest locations near the weak points. There, they elite and combat teams would make their way toward their assigned targets. If resistance grew too fierce, the elites were to draw enemy forces away from the strike teams toward the center of the city. Meanwhile, the combat teams would cut their way to the targets, opening a path for the sappers to set their arcfire charges and breach the reinforced defenses.

It was suicide. Most of the teams would die. And even were they successful, the assaulting forces would be walking into a charnel house of horrors. But IF the teams made it to their assigned targets, and IF the sappers had enough punch to blow holes in the magic walls, and IF the assault forces could carry the fight to the very heart of the citadel…I could burn out the black heart of that accursed mausoleum.

If you had suggested to me four years ago that I would even consider using the Mad Bomber’s infernal devices, abominations that had taken the lives of my friends, family, and countrymen, I would have called you mad. and yet, I was prepared to sacrifice countless lives just to buy the time to do just that. Yesterday’s terror is today’s salvation.

Once the strike leaders were chosen, I sent them out to seek volunteers. I would never order a man to die needlessly. This mission must be voluntary. And so, by mid day, 200 sacrificial lambs stood in my tent. I attempted to be inspiring, but my words sounded hollow to my own ears. Still, they never balked, never retreated. Even with their lives on the line, to a man they stood firm.

Courage in the face of oblivion. How often have so few with such strength staved off annihilation. How many more times must they be asked to sacrifice all?!

The teams were given the afternoon to put their affairs together. To drink, to eat, to reflect, to pray, or just sleep.

For me there was no such rest. I allowed myself only a private moment to speak with Lady Elyanna. How many moments had I stolen before battle? How many times must I say goodbye, fearing it might be the last?

By eve the forces were assembled. As the strike teams gathered in the teleportation circles, the remaining forces began their assault on the western walls of the Lanier. Great siege engines hurled stones the size of ships against the walls only to watch them shatter harmlessly. Druids called forth terrible earthquakes, but the walls barely shook. Aevakar took the skies only to face their black winged counterparts. Men died, then were razed to kill their brothers.

The carnage was…unspeakable.

How much worse for the teams. Each was transported alone into an enemy city. Cut off, they were immediately attacked, hunted, and picked off. Of the 13 teams, just over half reached their targets. Of those, only a handful survived. None of the sappers lived. They knew the risks. Every man stood over his bomb, holding the line until their lives were ripped apart in cleansing fire.

I watched from a ridgeline south of city. My armies slammed into the west wall. Strike teams tore holes through impenetrable walls. Everywhere heroes died…

The lake gate blew, and the RTC marines advanced. And I waited and watched them die…

And then, the signal. Druids summoned the earth, and spirits answered. A bridge of pure stone rose creating a bridge. Even before the waters parted, Korash charged forward, enemy spells exploding around him like some kind of light display. Behind him the cavalry thundered like a spear to the heart of Lanier. At the van, Thunder….

We passed the gate, smashed like a child’s toy. Beneath the rubble White Silver Wolves.. alive? dead? worse?

Behind the horse, the Reking Kru, shields up marched in lock step…

…and behind them death…the destroyer of worlds.

Archons, Archmages, and High Druids burned and died, but we swept the enemy horde before us like some avenging force. We pushed them back to their dark citadel, a profane mockery. There, liches, ancient vampires, werewolve lords, and unspeakable horrors fell upon us like ash raining from the burning skies. They refused to give us the city…but only too late realized that we were never there to take it…but to burn it to the ground.

Hundreds volunteered to hold the rear. Hundreds volunteered to die. I stood in the conflagration as the arcfire did its work. Fire and magic in an unstoppable inferno ripped through the city sending shockwaves for miles ripping through what survived the battles. And in their death, the spells fell. With each collapsed ward, each ritual snuffed out like a candle, our druids went to work. The very earth rebelled, rising in waves. Walls bend and flexed, shattering like pottery.

As I watched Lanier died.

Though it seemed an eternity, the battle last only a few hours. And then, it was over and the city was little more than burning rubble. Once graceful towers topped, walls piles of shattered stone. We razed Lanier to the ground and burned out the corruption with arcfire.

Falling Ice 19th, 3127

Of the 1500 men who marched into that conflagration, fewer than 600 marched out alive. Close to 1000 men and women, heroes, burned on the pyre of Lanier for Kingdom not their own. As dawn rose on the 19th, I stood amidst the destruction, breathing in the ash. How can such sacrifice be justified? How can I continue to ask others to die for my hubris? Yes, I won. Darkness has been expelled from Lanier, but at what cost?!

Already word spreads of our victory here. Rumors say that claimants to the throne of Camon, blood relations to the last king, are already sprouting like flowers in spring. But all I see is endless death and destruction knowing always the next battle will come, and more heroes will willingly answer the call only to be buried like these.

Victory is ours as this pile of ash and bone.

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Desolation, Camon

Fade to Black
Gray Lantern Report

Half a league half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred:
‘Forward, the Light Brigade!
Charge for the guns’ he said:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

Ranger Corporal Torik. Serenity mission after action report.
Bounty bait and ambushes.

To: Ranger Command att: Echer’naught Regional Command.
Date: 27th Day of Harvest moon.

After action report, for deployed mission ranging from 10th day harvest moon to the 25th same month.
By: Corporal Torik Kusuta, Grey Ranger and affiliated with the White Silver Wolves.

Coming down back south, from the Dwarven Clanhome Stonefinger after its Liberation. I had hoped for some leave, but was by orders from the ranger regional command of Echer’naught, sent to Echer’naught to support a high profile mission.

Mission Personnel:
Brevet Captain Macha Panta. Commander of Camp Wolfhaven. Brinchie.
Lieutenant Celebor. Former regional commander. Alakar.
Sergeant Ash. Master of Magics. Eldakar.
Corporal Lob. Alchemist. Goblin.
And myself
Corporal Torik. Goblin.

Research support by
Corporal Elak. Lorewarden. Dwarf.

We were briefed by Greys, no name and I feel that describing his appearance will just be censored anyways. Who told of the problems of the road between Echer’naught and Serenity.
Where many attacks have happened, a high number of rangers have died to these ambushes. At least according to Corporal Elak research.
We were to travel this road south, try and discover the source of these assaults and destroy what ever factions ability to keep these attack up. And discover there affiliation if possible.

By the mission giver, we were given writs of purchase to use to gear up for the mission. The high profile people of this group are really awesome, providing me with most of the writs. And I got to upgrade some of my gear, to magical enchanted gear. Which does make me more confident on these missions. I tend to be sent on these rather important missions, anything that can keep me alive, is appreciated.

Research into the mission and the personal selected, turned up that Macha Panta and Ash has some rather large bounties on them. 5000 on Macha and Ash up to a massive amount of 6000 gold. I suggested we disguised ourselves to be bounty hunters, turning in the bodies of the two. For the bounties. Using magic or acting, for them to appear dead. That idea wasn’t really taken seriously by the others. Unfortunately.

We traveled out south towards Farwatch and Serenity the 17th day Harvest moon. A couple of days in our travel we came across a obscene scene. Murdered rangers hanging from trees. Apparently several of the other members of the group, recognized most of them. Not knowing them myself, I suggest reading the other ranger reports.
As we were working to take down the bodies and bury the remains, we were attacked. The assault started with magical fiery blasts targeting most of us, followed up by a invisible creature. It charged Ash relatively directly, actually forcing Ash to concentrate for a moment. As I have been fortunate enough, to be on several missions with him, that was the first time, I have seen him be forced to pay full attention to what is happening around him. But he and the others relatively quickly took the assailant out, it seemed to be a flametouched Brinchie, but unsupported.

We finished our business with the bodies of the rangers. And we continued our travel south.
Between Farwatch and Serenity we were once again attacked. This time by a heavily armed Builder, and some builder sniper. Both using some seriously advanced arcmancy equipment. Lt. Celebor went into a shooting match with the enemy elf, before he turned on the Builder, making his armor explode in a massive outburst of arcmancy energy. I hope that the builders will never think of making that type of energy, into weapons I shudder with the thought of exploding devices used as ammunition on siege engines, not to bombard walls, but to bombard towns and cities during long sieges. Or even more frightful, devices set to blow up in population centers or similar tactics. The fear that will spread.

Safely entering Serenity, we found the base of operations of our foe. This time we had the upper hand, being the ones assaulting the well defended locale.
The heavy hitters doing what they do best, slaughtering there way through the enemies, and even thou they used advanced arcmancy spliced with necromancy, we prevailed.
We discovered a treasure trove of paperwork, with intelligence on various organisations. And about 25.000 gold.

Now we are preparing to escort these materials back to Echer’naught, where the intelligence can be analyzed and the gold can be spent on the various war efforts.

Corporal Torik.

Serenity Operation
Gray Lanterns


I hoped that when I stepped down from Regional Command at Echer’Naught, I’d be done with reports. But, a personal favor to one of the grays, and here I am. If the cast of characters on the mission was any indicator, this was more than just rounding up the usuals.

Lieutenant Celebor, former Regional Commander
Brevet Captain Macha Panta, commander of Camp Wolfhaven
Sergeant Ash, Grandmaster of the “The academy of Yomenie Curu” of Echer’Naught
Corporal Torik

The later two not large players, but solid reputation as support cast on high profile missions. All we needed was High Paladin Murvoth, Captain Fyrforg, or Wolfhaven himself to make this another end of the world.

Harvest Moon 10th, 3126

We met, strange enough, at the Local HQ in Echer’Naught. I swore I’d never come back. Yet, there I was. Though, I like what they’ve done with decor. Changing of the guard.

Our handler was Gray. No names. Or not that I remember. The plan, such as it was, head to Serenity and eliminate a snake nest. Broad, unspecific. I like.

Harvest Moons 10th-20th, 3126

We gathered supplies, and Captain Panta ordered a straight run south through Farwatch. Sensible. Predictable.

Harvest Moons 21st, 3126

We departed in the morning, heading through the southern gate. Ride was nice enough. For a while, at least.

Our first indication of problems was a section of trees decorated with corpses. Per standing orders, we stopped to investigate. Many were Rangers, so I made the proper obligations (RFC Sscark Dregordian , Ranger Muller). We had just managed to get them down, well Ash’s spirits when we came under attack. Some Fallen Brinchie. Ash claimed it was a Flamedancer. I concur. Faced a few during the War. Fight was intense, but not too difficult.

Harvest Moons 22nd, 3126

Moving on, we reached the Farwatch Waystation and stopped. I elected to camp outside. The rest, most, enjoy the Inn’s hospitality.

Harvest moons 23rd, 3126

We reached Farwatch and stopped briefly for lunch and supplies. then moved on. South of the city, we encounter a wounded alakar, Ranger Avella, and we were ambushed…again. Getting tiresome.

This time, Builder mercs. This route should be named murder road. Seriously. I took some fire, but managed a clean shot on the shooter, through the eye, and caught the big target’s arcfire generator. They make such pretty explosions.

Harvest Moons 25th, 3126

Serenity. I hate this city. I hate cities, but this is one of the worst. Our specialists followed our information and eventually located the compound where our targets were operating. Primarily, I provided overwatch, security while our hounds tracked the site.

Once there, however, we went to work. We managed to do the ambushing this time. Heavy hitters punching through their defenses while I picked off the big boys. Necro-arcmancy. Deniers. Nasty stuff, combining all the worst of Necromancy and Arcmancy.

This fight was tough, though with Ash on the team, I don’t believe we ever had much to worry about. I suspect that he approaches battle like I approach paperwork. Halfheartedly and with a distinct lack of effort.

Final fight was with some Red Plates. Mercs? Not my mission. We cleared them out.

Our specialists searched the area. They uncovered intel on various organizations and 25K+ in gold. Targets down, intel recovered, and funds retrieved. And, we didn’t lose anyone.

Mission successful and accomplished.

Lt. Celebor

White Silver Wolves Report Four
Xaos in Paradise

Captain Juliet Brander,
Silver Paladin of the Temple at Echer’Naught

White Stagg, 1st, 3126


As ordered, I assumed command of the newly formed 5th Company of the White Silver Wolves on the 24th of Harvest Moons, 3126. I had arrived only a few days prior to find much of the Company already encamped nearby. Sergeant Major Hassolf, my senior NCO, had performed admirably in my absence.

The boats from Tirene unloaded mid day on the 23rd of Harvest Moons, 3126 disgorging the tired, but triumphant men of First, Second, Third, and Fourth Companies. It was an unusual mix of men and women, elves, dwarves, goblinesh, brinchie, and even a dregordian or three. The veterans joined the fresh fish east of the city, along the beach. SGM Hassolf had already had the newer recruits loading the Galaen Royal Ship Glory with supplies and gear for the trip.

By the 13th of between the 23rd and 24th, the 5th Company was re-equipped, organized, and mobilized. Loading 250 men onto a ship in the dark is a far more challenging task than appears. However, by first tide, the GRS Glory slipped her moorings and, escorted by two swift War Caravels Windsward and Callomine, setting sail for the port of Paradise.

The trip took six days of relatively rough seas. In truth, being from Olara, anything short of a placid lake seems rough. Still, other than our escorts chased off a few potential raiders, the trip was uneventful.

When we arrived in the Port of Paradise, the scene was a nightmare. Three dozens ships, galleons, carracks, and ballingers clogged the harbor, so close many were trapped by the press. Longboats and pinnaces weaved between, running supplies and crew between the ships, but the docks were empty, every slip vacant. In the distance, the city appeared under siege.

Throngs crowded the docks, piers, slips, and lined the harbor. Any boat foolish enough to attempt docking was swamped by the desperate crowds. By our arrival, few made the attempt. Captain Vandebere of the GRS Glory informed me that even the smugglers refused to dock in Paradise anymore.

We remained at anchor, just inside the press of ships, waiting for command to negotiating our disembarking in the city. For their part, the Wolves did well enough, though their impatience was obvious. I spent my hours reading reports, planning and revising operational plans for when we DID land. In the end, circumstances dictated our actions, and it was a scramble.

Early on the 33rd of Harvest Moons, before dawn, one of the Wolves, PFC L’Merr, a brinchie, first noted the increased flames around the city. In moment, the ships at harbor were ablaze as incoming fire tore through the ships at anchor. Captain Vandebere ordered longboats over, as he made preparations to pull the Glory out of range of the artillery from the shore.

The 5th Company scrambled to the boats, too many falling into the sea in the confusion. Thankfully, a dozen or more launches made it clear and began to wend a treacherous path through the burning and sinking vessels in the harbor. I, along with the command staff, boarded the Captain’s pinnace and joined our small flotilla of longboats as they rowed to shore.

Our approach was a scene from nightmare. Burning ships hissing into the the waves, men hurling themselves into the brackish sea to avoid the flames. Overhead, orbs of roaring fire crashing down, kicking up spouts of water and churning the harbor. We lost three boats before sighting the docks. The rest were scattered and broken up. My Wolves made landfall across a quarter mile of docks, in ones and twos.

The pinnace was forced farther east by incoming fire. We managed to run aground on a sandy patch of beach on the north side of the city, just shy of the Livegiver’s delta. There, my command staff established a forward base. South of us, the docks were in flames and we heard fights raging up and down the harbor. Throughout the morning, Wolves reached us in small groups, most badly wounded or burned. Our medical tent was kept busy treating out own wounded, and the civilians that managed to escape the chaos.

From what we could glean from our own men and locals who escaped the fighting, Xaos agents had been terrorizing the refugees around the city for weeks. Only in the last few days had the horrific sandstorms reached the city. By now, the entire region was engulfed, The ragged scrap of cloth that served as my command tent filled with about an inch of sand an hour.

It took hours to pull all our forces together off the beach. It was mid-morn by the time the 5th was ready to mobilize. Most squads came in too chewed up for combat effectiveness. One squad returned, more or less intact.

Under command of Sergeant Dario Del Vibora, a Nazatiran, the rest of the squad included:
Cpl Zathras, goblin mage, a well known and respected warrior
RFC L’Merr, another solid scout and warrior
Rhovelius Dimerian, an elven archer
Ogre, an…ogre warrior

Due to their success, and the solid reputation of a number of their unit, I tasked them with scouting the killing field that was the southern markets. Surprisingly, they took a turn to gather intelligence before going into the field. Impressive.

Just before noon, their squad reached the market. On sight reports and after action reports confirm the markets were a kill zone. Xaos cultists dressed as Paradise warriors attacked. In the confusion it was next to impossible to tell friend from foe. Worse, Xaos Reapers as they are called tore through the Wolves from elevation across the quad.

The Wolves never even got a clean shot on the enemy shooters and their advance arcfire. Dimerian, the squad archer was equally outdistanced. Something we must address in the future.

1st Squad (Sgt Del Vibora), 1st Platoon, 5th Company (Captain Brander) entered the market on the south east end. They barely entered the main square before getting bottled up and pinned down under heavy fire.

It took time, but we managed to assemble a hasty assault force and sent them up a parallel side streets. We lost several, but they pulled forces while 1st Squad controlled the field. I note special commendation for Sgt Del Vibora. His use of powers saved several lives, civilians and allied warriors.

It took hours, but our squads managed to move through the city, securing key sites. We collected allies on the way, Paradise city guard, mercenaries, and even a few less savory allies. It would seem that the NIghtguard and even Tempest forces all oppose Xaos’ incursion into our lands.

We reached the central city by evening. It seemed that most of the Xaos forces inside the city were scouts, saboteurs and spies. We believe their main mission was to sow discord, bottle opposition and sabotage the gates allowing the larger forces from the north easy entry into the city. In that, they failed.

However, the forces north of the city had already reached the gates. Xaos forces, backed by siege engines from A’Tora rained death, tearing through Paradise’s ancient walls. While the Wolves healed and re-supplied, I conferences with the Prince, and other local leaders. Though outnumbered, we had the support of the city defenses.

Despite some outspoken resistance, we decided to fully integrate our forces. The Prince commanded the walls, archers, crossbowmen, and siege engines. I took the foot. Other commanders were placed in key positions.

My wolves plugged the central northern gate, stemming the flood of Xaos forces while our engines set for counterbattery fire. The battle raged all evening, into the night.

We managed to push them out of the city, onto the sands to the north, when about the 13th hour, there was an intense pulse of energy far to the north…It felt as if the world shifted. And in that moment, Xaos forces withered…their summoned armies shattered, their strength broke.

In the same moment, it seemed the A’Tora forces turned on their Xaos allies. After that, it was little more than a clean up operation.

With the battle over, I met with other commanders on the field. Prince Hesham amin Jomil, Emir of A’Tora, while not surrendering, stood down with his forces. He claimed Xaos held his city, and his people. With Xaos power broken, he could now liberate A’Tora and take back the sands.

Prince Esteban amin Firenzo, Lord of Paradise commiserated with his plight, but his concern was for his city, his people. However, he offered us hospitality and protection in the city.

The 5th Company has been given excellent quarters in the city. We will remain until given further orders. For now, the city, and the Company are safe.

Captain Brander

Liberation of Stonefinger, Report 3
Torik Kusuta

To: Ranger command, Stonefinger command, white silver wolf command and all the other commands, seems to be involved in this confusing war of the north, all against all.
Date: 17th day of Raining Leaves, 3126

By: Corporal Torik of the rangers and the white silver wolves.

Okay, once again I a one armed not that physical imposing Goblin have been sent right into the middle of a warzone. Sent to the Dwarven Clanhome Stonefinger, far to the north. Between the border of the remains of Camon and Shaya’nor. Been besieged for the most of the year, and apparently there biggest concern, was the lack of ale.

I was grouped with White silver wolves and rangers, Murvoth, Chumley, Ogre, Lob, Rhovelius and led by Captain Rorauk Fyrforg. We were briefed by a young dwarf, that the enemy southern siege force of darkness, was breaking off. We were to reconnoitre the situation and ascertain there intent.

We were led through the clanhome, down under the Gorgons. As we came out into the foothills of the mountain range, we were met with a reddish darkness, the moons having merged in the sky.
Making good speed, we came upon the small fort, where the young dwarf had come from. As we approached the gate, we found a lot of dead dwarven bodies outside its gates. And before we could react, we were ambushed by enemies on the walls. Crossbow bolts and arrows raining down on us. Thankfully we weathered the assault, I hid under one of the dwarven bodies.

As my goblinesh brothers, flew, teleported and climbed into the fort to engage the enemy, Lob blew up one of the towers. Captain Fyrforg taking on a role of leadership, leading us from the wall. Rhovelius picked out defenders on the walls, shooting one at a time.
At the time, I was not really sure what enemies we were facing, but the dead dwarven bodies, was raised as Greater Zombies. I was thankfully fast enough, to get away from the body I had used as cover, and ran for Lob on the outskirts of the fort. And as the zombies were shambling after me, they were gathering in a group, that made it possible for Lob, to cast one of his explosive bottles, that blasted the dwarves into a new death. Ogre threw one of the evil dwarves from the top of the tower, falling to his death. I could use one of the zombies to stabilize the crossbow, and shoot a couple of the shaya’kar enemies on the wall.
Even being able to trick a few of them, so they didn’t fully use the cover of the walls.

As we were about to take control of the fort, suddenly light and angels were all around us. Slaying the remains of the enemies. I understand from Chumley, that it was some leader of a massive army. That wasn’t particular respectful, thinking that he saved us.
With the deaths of dwergs, shaya’kar, vampires and some other monsters. That was clearly killed by Chumley, Murvoth, Lob and Ogre. I do not think that his help was that needed.
But I saw his armies march across the fields, that had been the camp of the armies of darkness, not a half a day before.

Was quite a impressive sight, I can’t remember who told me, but apparently the army was the First Host of The Southern Blades.
I am not much in the big scheme of things. But I have experienced the return of Vainar in the grey lands. I have seen the wonders of Ash, Murvoth and Chumley. And they are just a handful of the immensely powerful heroes on the side of good. I have seen dwarves ride massive lizard beasts, all armed with plate and white silver weapons. I have seen elven cavalry company, where each of them could be legendary heroes in there own right.

I do not understand why command, don’t just simply gather the armies of everybody, and rid shaya’nor and Kal-A-Nar of the evil that they contain. Sieges would be over in hours, with ash and this southern blade dude and quite possible a lot of other priests, summon every angel in existence. Hundreds if not thousands of heavy armoured white silver armed dwarves singing there way into the midst of enemy strongholds. Cavalry forces crushing everything underfoot.

I have seen these legendary heroes be outnumbered 10 to one, and not even breaking a sweat smashing the enemies of good.

But that is just the thoughts of a little goblin, who is better with a book and misdirection, than straight up fighting. So I would prefer if I could be reassigned to somekind of research branch of our organisation, or if you keep on making me fight these battles, actually equip and train me to fight these battles. So at the very least I don’t get in the way of the true warriors of our organization.

But to finish of the report. Investigation of our enemies, showed they had packed to move out, and had rations for 14 days. They seemed to just had been waiting for us, probably not me, but there was some important characters in our party. I guess Captain Fyrforg, would have made a great prisoner for them.

As I write this, I remember that the young dwarf, was shocked and concerned as we approached the fort. Almost running ahead of us. Maybe he need to be debriefed by a mind reading adept. I have a inkling, that the dwarf might had been sent to us, forced to report the movement of the dark armies, to keep his family and comrades safe. As there is a good chance the enemy, had retaken the fort and prepared the ambush, well in advance. Keeping the dwarves alive long enough, to pressure a young impressionable dwarf, into making mistakes.
Just something to consider.

Signed 19th day of Raining Leaves
Torik Kusuta

The liberation of Long... Stone... Spear or Finger?
Dwarven cities are tough......

So… Me, Chumley, received some orders to help kill some bad people who were stoping the little Dwarves from getting their ale. This seemed very worthy to me, Chumley! Ale being somewhat dear to my heart. Anyhoo, a young (no beard) Dwarf brought us in to meet with a more important Dwarf. The beardless Dwarf was going to lead us through secret Dwarf tunnels to the area where we could attack enemies that were holding that Dwarven city that sounds like every other Dwarven city (or was it an outpost blocking access to that city?)

With me came my old friendsds Lob and Rorauk and Murvoth. Beardless Dwarf boy, Ogre (an Ogre). and one of the elfy types. I think one of the tougher ones as I don’t think magic was used and he wasn’t a total jackass (Cept Ash, that guy is COOL!). Anyhooo, after going through the tunnels we found that the sun and moon had merged into a red sun (or red moon, or something bad magicy!) OH, did I mention Ogre only wore a loincloth and a cloak? He was a bit small, perhaps the cold? Though once the fight started he seemed trained to absorb punishment. I’ll have to learn that fighting style as the enemy archers seemed to ignore my copious amounts of armor.

So we, of course, got ambushed as we approached the outpost. We took cover, fighting ensued, many enemies died. The only real thing of note was some non tall elf dirtbag, silver knife leader? Blade? I mean, how cliche! I think he commanded flying things and I suppose he was good enough to chase some other people off after we did all the work. He refused to shake me, Chumley’s hand! Very rude. Fortunately me, Chumley, is not one to hold a grudge.

Then came lots of reporting in and boring paperwork which I “forgot” to do :)

Now to learn how to not wear armor and survive being shot and stabbed!

Liberation of Stonefinger, Report 2

Date: 17th of Raining Leaves, 3126
Attn: Colonel Wolfhaven.
From: Rhovelius Dimerian

It is late on the 17th as I write. Stonefinger has finally been liberated from the oppression of Darkness. I can not say that the liberation brings me much levity, however. Still, it is a victory of some sort.

It took me a while to get to Stonefinger. I was at the defense of Bearheart with Colonel Wolfhaven. We marched North from our victory. They couldn’t provide an extensive support force, but with a few sly figures, however, we could get some rangers through the picket lines and into the place. I’ll admit that, despite my skills, I think we go through on dumb luck. It was a long trudge from Tirene.

I spent a few days getting into the routine of the clan homes. It was a grim sight. Rations were low. Men were low. A years siege on the place drained her reserves. By the time of the 16th, the Dwarves were out of Ale and drinking well water. That alone probably broke their spirits.

I was assigned to a mixed White Silver Wolves / Ranger unit under the command of Captain Rorauk Fyrforg. A Dwarf of means it seems — his plate armor was kept and he was loaded with white silver gear. Likewise on his team was Sgt Murvoth — a towering orc with gleaming white silver plate. If memory served he was the champion of The Church of The Silver Unicorn. Another high-profile figure.

Other members included Lob, a goblin wearing the marks of the Rangers and Shay’von leather. He had various pockets on his uniform and a bandolier of potions across his chest. I went out on a limb to call him an Alchemist.

Chumley was a behemoth Ogre of about 15 ft, wearing “Ogre Plate”. It’s really two sets of Plate Mail strapped to his body. Fitting considering how damn big he is. He was also equipped with white silver Ogre swords and siege mauls. The only thing I had to identify him as a ranger was the human sized cloak attached to the full helm he wore.

Torik was another goblin who was missing an arm. Green skinned but had a higher level of intelligence to him than most Goblinesh I’ve encountered. Also he seemed to like shuffling a deck of cards if we stood around long enough.

Last was an Ogre named…Ogre. No armor, aside from a white silver helmet and white silver cod piece. A ranger cloak doffed his shoulders. I’ve seen Ogres before but let me tell you, watching one wade around in a loin cloth with a glowing cod piece is a disturbing sight.

We were guided by a young Dwarf whose name I did not capture. Truthfully, the only reason I could speculate to his age was because he lacked a beard. Also, he seemed a bit naive and scatter brained. Still, this was our guide. Better than nothing.

It took us 3 hours to hike up this passage. As we neared the top the ground started to change color, falling into a blood-red hue. I didn’t like it. Moments after we saw the red, we appeared to the surface where, at the 13th hour, we saw two of the moons “merge” to create a blood moon. Absolutely fantastic.

Blood moon, and now we’re off to handle some Darkness. Or, at the very least, scout them. Our mission was to act as a Forward Operating Team and collect intelligence on rumors. Seems there is talk of enemy movement but we have no eyes on them.

As we started down the well hidden path, smoke touched our noses. The young guide began to sprint forward but an Ogre grabbed him. Good for the youth too for the scene was tragic.

The small output was decimated. Bodies covered the outside of structure, though there were no tracks to suggest enemy movement and no blood to pool around the bodies, despite being recently killed. I could only suspect Vampires. Something was amiss, but I couldn’t figure it out. Before I had the opportunity to investigate, the trap was sprung, bolts and arrows flying down around us. I took a hard bolt to the chest, two others missing as I fled to cover at the base of the wall.

Lob pulled up next to me and tossed me a potion. I’d seen enough of em to know it was healing. Before I had the chance to down it, he tossed another up and over the wall. I heard the potion crack open with a rush of air, and then the sizzle. The smell of acrid corrosion filled my nostrils. On the mark about that alchemist bit I think.

While I downed my healing potion, one of the corpses rose and began to take a few swipes at Lob. Likewise, I suddenly noticed a very large wall of darkness just inches from my back. Stuck between zombies and a pitch wall of ebony, I picked the undead and fired. My arrow slipped through its eye socket and dropped the thing. Lob fired off another bomb of sorts. As I rounded the corner I saw Torik. Behind him the smoldering bodies of the zombies lay around him. Fine work from Lob.

From the new vantage point I fired again, clipping a Shayakar crossbowman through the throat. Torik rolled prone and began to chamber a crossbow bolt into his newly acquired weapon. Likewise he fired one off, shouting out to the enemy to draw their focus. I swept wide and fired another arrow, felling my third victim for the evening.

About this time the lights were turned on and Angels descended from the heavens. I didn’t get to meet the pompous man, but I was told his name was Captain Laramonte (I think that was it. Truthfully I didn’t care enough to pay attention). He was the commander of the First Host of The Southern Blades. Apparently he “liberated” us. Hell if I know. It just seems like he showed up at the end and took the credit.

Either way with the fighting over, I began to take stock of my surroundings. The first thing I noticed was the sounds. Torik and I slipped over to the edge of the cliff and peered down. What was once reported to host the Army of Darkness now had the forces of The First Host marching through it, the remnants of battle lighting the way. Seems Stonefinger is finally free of the oppression.

Before we left, however, I decided to inspect the encampment for intel. Nothing of a physical sense was found but I did notice something unsettling. This group was heavily equipped and ready to defend this place hard. Likewise they had all of their gear stowed and ready to march at a moments notice. For being just an overwatch post, something didn’t sit right.

You don’t defend a place like this and have your troops ready to roll. Either they knew we were coming or there is more to this than meets the eye. In either case, with nothing to go on but speculation, I relent from my searches and we return to the clan homes.

17th of Raining Leaves, 3126

It was morning by the time we got back, and the head of this clan home greeted us. Already supplies had started to come in (one of which was Ale, much to the delight of the denizens here). While we were debriefed on the arrival of allies, a messenger delivered to us our new orders. In 2 days times we march, joining the Wolves and the First Host to head to Lanier, the last bastion of Darkness in this terrible war.

At least I’ll have two days to kick back some (figuratively speaking of course). It’s a long march to Lanier and given my experiences in the war, I’ve no desire to make my last few days unenjoyable. Besides, I could use a few contacts in the North. Connections can make or break a man.

In either case, I suspect I’ll see you in a few days Colonel. Happy hunting.


Rhovelius Dimerian

Liberation of Stonefinger

To My Master: Captay Fyrforg
This Day, the 17th of Raining Leaves, 3126


Yesterday, at mid-day on the 16th of Raining Leaves, there came to our offices a young, beardless lad of some score years. He was serving as a messenger, running missives from our most north-easterly outpost, settled on the cliffs overlooking the Camon-Northern Gather border.

As you doubtless know, we have been pressed hard and our outposts have mostly been lost. This one has changed hands a dozen times over the last year. Still, it was, and is, our most valuable vantage point to observe troop movements in the low lands to the north.

Bisham, as the lad was called, reported large scale troop movements to the east had appeared two days prior, on the 15th of Raining Leaves. Though from the distance, even with enhanced sight, no banners could be seen, but it appeared an army was approaching. In the valley, Darkness stirred, their hordes moving into battle lines. But, not for an assault upon us, thank Dranak no.

Per order, the young lad ran right here to report to Clan Chief and High Druid of Dranak Keznak Stonefinger, and to you, master. As you know, but I record here for posterity. The lad, as I said, arrived yesterday around mid-day. There, you were summoned by Clan Chief Stonefinger to hear the boy. Once you were armed with knowledge, the Clan Chief dispatched you and a band of White Silver Wolves, some new to our company, others long known to us.

It seemed that the dwarves were hard pressed. The Clanhome had just recently run out of ALE! The months long siege had killed many, and their forces were stretched thin holding the gates. The Clan Chief could hardly weaken his own Clanhome to see to the wants of the lowlanders, despite his personal feelings. And so, per our arrangement, we, the White Silver Wolves, were dispatched.

Master, a note on your companions.

Sergeant Murvoth is known to our company. You and he are well acquainted. He now serves as the First Silver Paladin of the Silver Unicorn.

Corporal Chumley, a large ogre, is also known to us. He has served with the Wolves before.

Corporal Torik, a one armed goblin, recently promoted, comes to us from other companies in the south.

Rhovelius Dimerian, an alakar archer, served with the Great Wolf in defense of the Olaran Clanhomes.

Lob, another goblin, and an alchemist, is a recent addition.

Lastly, Ogre, the ogre named Ogre. Curious creature that.

These were your companions, that and the lad. They were to accompany you to the outpost to determine the truth of the troop movements in the valley.

You all departed late in the eve on the 16th of Raining Leaves, 3126, yesterday. Due to the size of your companions, you took the underground road as long as possible, before emerging and taking the sky road from there.

It concerns me, but you and the team reported seeing a dark, blood red moon that even, during the 13th hour. This is the second of such moons. the first on the 16th of Dancing Clouds this year. I have scoured out tomes, and such moons portent ill tidings. We should all be cautious.

However, you arrived at the outpost some time in the morning of the 17th, this day. There, you spied the corpses of our brave defenders littering the ground outside the gates? No sooner did you arrive, then a storm of arrows rained upon you. Darkness, once again, held the fort.

The battle was pitched. This I know. For an august and stalwart champion such as yourself to fall, even if momentarily to such villainous forces. I can scarcely comprehend the threat. Your companions served well. Though, Sergeant Murvoth vanished during the battle, summoned by his Lady Celesia after delivering a fatal blow to many of the corrupted followers.

At the fever pitch of battle, reinforcements arrived. From the sky, surrounded by Angels, a Captain Laramont, of the 1st Host of the Southern Blades. He smote the last few vestiges of resistance, or scattered the craven.

You, by this time were down. So, he addressed Corporal Chumley, Sergeant Murvoth also absent the field. His demeanor was formal, and haughty. I know, my master, should you have been standing, his tone would have been more respectful. Ah, but such are the vagaries of war.

We were bade to treat with him in his command tent below. And then he was gone. You rose to find you men bleeding, but unbowed. Corporal Torik and Rhovelius Dimerian ventured to the cliff face to confirm the Captain’s words. Low and behold, Darkness was in full retreat and the Southern Blades 1st Host camped at our gates.

Your men cleared the field, while Rhovelius Dimerian discovered evidence that the entire team of Darkness had bags packed, ready to move. Each member had 2 weeks rations. As if…they were already prepared to march?

And then, you returned. Hiking most of the day to return. Bisham preceded you. To warn of the attack. By the time you arrived, our gates were open for the first time since the beginning of the siege. Supplies flooded in as allies in the Rangers accompanying the Blades provided for our needs. Little enough, but Colonel Wolfhaven has sent word that a larger supply caravan has been dispatched.

Greater news, master. Ironspear has also been liberated, a week before our own rescue! Already our kin flood our halls as we rejoice in life, mourn our dead, and sharpen our axes for the next battle.

There are other details and considerations waiting for you upon your desk. However, I know that you are enjoying your success, and rightly so. Drink well, master. For, our orders, from the Great Wolf himself command that both 1st company from Stonefnger, and 2nd from Ironspear prepare to march with the 1st Host of the Blades.

We march to Lanier, the last stronghold of Darkness in Camon. At last, we shall have justice for our dead!

Volgor Inksbeared, LoreMaster of the Wolves


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